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Saturday, December 20, 2014


Chad Ocho-Tweet-O Now Serving as NFL Reporter

Chad Ochocinco aka Chad Johnson has officially become the Gilbert Arenas of the NFL. By that, I mean the guy has become bigger for what he does off the athletic field than what he does on it, but he’s good enough for us to respect his work on the field. The difference is that Gilbert…Read More

‘Schism’ Brewing in Philly … Or Just in McNabb’s Head?

Donovan McNabb was commended for personally recommending the Eagles pursue Michael Vick and give him a chance in the NFL. There was talk that the two were friends from the days McNabb hosted Vick as a recruit at Syracuse and that the two have stayed in touch ever since. While McNabb did a pretty selfless…Read More

Jared Allen Thought ‘Schism’ Was an STD

Mr. DUI aka Mr. Dirty Hits on Your Quarterback aka Jared Allen keeps getting a lot of attention from the media for two reasons: he’s a good player, and he’s a good personality. While his athletic ability was limited to those in attendance at practice, Allen’s colorful personality was on complete display when he was…Read More

Video: Brandon Marshall Acts Like Immature Baby at Practice

The best way to describe Broncos WR Brandon Marshall right now would be “disgruntled.” While recovering from hip surgery, he saw his quarterback work his way out of town to Chicago. Marshall was dealing with a court case and when he won it, he found out the team didn’t want the players congratulating him for…Read More

Jerry Jones, Ripping Off Fans in Every Way Possible

So Jerry Jones is responsible for the construction of a $1.2 billion state-of-the-art home for the Dallas Cowboys. He puts in the world’s largest HDTV but it backfires when it’s found out that the TV is in the way of punts and damn near every fan’s view. And to help finance that ridiculous stadium, they’re…Read More

Plaxico Ain’t Going to a Minimum-Security White Collar Luxury Resort

Two years in the slammer for Plaxico — book it. Aside from an NFL player not getting preferential treatment by the law (see: Stallworth, Donte), the biggest shocker in the Plaxico Burress unlicensed gun case is that the dude has actually hired a “prison consultant” to help him adjust to his new life behind bars….Read More

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