Colts Fan Matt Ellis has Autographs Tattooed on His Body

Some dude named Glenn Timmermann became pretty well-known for having a bunch of Chicago Bears autographs tattooed on his body. He topped off the look with the Bears logo inked on the back of his skull. Yeah, that’s a nice look. Anyway, apparently Timmermann has inspired an entire culture of superfans. Maybe not, but Colts fan Matt Ellis is following in his footsteps. Ellis has 33 Colts autographs tattooed on his body. WANE channel 15 in Indy actually did a story on Ellis to provide the background for the insanity:

If you ever wondered what type of person would do that to his body, now you have the answer. Pretty much anyone whose resolution to not having enough memorabilia for players to autograph is get them to sign his body obviously isn’t a very deep thinker. The good news is that Ellis can just chop off various body pieces for auction if he ever runs low on cash — not to say he would ever have trouble finding a job looking like that. Not at all.

Student Brandon Frost Sent Home from School for Wearing Colts Jersey

Last year in the playoffs, a Rockets fan got sent home from school for sporting a Ron Artest haircut. That seems to be a regular occurrence because the same thing happened to a Bengals fan a few months ago. Something about sports seems to bring out the passion in people … and the controversy. Take 17-year-old student Brandon Frost from Maurepas High School near Baton Rouge who says he was sent home for wearing a Colts jersey to school.

Each side predictably gave its version painting themselves in the best possible light. The school says that uniforms were relaxed to allow only black and gold colors on Friday as Saints fans were preparing for the Super Bowl. The kid says he was told “If you like Indiana so much, why don’t you go back?” by the school’s principal. Of course the father is to blame for giving his son permission to come home if he was hassled too much. Right — that’s the message you want to send a kid. Seems to me that the two wardrobe choices were the standard uniform or black and gold. If Frost didn’t want to wear Saints colors, why didn’t he just change into the normal uniform? Seems like an easy solution to me.

(the picture above is NOT Brandon Frost)

What Time Does the Super Bowl Start?

Every year I get the same question about as frequently as I get asked for my prediction on the big game: What time does the Super Bowl start? Well CBS would like me to say it starts at 6pm ET so that they can get the extra audience tuned into the pregame show, but then I’d just be wasting your time. So you know the exact start time, Super Bowl kickoff time is at 6:25pm ET. Obviously it’s up to you how early you want to tune in for the pregame madness and puff pieces (not to mention a Bill Cowher interview with Plaxico Burress!), but so you can properly plan things out, the kickoff is at 6:25pm ET. Hope that helps.

Pictures of Brett Favre’s Bruised Ankle and Hamstring After Saints Game

OK, I took the bait. I’ve accepted an invitation to the Brett Favre pity party, sent by his agent, Bus Cook to the Clarion Ledger. Pro Football Talk actually linked up these pictures for our viewing and I have taken the opportunity to post them, courtesy of Rick Cleveland’s blog. There was no doubt that Brett Favre got beat up in the Saints game, taking some of the worst shots we’ve ever seen him take. But it’s one thing to see the hits in the context of the game and it’s a complete other to see the actual pictures afterwards! I’m not sure when these are from, but if this is how it looks a week later, then I can’t even imagine what it looked like the day after the game. Man, are these gruesome.

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JaMarcus Russell Spends More Time in the Jewelry Store than the Film Room

Last week on TNT, the Suns broke their 18-game TNT losing streak by coming back to beat the Mavericks. The Inside the NBA show after the game was every bit as good as the actual game, as always. Not only did they have clips of Cheryl Miller and Reggie Miller dancing, but they also showed Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell in attendance. Rather, they showed pictures of Russell’s jewelry which could probably pay off the entire state of California’s deficit. What I didn’t realize was that announcer Kevin Harlan got in some nice shots during the actual telecast. Check it out via Jimmy Traina’s Extra Mustard at SI and Thunder Treats:

Let me just point something out: you wouldn’t be a target to be robbed if you weren’t advertising that you had millions of dollars and half your signing bonus hanging on your neck. That’s something Javon Walker and Floyd Mayweather Jr. had to learn the hard way. Hopefully JaMarcus doesn’t have to learn that lesson but it’s pretty clear his interests lie in the wrong places. It will be a shame to see all his talent go to waste.

Ken Whisenhunt Was Offering Kurt Warner the Brett Favre Deal

The biggest story in the NFL last week was the announcement by Kurt Warner that he would retire, ending his 12-year career. With the way he played this past season — 3,753 yards, 26 touchdowns, a division title and a playoff game victory — it was a mild surprise to see him hang them up (the Bobby McCray hit says otherwise). One person sad to see Warner retire is Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt. As I was listening to Jim Rome’s show live from Radio Row, he had Yahoo! Sports writer Mike Silver on as a guest. Silver mentioned that Whisenhunt was dangling a Brett Favre deal on the table to try and entice Warner to return for another season:

“Basically, Coach Whisenhunt told me that if there’s anything you need to make this work, let me know,” Warner said. “He said, ‘I’m willing to adjust anything within reason to have you stay. If you need to take some time off, the whole offseason off, some of training camp, we’ll figure it out.’ A lot of times he would say it in passing, just sort of having some fun with me, but there was some truth in it.”

The reason I invoke Brett Favre is because #4 got to miss all of training camp before signing with the Vikings and getting picked up from the airport personally by coach Brad Childress. The only other reason I’ve heard of players missing training camp is injury or contract issues, not because the coach was allowing special privileges. I think Whisenhunt’s offer says a few things. One, it speaks to the high level Kurt Warner played at this past year because Whisenhunt knows the Cardinals are a playoff team and Super Bowl contender with Kurt as the quarterback. On a similar note, it also means Whisenhunt doesn’t have too much confidence in Matt Leinart — at least not for the upcoming season. Think about it — if Whisenhunt knew he had Aaron Rodgers in the wings, would he make that type of offer? I doubt it.

I also was critical of Kurt Warner’s Hall of Fame candidacy last year. After seeing the way he played in the Super Bowl last year, and seeing him throw for five touchdown against the Packers (in the playoffs) and Bears (in the regular season), I have changed my mind. Warner is an elite quarterback who has done many special things in the league, and his propensity to play his best in the postseason was incredible. Games like the one he had in week two against the Jags — 24-26 for 243 yards and two touchdowns — remind me that he was also one of the most accurate quarterbacks in history. Warner’s final season he may have cemented his Hall of Fame status for many people, but it also changed my mind.

Pro Bowl’s Move to Week Before Super Bowl Produced Strong Ratings

The numbers are in and the Pro Bowl ratings were strong — 12.3 million people watched — the most since 2000. Those were particularly strong considering the game was on ESPN instead of NBC, as it was last year. All along I thought the idea to move the Pro Bowl to the week before the Super Bowl was a good one, for many reasons. The primary reason is one expressed by me and shared by many of my listeners on Sporting News Radio, and it is that most sports fans are still in “football mode,” so it’s best to give us all the NFL action we can handle while interest level is up. I actually think they should play it on a Thursday night, a few days before the actual Super Bowl. Tell me that wouldn’t be a good appetizer for the fans.

Even with the interest and ratings for the Pro Bowl being elevated, some changes still should be made. As Colts President Bill Polian most vehemently expressed, the teams participating in the Super Bowl shouldn’t be forced to have their players show up to the game and fragment the team’s traveling plans. Though some media members downplay the importance of an entire team traveling together, it is a big deal to have the entire team make its trip to the Super Bowl together. For one, this rubs it in for players who didn’t make the Pro Bowl when they see teammates getting separate treatment. Secondly, it breaks up routines established during the season that teams don’t want altered. Lastly, the biggest leaders of teams aren’t around to help set the tone for their teammates. If you don’t think that’s important, recall that the Giants dressed in all black for business when they traveled to Glendale before beating the Patriots.

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