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Monday, May 25, 2015


Brian Urlacher: Bears, Not Packers, Team to Beat in the NFC

The Chicago Bears surprised a lot of people last season.  Coming off a disappointing 7-9 season in 2009, no one really expected Jay Cutler and the offense to click enough for the Bears to be successful.  Although he was eventually criticized for showing a lack of toughness in the NFC Championship Game — a game…Read More

Congressmen Take Shots at Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is such an easy target for public ridicule that even politicians are taking shots at him. Appearing to speak at the Economic Forum in Chicago, Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan started off his speech with a few knocks against Cutler, according to FOX News. “I want to thank you all for inviting me to…Read More

Marcell Dareus Wants to Give Broncos, Panthers Hell for Passing on Him

There are few motivating tools more effective than an athlete getting snubbed in a draft. Sports history is littered with stories of the sort. Tom Brady says he’s been motivated by being passed over for five rounds in the NFL draft. Gilbert Arenas chose jersey number 0 in Golden State because that’s how many minutes…Read More

Rush Limbaugh Defends Donovan McNabb Against Bernard Hopkins Comments

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh caused a controversy in 2003 when as an analyst, he said the media wanted to see Donovan McNabb succeed because he was black. The comment itself was an observation that cannot be deemed right or wrong because there’s no way to quantify his argument. However, I believe McNabb was…Read More

Robert Kraft: Lockout Could Start to Really Annoy Fans

With the baseball season just starting to heat up and the NHL and NBA playoffs well underway, it’s easy to forget that we might not have football to look forward to in the fall. NFL players are currently locked out of team facilities while guys like Drew Brees are digging into their own pockets to…Read More

Rod Graves’ Car Spotted in Arizona

Apparently the Cardinals GM’s car was driving down highway 17 in Phoenix when this shot was taken. OK, so that’s not true, but this was passed along by Cardinals reporter Kent Somers. And if what we wrote around draft time is true, it looks like the Cardinals will have a quarterback when the lockout ends,…Read More

Bernard Hopkins Rips Donovan McNabb Again, Says He’s Not Black Enough

Bernard Hopkins has ripped on Donovan McNabb again, this time questioning his blackness. During a training session on Tuesday, Hopkins pretty much called McNabb an Uncle Tom. From the Philadelphia Daily News: According to Hopkins, McNabb had a privileged childhood in suburban Chicago and, as a result, is not black enough or tough enough, at…Read More

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