No Right or Wrong Answer for Brett Favre and Packers

I’m glad I held my tongue on commenting on the Packers/Brett Favre situation until now because I’ve just watched the entire Favre/Greta Vantriloquist interview and feel I now have both sides of the story. In case you missed it over the weekend, Ted Thompson laid out an entire timeline of events of what transpired between the Packers and Favre, from his point of view. Since it was coming from Thompson, it obviously painted the Packers as patient folks who gave Favre plenty of opportunities to let them know what was going on and makes Favre look like the bad guy for springing his comeback on them. Now that I’ve heard Vantriloquist’s interview, I have a more balanced perspective and I’ve drawn a conclusion.

My feelings on the Brett Favre/Packers duel is that there is no right or wrong answer and that both parties have been screwed over by matters. I completely understand the Packers wanting to build and prepare for not only this year, but the next few years. That means finding out what Aaron Rodgers can do before the guy’s a freaking free agent. How much would it suck from their perspective for Rodgers to never start a game for them and go somewhere else where he becomes a star, or at least a playoff-type quarterback? How much would it suck for them to have wasted a first-round pick on the guy, get nothing, and have Favre really leave after this season? At the same time, Favre is dealing with a tricky situation because he is a veteran who has the skill to keep playing yet his mental desire and drive to play is tested by the taxing nature of the game. I understand why he wouldn’t feel 100% committed to the team in March — at that time he probably still felt beat up. But four months later, sure, I could see where the fire would be burning once again. I also got an even stronger feeling that he felt pushed out, much like I said back in April when I predicted Favre’s comeback.

Initially I thought Favre was being selfish and holding the team hostage. I still partially believe that’s true, but I also feel that he has earned that right, and that the Packers should be able to call an audible late in the offseason like they did last year and make an adjustment. At the same time, it could be in the franchise’s best interest to prepare for the future by sticking with Rodgers. It’s not often that I am on the fence on an issue, considering I’m pretty opinionated. But this is one where I truly cannot make up my mind because I understand the argument for both sides and I’m honestly 50/50. Yet there is one ultimate conclusion I can draw: this isn’t Hollywood, this isn’t a movie. There doesn’t have to be a storybook ending between the Packers and Brett Favre. He’s already had a brilliant career with them and nothing more needs to be said than that, regardless of what transpires over the next few months. Things will work themselves out for the best.

Matt Jones Spells Bust C.O.C.A.I.N.E.

Apparently making money and being a first-round draft pick is all some people need to be happy in life. Oh yeah, that, and some dried up plants, white powder, and a few credit cards. We’re well late on this story as it got reported Thursday morning, but negative news pertaining to Matt Jones must not slip through the mindful watchdog eyes of LBS. Matt Jones officially laid claim to “bust” status getting arrested for felony drug possession on Thursday in Fayatteville. Matty J was detained on $2500 bond which he should be able to make without a problem given all his signing bonus money. He was caught in his car with a few dudes chopping lines of coke with a credit card, and also busted for weed at the same time. What a loser.

I’m so pleased to read this story not for the Jaguars’ sake, but because it brings some closure to the Matt Jones story. See, you really can’t fully appreciate the Matt Jones story if you weren’t a FOX Sports Radio listener or employee at the time of the 2005 draft. At that time, Jones was nothing more than a lowly Arkansas quarterback who was the star athlete on a weak team. Nobody really heard of him, and he certainly didn’t have a future in the NFL as a quarterback. But all of a sudden he became a combine stud who the scouts fell in love with because he’s tall (6’5″), ran a great 40, and could jump. Next thing you knew there was talk about Jones rising up draft boards. All of a sudden, for like three solid months leading into the NFL draft, the phone lines were flooded with Hog fans from Arkansas wanting to talk and brag about Matt Jones. “Hey, what you think about Matt Jones! Where you think Matt Jones is going to go? Woo, pig sooey, Matt Jones!” Honestly, Matt Jones practically became the network mascot. And god bless those hog fans, they were so cute the way they cherished Jones.

So yeah, when draft day did come around, the Jags used a late first-round pick to take a guy who had no position in the NFL and no receiving experience. Jones has shown flashes of being good, but he’s been a completely inconsistent stiff, catching just 101 passes and 13 touchdowns in three seasons. So, I put it to you now, Hog fans, what you think of your boy Matt Jones? A complete bust, just like we knew he’d be. But thanks for all those phone calls! You sure made times enjoyable!

Bill Belichick Has Been a Dick for a While

Check out the video KSK dug up and MJD shared with us of Bill Belichick back in his days with the Browns. It’s a clip from George Michael’s Sports Machine.

Hmm, why do Eric Green’s comments sound so familiar? Gotta love Greg Lloyd stick his hand out only to get air. Belichick’s been doing it for years.

Aqib Talib and Cory Boyd Reportedly Fight at Rookie Symposium

The NFL rookie symposium is an excellent event. All the youngsters are schooled by the vets on many topics including staying out of trouble, handling the media, watching finances, and maximizing opportunities in the league. It’s quite a helpful program from what I understand, with a lot of good information to offer. The only problem is that you’re dealing with rookies who are often too rock-headed to absorb it all. Such is the case it seems, with Aqib Talib and Cory Boyd who rumbled at the symposium. From Florio at Pro Football Talk:

The players were in a budget and finances meeting, where rookies from four teams were gathered. Talib and Boyd had been jawing at each other for a while, and it came to a head during that specific session.

The incident was broken up by Rob Davis, a former long snapper who currently serves as the Packers’ director of player development.

As the source said, “They were told not to let the incident leave the room, but it did.”

This wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if it were true considering Talib was one of the players in the draft identified as a “questionable character” dude once it was revealed he blazed. I still think he’s going to be a baller in the league, but he needs to learn to manage his anger otherwise we’re looking at another DeAngelo Hall. As for Boyd, you can get a load of this character after the jump.

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Imus Makes Adam Jones Into a Victim

The one thing I didn’t think was possible has happened. Somehow, in this entire messy situation, Adam Jones — the biggest perpetrator of crimes within the last two years — was made into a victim by Don Imus. That is just maddening. It just goes to show how clueless Imus really is, and how idiotic you can make yourself sound when you just shoot from the hip. I’m still trying to wrap my arms around this one. How could this whole thing result in Adam Jones saying he’s actually praying for someone else? Think about all the lives the man formally known as Pacman has ruined. And now you’re telling me that he feels bad for someone else and that he’s praying for them? Since when did Adam Jones become the moral police? And where does he get off being more credible and ethical than any other person on this planet?

And how about that lepton brain Imus who compounds an already insanely idiotic statement by sticking his foot even further down his mouth. How did he possibly make himself sound even dumber on Tuesday than he did on Monday? Just check out his statement when he said he was being sarcastic, “What people should be outraged about is that they arrest blacks for no reason,” Imus said Tuesday. “I mean, there’s no reason to arrest this kid six times. Maybe he did something once, but everyone does something once.” OK mister trying-to-cover-up-my-tracks-but-digging-a-deeper-hole. Do you have no idea about Adam Jones and all the trouble he caused in his past life as Pacman? Have you no clue about all the incidents at clubs the night before games? Or how about that shooting at the strip club that resulted in a man being paralyzed? Yeah, he sure was arrested for no reason, I have to agree, Imus. Apparently five seconds of research is too much to ask for from this clown. Someone, please, take the mic away from this guy. He knows not what he says.

Chris Henry’s Former House Vandalized

Typically I would have given the LBS Chris Henry update when the dude lost his home to foreclosure, but I figured I’d give him a break. Besides, I was kind of burnt out on foreclosures after Holyfield and Canseco struggled with their pads, not to mention the fact that Henry’s already been so generous as to provide nearly half of the site’s content. But this was so unfortunate — what did Chris Henry ever do to have his old place vandalized?

Cleanup crews have a lot of work on their hands after vandals set their sights on Chris Henry’s former house.

The bank bought the Florence home after the former Bengal lost it in foreclosure.

Crews came to the house Monday to find trash and paint all over the home and the glass and staircase destroyed.

Ian’s Property Cleanup and Lawn Service said the vandals struck between Sunday evening and Monday morning.

Well, he’s no longer the Bengals’ problem, and the house is no longer his problem, so who did this really impact? Nobody I guess. But it just seems like a big kick in the balls if you ask me. I’m guessing the people who did it were trying to make things tougher for Henry. Little did they know their efforts went to waste. And on top of everything, he’s out of the NFL. That’s just not good.

This Beautiful Body Took Steroids?

Imagine my surprise to come across this story today … apparently Terry Bradshaw told Dan Patrick last week that he took steroids. And no, it wasn’t to get his body in shape for his bucknekked soliloquy in Failure to Launch, either. The interview, which you can hear on at SI’s website (who says they’re not getting their money’s worth from DP?), revolves mainly around the difference in medical care from now to when Bradshaw played. He talked about how players used to play with concussions, saying that many athletes would never have been cleared to play in today’s day. That pretty much led into this comment:

“We did steroids to get away the aches and the speed of healing,” Bradshaw said. “My use of steroids from a doctor was to speed up injury, and thought nothing of it. … It was to speed up the healing process, that was it. It wasn’t to get bigger and stronger and faster.”

Bradshaw said the the guys would get the steroids injected by the doctors. And coming from a guy who couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the “C” and the “A,” I don’t doubt that he didn’t realize the steroids were making him stronger. Also, after hearing the interview, I think Jim Haslett is vindicated from his comments that the 70s Steelers popularized steroids in the NFL. Maybe now the Rooney’s should send him an apology.