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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Media Pleas for Marty as Victim

The media has created a victim role for Marty Schottenheimer since his firing by the San Diego Chargers. That is incorrect as Marty’s own actions led to his firing.

A Day to Remember

I’m telling you now, mark yesterday down in your mind, and remember it as it will live in infamy. In one of the more unexpected moves, the Chargers fired head coach Marty Schottenheimer who led them to a league’s best 14-2 record but a division round exit in the playoffs. I’m not interested in trying…Read More

Wanna get away?

Uh yes, I’ll take things that suck for $500 Alex.  In the case of Nnamdi Asomugha, the answer to the “Wanna get away” question would be YES.  Very much so, YES.  So that was the slogan for the entire Southwest Airlines campaign, but unfortunately for Asomugha, neither Southwest nor any other airline could deliver in…Read More

Those Cheatin’ SOBs

Over at NBX today, I congratulated the NFL for quickly creating the Shawne Merriman Rule.  That got me thinking that there are really only 3 ways to have something named after you: You do something very notable and become famous for it You do something very notable and become notorious for it You pay someone…Read More

NFL in London a Success?

Not long ago it was announced that the Giants and Dolphins would play a regular season game in London. Over on my show at NBX I quipped Tickets will probably be going as fast as a Charlotte Sting sellout. Well, I do have to say, apologies are in order. Turns out I was completely wrong….Read More

Super Bowl Reset II

Considering the Bears lost the Super Bowl 29-17 and the Sex Cannon threw 2 interceptions including one returned for a touchdown, I thought it would be cool to reset what I wrote about him recently. On January 17th, prior to the conference championship games, I asked the question: what would winning the Super Bowl mean…Read More

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