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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Spygate Tapes Like Girls Gone Wild Video

The infamous Jay Glazer who somehow procured a copy of the Spygate video tapes has been making the rounds lately to promote his participation in a Subway commercial. The NFL on FOX reporter did a little stop and chat with A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin on Thursday and spent most of his time reminding all of…Read More

Bill Parcells Might Want That One Back

We’ve all heard analysts get their share of predictions wrong over time. It happens. But we don’t often hear about the bad calls coaches make. I guess we only see it when they get fired. Anyway, Washington Redskins TE Chris Cooley is the latest athlete to begin blogging at Yahoo! Sports. In his first entry,…Read More

Dolphins Tip Hand, Leaning Defense?

It’s so hard to tell when it comes to the NFL draft whether information is just that, or if it’s misinformation. You don’t know what’s been planted by GMs and coaches for purposes of gaining leverage in trade negotiations. But of all the things they say, some turn out to be true. For instance, not…Read More

Brett Favre Already Unretiring?

Last month I was uber-skeptical of Brett Favre’s sudden, unexpected retirement. Sure, he had contemplated it the past few seasons, but coming off the great year he had and near Super Bowl berth, what possessed him to retire? I wondered if it had anything to do with the Packers being unable to pry Randy Moss…Read More

Urlacher for Ocho Cinco, Anyone?

Commenter JS emails in with the most intriguing proposition. As a Bears fan, he suggested to me, a Bengals fan, that the teams swap problems and trade Brian Urlacher for Chad Johnson. Honestly, upon further review, Urlacher for Ocho Cinco could be the apotheosis of a win-win trade. There are several reasons why this trade…Read More

Chris Henry: Model Citizen

It’s been like five months since Bengals WR Chris Henry made his way into news headlines for a transgression. If this were a proposition bet in Vegas, it would have long gone over the rainbow. His last incident was for a tussle with a parking attendant over a $5 bill, as you might remember. That…Read More

Andy Roddick and T.O. Are Homies

Much like the Snoop Dogg/David Beckham relationship, I have a tough time grasping this one. Word on the street is that tennis player Andy Roddick and football player Terrell Owens are boys. Apparently T.O. was even in attendance at the Sony Ericsson Open to watch Roddick play this week. The two took turns complimenting one…Read More

Giants Super Bowl Rings Revealed

I’m often fascinated by the jewelry the players receive for winning championships. After all, when people talk about “how many rings” a player has, we’re not just talking about something figurative, but a literal item of jewelry. I remember being somewhat disappointed by the Colts’ Super Bowl ring last year. Unfortunately I share the same…Read More

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