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Friday, January 30, 2015


Despite Hamstring Injury, Revis-Moss Still Worth Price of Admission

On Tuesday, I shared my thoughts with everyone about how the match-up of New Yorks Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss will be worth the price of admission.  The fact that Revis currently is listed on the Jets injury report with an injured hamstring has done nothing to alter…Read More

Lance Briggs: Women Should Not Be in Locker Rooms

There was much ado about Ines Sainz who caused a stir in the Jets locker room and at practice last week. I haven’t touched on things yet but I have a few thoughts on the matter. Both sides were wrong — Sainz for not being professional entering the locker room, and the Jets for not…Read More

Which Team is the Best Suitor for Marshawn Lynch?

Sorry, people.  Trick question.  The answer: no team.  The reason: an absurd asking price.  The Packers are reportedly interested in dealing for Marshawn Lynch as many of us expected after hearing they’d lost Ryan Grant for the season.  However, the Buffalo Bills apparently think the value of their backup running back is much higher than…Read More

Brady Takes Shot at Patriot Fans

Tom Brady may hate the Jets, but it would appear he’s got a hint of jealousy toward their rabid fan base.  The Pats generally enjoy great success at Gillette Stadium, but it’s no secret that their fan base doesn’t exactly give them a noteworthy home-field advantage.  In typical Brady fashion, the Pats quarterback managed to…Read More

Signal Stealing Made Easy?

What should the NFL do to assure fans an incident like Spygate will never occur again?  Throw some microphones on the centers so everyone can hear the names of your plays, that way teams don’t have to steal the play-calls — they can just have them. The NFL has asked teams to consider allowing their…Read More

Revis-Moss Worth the Price of Admission

There will be plenty on the line this Sunday when the New England Patriots travel to New Meadowlands Stadium to take on the New York Jets.  We all know every game during the NFL season is crucial, but you won’t find a Week 2 game with more at stake than this match-up.  The Jets can…Read More

Patriots Finally Dump Maroney

There’s nothing like getting into your car after a hard day’s work and being treated to phenomenal sports news right away on the radio.  The first thing I heard on 98.5 The Sports Hub — my favorite station for Boston sports talk — when I started my engine this afternoon was that Laurence Maroney has…Read More

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