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Friday, October 31, 2014


Keep Dreaming Fred Smoot

Judging by the title of the post, you probably know exactly where I’m going with this. Right? Fred Smoot — he was one of the guys on the Vikings sex boat. Well, what seems like is years after the fact, Smoot is now saying nothing happened. “Nothing happened on that boat,” … “I wasn’t the…Read More

The Raiders Are Wusses

I cannot believe this news. The Raiders canceled the remaining week of offseason training because of complaints from the players’ union about the intensity of their practices. No joke. The Raiders apparently do not want to get better. Their players complained about the rigors of the practice. Are you kidding me? You play a professional…Read More

Colts Super Bowl Rings Unveiled

I dunno, kinda weaksauce to me, what you think? Photo Courtesy Indianapolis Star Let’s see, they say there’s 50 diamonds and a synthetic blue sapphire horseshoe. More cheesy details from the Indianapolis Star There’s the word “Faith” on one shank, or side, of the ring. Faith “gives you the strength to have the perseverance to…Read More

Why the Interest in Daunte Culpepper?

There’s no secret that when a Pro Bowl quarterback becomes available, teams are interested. It happened with Trent Green and Jake Plummer and Jeff Garcia, and even Brian Griese, and now it’s happening with Daunte Culpepper. (Which is more surprising, that teams are interested, or that those five guys have all been to Hawaii?). Anywhoo,…Read More

Orlando Thomas, Sad Story

My man Ben Maller mentioned this yesterday on the radio and it was quite sad and touching. Former Vikings DB Orlando Thomas, who is only 34-years-old, is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Thomas was drafted in the 2nd round in 1995, the same year the Vikings took the late Korey Stringer in the 1st round….Read More

Drew Brees Went to Jail

And quite remarkably, it was for a good cause, not a bad one. The Saints QB made a visit to the Beaver County correctional facility to visit with inmates and provide some encouragement. Brees spoke Friday to 124 inmates in the Beaver County residential treatment program. In a pair of one-hour sessions, Brees encouraged the…Read More

Ocho-Cinco Got a Head Start, Booo!!!

Man vs. Beast, 85 vs. Restore the Roar, was a disappointment. Ocho Cinco got a massive head start in a race that didn’t even last one straight-away. I believe he got a 100 meter head start for a race that went 1/8th of a mile. Puh-lease. While the race may not have been fair for…Read More

Marquise Hill’s Mother’s Home was Burglarized During the Funeral

Of all the low, disgusting, horrendous things I’ve ever heard, this has to rank right up there. What kind of a lowlife person(s) could bring themselves to burglarize a home because they knew the entire family and town would be gone for the funeral? How can you live with yourself for such a thing? That’s…Read More

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