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Saturday, July 4, 2015


Chad Ochocinco Plans to Live with Fan for First Few Weeks of Season

Chad Ochocinco is known for his wacky behavior and publicity stunts, but he’s come up with something so unique I’ve been compelled to share it. According to Christopher Price at WEEI, Ocho plans to live with a fan the first few weeks of the NFL season. “I’m going to do something different — I’m going…Read More

Jerry Rice: Randy Moss was Lazy and Hard for Me to Watch

Why is it that Jerry Rice is considered the greatest receiver of all time?  Is it because he had the best quarterbacks?  They were pretty good.  Is it because he has the most natural-born talent?  He has quite a bit of that, too.  Or is it just because he wanted it more than everyone else? …Read More

Deion Sanders Disgraced Hall of Fame by Selling Out to Corporate Sponsor

Disgraceful. Disgusting. Shameful. Reprehensible. Sell out. Those were some of the words that came to mind as I witnessed Deion Sanders’ speech at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It wasn’t so much the speech that bothered me (though there are some aspects that made him seem phony). Rather, it was Deion’s choice to sully…Read More

Rhett Bomar’s DUI Probably Won’t Help His Chances of Making Vikings

Rhett Bomar was busted for an alleged DUI early Sunday morning in Mankato, Minn. nearby the Vikings’ training camp. The arrest will hinder his chances of making the team considering he’s already behind Donovan McNabb, Christian Ponder, and Joe Webb on the depth chart. The team had a practice in Mankato Saturday night and Bomar…Read More

Deion Sanders Puts Bandanna on His Hall of Fame Bust (Video)

Deion Sanders went into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in style. After spending most of his speech explaining how “Prime Time” was just a persona he created in order to help make money to take care of his mom, he expressed his unlimited swag by placing a bandanna on his Hall of Fame bust….Read More

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