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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Randy Moss Calls Out Vikings, Brad Childress for Bad Calls

As if the Vikings didn’t already have enough problems with a 2-5 record, now they have to suffer the embarrassment of Randy Moss pointing out their mistakes. The playmaking receiver, who was held to just one catch against the Patriots, conducted his own news conference with the media where he didn’t take any questions. He…Read More

Donovan McNabb Benched for Rex Grossman Late in Loss to Lions

For the second year in a row, the Detroit Lions beat the Washington Redskins. If you didn’t watch the game but saw the 37-25 final, it was much closer than that score suggests. The Skins had taken the lead 25-20 midway through the 4th quarter on a kickoff return for a touchdown by rookie Brandon…Read More

Jets Offense Stale in Loss to Packers

With the way the Jets have played defense under Rex Ryan, you have to assume New York has the edge in that phase of the game regardless of whom they play.  That was far from the case on Sunday when Mark Sanchez and company lost to the Green Bay Packers, 9-0. Green Bay’s defense was…Read More

Carson Palmer Throws Costly Late Game Interception Against Dolphins

The more Cincinnati Bengals games I watch, the more I realize Carson Palmer just isn’t what he used to be.  A former Pro Bowler and top-5 quarterback in the NFL, Palmer has had a lot of trouble protecting the football over the past few seasons.  More specifically, he has never appeared to be the same…Read More

Jon Kitna a Disappointment Against Jags

The word “disappointment” pretty much sums up the Dallas Cowboys‘ 2010 season to this point, so I guess you could say Jon Kitna is just trying to fit in with his teammates.  As we all know, Tony Romo suffered a broken collarbone last weekend and is going to miss significant time, if not the remainder…Read More

NFL Orthopedist Says Brett Favre is Milking His Ankle Injury

This happened on Tuesday, so forgive me if you’ve already seen it.  This is the first I’ve heard of it, so I had to make sure everyone gets a good laugh out of it.  As we all know, Brett Favre is battling an ankle injury.  Chatter about his consecutive games played streak coming to an…Read More

Jim Haslett: Albert Haynesworth in 3-4 Defense is Square Peg in Round Hole

One of the biggest stories this off-season was Albert Haynesworth’s refusal to appear at off-season activities for the Washington Redskins. The team had paid him a $21 million bonus but Albert was reluctant to participate because he didn’t feel like the team’s switch to a 3-4 defense fit him well. After embarrassing Haynesworth with conditioning…Read More

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