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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Collinsworth: Peyton Manning Is a Player-Coach for Colts

I’m sure many of us have thought to ourselves that coaching Peyton Manning is the sweetest gig in the world. The guy calls his own plays, makes audibles at the line, and is practically the team’s offensive coordinator. With Peyton doing everything, what the heck does a coach need to do? Obviously people have a…Read More

Braylon Edwards Dougies on Darius Butler

Braylon Edwards had just one catch for nine yards in the Jets’ embarrassing season-opening loss to the Ravens. Braylon has become a popular target for fans because of his drops issues, even getting called out by Joe Namath during the week. But Edwards came up with a nice game on Sunday against the Patriots, catching…Read More

Brandon Jacobs and Fan Fight Over Helmet

The frustration of Brandon Jacobs’ last several months seemed to manifest itself on Sunday night. Upset with himself after a run for no gain in the third quarter, Jacobs went back to the sideline and apparently planned to throw his helmet at the bench. As NBC’s Andrea Kremer reported, the helmet slipped and was launched…Read More

Icing the Kicker Works to Perfection for Kubiak, Texans

Icing the kicker can have a tendency to look like an unnecessary waste of time when a game comes down to a last-second field goal attempt.  On Sunday, we were given a prime example why the practice is so common.  The Washington Redskins and Houston Texans played to a 27-27 tie through regulation and the…Read More

Randy Moss is Still a Freak

It’s only Week 2, but you probably won’t see a better catch all season than Randy Moss’ catch against the Jets and Darrelle Revis.  Moss had been playing like a “slouch” the entire first half before making one of the best catches I’ve ever seen.  Moss caught the ball one-handed on a long bomb from…Read More

Goal Line Stand Propels Dolphins Past Vikings

It’s been said that Brad Childress and Brett Favre don’t see eye-to-eye on certain aspects of the game.  One thing I’m sure both quarterback and coach agreed upon was going for it on fourth down at the Dolphins 1-yard line late in the fourth quarter.  The Vikings went for it and it cost them.  Miami…Read More

Here’s a Phrase You’ll Never Read Nor Hear Again

“Seneca Wallace passes to Joshua Cribbs for a 65-yard touchdown.” As the $20 million man — known to many as Jake Delhomme — sits and nurses an ankle injury, his replacement has actually put together a big first half and built a lead for the Browns.  I know Joshua Cribbs can be explosive at times,…Read More

LaDainian Tomlinson May Become Jets Featured Back

When LaDainian Tomlinson got a Jets tattoo on his calf over the off-season we mocked him for his precocious attitude. At 31 years old, Tomlinson had battled through injuries the previous two years with the Chargers and wasn’t his old, explosive self. The New York Post said during training camp that Tomlinson was done, confirming…Read More

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