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Sunday, October 4, 2015


Tim Tebow ‘Tebrew’ Beer Is Coming to Colorado

Just when you thought you’d seen it all when it came to Tim Tebow, we now have this. As Sharapova’s Thigh shared with us, Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, Colorado is making a Tim Tebow beer called “Tebrew: The Sunday Sipper.” According to Bonfire’s Facebook page, Tebrew is a barleywine. In the style of 4th quarter…Read More

Video: Ndamukong Suh Refuses to Answer Questions About Stomp, Car Crash

Ndamukong Suh returns to the Detroit Lions this week after missing the last two games because of a suspension. Suh was suspended for stomping on Packers lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith during the Packers-Lions Thankgsiving game. Factoring into the suspension was Suh’s reputation for being a dirty player; he’s been fined and penalized for multiple personal fouls…Read More

Wesley Woodyard: Tim Tebow Assured Him God Would Take Care of Broncos

The Broncos eked out a win Sunday against the Bears in improbable fashion. Down 10-0, Denver scored a touchdown with just over two minutes left. They couldn’t recover the ensuing onside kick attempt, but they were able to force a punt after the Bears went three-and-out (highlighted by Marion Barber running out of bounds on…Read More

Tank Johnson: Tim Tebow is Like a Buffalo Wild Wings Commercial

Send it into overtime! You know those Buffalo Wild Wings commercial where they find ways to keep the game going just so they can stay and drink beer and party?  Tank Johnson has the perfect comparison for the real-life version of those quick 30-second clips.  Why didn’t we think of this before? Johnson isn’t exactly…Read More

James Harrison Deserves Suspension for Helmet Hit on Colt McCoy

I have been one of the people critical of the rule changes in the NFL that’s favored offenses. The league is so cautious about protecting its offensive stars, referees will penalize defensive players who make hard hits whether they’re illegal or not. Steelers linebacker James Harrison was suspended a game by the NFL Monday for…Read More

Aaron Rodgers on Ryan Braun: There Should Be Some Sort of Confidentiality

In case you haven’t heard, Ryan Braun reportedly recently failed a drug test.  Considering he was named MVP of the National League, that is pretty significant news.  If it is determined that Braun is guilty after he goes through the appeal process, he would face a 50-game suspension and an enormous hit to his reputation. …Read More

Antrel Rolle is Sick of Being Criticized by Television Announcers

Eli Manning has been leading fourth-quarter comebacks all season long, which is something that has earned him a lot of praise.  The praise is well-deserved, but oftentimes people forget that your team needs to be losing in order to lead a fourth-quarter comeback.  Players like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees haven’t had as many opportunities…Read More

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