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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Bill Belichick ditched interview with NBC after Super Bowl loss

Patriots coach Bill Belichick shocked me when he embraced Giants coach Tom Coughlin for a few long seconds following his team’s Super Bowl loss. The Hoodie warmly congratulating an opponent? It was so unlike him. He must have realized how out of character that was, because he decided to make up for it by going…Read More

Depressed Brandon Spikes tweets he was suicidal after Super Bowl loss

How down was Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes after his team’s loss? Feeling badly enough to tweet “suicidal thoughts.” There isn’t much commentary to add here, but it just shows the obvious pain some of the players were feeling. Some people will argue that this is what the Patriots deserved. I liked Spikes a lot more…Read More

When will the Giants beating the Patriots not come as a shock?

If the only football game you ever watched prior to Super Bowl 46 was the Patriots’ playoff victory against the Broncos this year, I could see why the outcome may have surprised you.  As for the rest of us, why should the Giants’ win over New England on Sunday come as any kind of shock? …Read More

Giant snowman Tebowing could be best Tebowing picture ever

Just when we think Tebowing has saturated the entire planet five times over, a piece of pure brilliance comes along.  Players Tebowing is all but old news at this point.  You make a nice play against the Broncos, you Tebow.  Big deal. There’s even a race horse named “Tebowing,” but do you really care? What…Read More

Stevie Johnson done with celebrations, admits he did it to get noticed

If Stevie Johnson intended to gain recognition by doing dumb things after scoring touchdowns, it worked.  Johnson is known more for his antics than his play-making ability.  If he stopped pulling his shirt up to reveal hidden messages after he scores or poking fun at serious situations, he would be one of the most sought-after…Read More

Aaron Rodgers says Giants faked ‘phantom’ injuries against Packers

Note to Aaron Rodgers: losing is hard. It’s hard for every player in the NFL an can be particularly difficult for quarterbacks. After following up his Super Bowl-MVP performance with a 15-1 season, Rodgers was understandably disappointed when the Packers were demolished by the Giants at Lambeau Field in the divisional round of the playoffs….Read More

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