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Friday, October 24, 2014


Cancel the ’07 NFL Season

Because the Patriots have already won it all!!!! Why even bother playing the thing? We should just give them a bye to the Super Bowl. Screw it. Hand ‘em the Lombardi Trophy right now. Tom Brady, MVP. It’s over. It is OVA! Are you serious? Did they really just get Randy Moss? Did they add…Read More

Name the Steelers Mascot!

While the front office is busy figuring out the future personnel of the franchise, you can help determine the future of the club as well. How you ask? By naming their new mascot. Via Fark comes this story — the Steelers will be introducing a new mascot — a steelworker. Check out the sweet prize…Read More

Where Do Quarterbacks Come From?

With the NFL draft coming up on Saturday, I wanted to find the answer to the question — should teams take JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn high in the draft? More specifically, I wanted to know where the good quarterbacks come from. Are they usually drafted highly? Are they Top 10 picks? Can you be…Read More

Quit Hammering Dwayne Jarrett

Most likely because he’s been on a media blitz doing interviews left and right, I can’t seem to get away from Dwayne Jarrett. And of course going along with the Dwayne Jarrett interviews are the Dwayne Jarrett questions: is he the next Mike Williams? Is he too slow to play receiver in the NFL? Let…Read More

Cowboys Are Looking to Trade Up

You know how you always hear people say “I think it would be best for that team to trade down.” One part they fail to answer is, with whom? Which team is looking to trade up at the same time? Well, according to Jerry Jones, the Cowboys are a team looking to trade up: “I’m…Read More

Adrian Peterson to Arizona?

No, this is not an unfounded rumor.  Yes, I was just as stunned as you to hear it.  But none other than Adrian Peterson himself suggested that he could be drafted by the Arizona Cardinals.  On Saturday evening he joined Evan Cohen on Fox Sports Radio and was asked… Adrian, if you had to give me…Read More

Matt Leinart … Menace to Society?

Alright, I’m not too concerned with Leinart slipping one past the goalie. That’s his business and his life … and his child support payments. Lots of em. And we already know he has a reputation for being a Hollywood guy, but has he taken the Hollywood mentality a bit too far? Quite possibly. Via Fark,…Read More

Screw New York, Joe Thomas Is Going Fishing

You know how on draft day, there are constant shots to the green room where the humble former collegians are awaiting the moment that will change their live for the future? All the players are gathered so when their name is finally called, they can proudly prance across the stage, pose alongside the commissioner, jersey…Read More

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