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Thursday, October 23, 2014


NFL in London a Success?

Not long ago it was announced that the Giants and Dolphins would play a regular season game in London. Over on my show at NBX I quipped Tickets will probably be going as fast as a Charlotte Sting sellout. Well, I do have to say, apologies are in order. Turns out I was completely wrong….Read More

Super Bowl Reset II

Considering the Bears lost the Super Bowl 29-17 and the Sex Cannon threw 2 interceptions including one returned for a touchdown, I thought it would be cool to reset what I wrote about him recently. On January 17th, prior to the conference championship games, I asked the question: what would winning the Super Bowl mean…Read More

Tony Dungy says Take that Bitches!

I don’t know if you caught Tony Dungy’s post game interview with Sal Paolantonio on ESPN Sunday night (it’s still available for viewing over at ESPN motion), but I did and I was pretty stunned to hear what Tony had to say. Quoting exactly what Dungy told Sal, I’m happy for Peyton – people that…Read More

Super Bowl Reset

Considering the Colts won the Super Bowl 29-17 and Peyton Manning unloaded the gorilla by winning the MVP, I thought it would be cool to reset some of things I recently wrote about Peyton and the Colts. On January 17th, prior to the conference championship games, I asked the question: what would winning the Super…Read More

Aww that Peyton, he’s so cute

Being that it is the Super Bowl and there are two weeks off build up before the game, you’re going to wind up seeing a lot of weak programming.  There’s the endless mind-numbing game-breakdown, the round-table of guests, and the constant interviews.  They’ll show you a week’s worth of press conferences, assign various reporters to do featured pieces on…Read More

Who’s Dumber, Petrino or Vick?

A hush swept across the M.I.T. campus on Friday as it was announced that the wunderkind Falcons quarterback Mike Mexico would be allowed to call audibles in Bobby Petrino’s offense.  The students uniformly acknowledged that it would take the absorption of their combined brain power to help Mexico manage said offense.  What’s a matter Petrino, you…Read More

Football Causes Concussions, Who Knew?

A story came out today that former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson, who played 10 years in the NFL all with New England, is in a depressed condition – the result of suffering several head injuries as a player. As Johnson described it to the New York Times and Boston Globe: Bill Belichick subjected him to…Read More

A Picture is Worth…

Forgive me if you’ve already seen this…I do realize that I operate at the speed of a special olympics hurdler…but sometimes things just take a wee bit longer to circulate to me.  Regardless, I felt this lovely piece of artwork was worth sharing with you all.  Not exactly what I envision on Sunday, but well…Read More

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