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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Andy Roddick and T.O. Are Homies

Much like the Snoop Dogg/David Beckham relationship, I have a tough time grasping this one. Word on the street is that tennis player Andy Roddick and football player Terrell Owens are boys. Apparently T.O. was even in attendance at the Sony Ericsson Open to watch Roddick play this week. The two took turns complimenting one…Read More

Giants Super Bowl Rings Revealed

I’m often fascinated by the jewelry the players receive for winning championships. After all, when people talk about “how many rings” a player has, we’re not just talking about something figurative, but a literal item of jewelry. I remember being somewhat disappointed by the Colts’ Super Bowl ring last year. Unfortunately I share the same…Read More

Patriots Getting National TV Snub?

Hey, it’s no secret — the most polarizing yet entertaining team in the NFL last year were the New England Patriots. The set all kinds of offensive records, went 16-0 during the regular season, and didn’t lose until the Super Bowl (with the exception of the alternate Perfectville world). But along with their regular season…Read More

Why Is Jerry Jones Going After Pacman?

I understand he’s all about getting value and giving second chances, but honestly why is Jerry Jones going after Lapdance Jones? The track record speaks for itself: the success of T.O. after he single-handedly blew up the Eagles — a player Jerry got for a bargain price. We’ll see what Tank Johnson does — another…Read More

Chad Johnson Is Not the Problem in Cincy

I’m sick and tired of people questioning Chad Johnson. I’m sick and tired of people making an issue out of Ocho Cinco. I’m sick and tired of people saying he’s a cancer who needs to go. Chad Johnson is one of only three good things the Bengals have going for them — Carson Palmer and…Read More

Rams Buy $8.9 Million of Scrambled Eggs

About six weeks ago, I pleaded for Trent Green to retire. Reports at that time suggested the Dolphins were interested in bringing Green back as one of their quarterbacks. So much for that. Instead, Green will be packing his bags for his hometown of St. Louis. That’s right, the Rams dropped $8.9 million on the…Read More

Shaun Smith Confirms Chad Johnson Punched Marvin Lewis

Browns defensive tackle Shaun Smith was at the Central Maryland Browns Backers banquet recently and spoke at length. Amongst other things, Smith discussed his time with the Bengals, for whom he had two stints, one in ’04, and the other from ’05’-’06. Smith offered a lot of insight including why the Patriots have been so…Read More

Did Randy Moss Impact Favre’s Decision?

I still have a lot of questions floating around in my head regarding Favre’s retirement. To start with, how about: Why? Why now? Why after coming so close to the Super Bowl? Why after such a good season? And why retire and go out on an interception that cost your team a shot at the…Read More

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