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Monday, March 2, 2015


Ryan Grant Out for the Season for GB

Football is a game of injuries and the NFL is a league of attrition. After only one week in the season, many players are already hurt and we have learned that Packers running back Ryan Grant falls in that group. FOX NFL reporter Jay Glazer says Ryan Grant is out for the season because of…Read More

LBS Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

1. New Orleans Saints (1-0) I’m respecting the champs here.  They kicked off 2010 by beating one of the best teams in the NFC.  I’m not going to bump them down based solely on the fact that it’s tough to repeat. 2. Green Bay Packers (1-0) Didn’t look overly impressive against the Eagles considering how…Read More

Jets Are Not Sniffing the Super Bowl with Sanchez as Starting QB

While the Jets have been calling themselves “the Miami Heat of football,” I’ve been laughing at their bravado. Sure they have an excellent defense, but their Super Bowl aspirations are misguided. All along I’ve said that Mark Sanchez will hold them back and after the first week of the season it appears as if that…Read More

Does This Look Like a Disgruntled Star Wide Receiver?

Earlier today we told you how we believe the comments Randy Moss made on Sunday after the Patriots win over the Bengals are being blown out of proportion by the media.  The truth of the matter is people wish Moss would be so pissed off that it affected his play, because it’s better business to…Read More

Ray Rice, Shaun Ellis in Pregame Fight

Ray Rice is a 5’8″ running back for the Baltimore Ravens. Shaun Ellis is a 6’5″ 290lb defensive lineman for the New York Jets. Perhaps someone should remind Rice it’s not a good idea to mess with someone about twice his size, as he did pregame. Prior to kickoff of Monday Night Football’s contest between…Read More

Bob Sanders and Anthony Gonzalez Are Walking Injuries

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Something else might have to be added to the list: Bob Sanders and Anthony Gonzalez getting hurt for the Colts. When it comes to football betting, the best wager of all would have been that Bob Sanders could not last the entire year for…Read More

Interpreting Randy Moss’ Comments

Should Randy Moss have chosen to talk to reporters about his contract after the Patriots big Week 1 win over the Bengals?  Probably not.  There’s a time and a place to discuss contracts and the business aspect of football, and immediately after a win that was a great team effort is not the right time. …Read More

Red Zone, Offensive Line Serious Concerns for Cowboys

Before the year started, I said I wasn’t buying into the hype surrounding the Dallas Cowboys. It’s not that I’m down on Tony Romo, because I’m not. It’s not that I’m down on their defense — I still think it’s very good. It’s just that Dallas struggles mightily in the red zone and they have…Read More

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