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Friday, May 22, 2015


Bart Scott: It’s a Joke if Jets Don’t Win Super Bowl

On a normal day, I would have an extremely tough time associating the name “Bart Scott” with the word “sensible.”  The Jets loudmouth linebacker usually makes headlines for charades like his “can’t wait!” postgame interview or for threatening to end Wes Welker’s career.  The only man wearing Green with a more freely-moving jaw is Rex…Read More

Tony Kornheiser and Jim Irsay Engage in War of Words

Those of us who are familiar with Tony Kornheiser are very aware that he has something to say about everything.  Kornheiser’s loud mouth has gotten him into trouble with ESPN and may or may not have resulted in ESPN replacing him with Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football.  We love him on Pardon the Interruption,…Read More

Enough of the Forced Apologies, Reggie Bush, Rashard Mendenhall, Andrew Bynum

Wthe immediacy of modern technology, it is way too easy to write something or disseminate information that will be regretted about 3½ seconds later. (Please see: many of the other articles I have written.) Imagine if the requisite hackneyed apology existed throughout history. Nero: “Perhaps in retrospect, I probably should have done something else but…Read More

Brian Urlacher: Bears, Not Packers, Team to Beat in the NFC

The Chicago Bears surprised a lot of people last season.  Coming off a disappointing 7-9 season in 2009, no one really expected Jay Cutler and the offense to click enough for the Bears to be successful.  Although he was eventually criticized for showing a lack of toughness in the NFC Championship Game — a game…Read More

Congressmen Take Shots at Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is such an easy target for public ridicule that even politicians are taking shots at him. Appearing to speak at the Economic Forum in Chicago, Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan started off his speech with a few knocks against Cutler, according to FOX News. “I want to thank you all for inviting me to…Read More

Marcell Dareus Wants to Give Broncos, Panthers Hell for Passing on Him

There are few motivating tools more effective than an athlete getting snubbed in a draft. Sports history is littered with stories of the sort. Tom Brady says he’s been motivated by being passed over for five rounds in the NFL draft. Gilbert Arenas chose jersey number 0 in Golden State because that’s how many minutes…Read More

Rush Limbaugh Defends Donovan McNabb Against Bernard Hopkins Comments

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh caused a controversy in 2003 when as an analyst, he said the media wanted to see Donovan McNabb succeed because he was black. The comment itself was an observation that cannot be deemed right or wrong because there’s no way to quantify his argument. However, I believe McNabb was…Read More

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