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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Who’s Dumber, Petrino or Vick?

A hush swept across the M.I.T. campus on Friday as it was announced that the wunderkind Falcons quarterback Mike Mexico would be allowed to call audibles in Bobby Petrino’s offense.  The students uniformly acknowledged that it would take the absorption of their combined brain power to help Mexico manage said offense.  What’s a matter Petrino, you…Read More

Football Causes Concussions, Who Knew?

A story came out today that former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson, who played 10 years in the NFL all with New England, is in a depressed condition – the result of suffering several head injuries as a player. As Johnson described it to the New York Times and Boston Globe: Bill Belichick subjected him to…Read More

A Picture is Worth…

Forgive me if you’ve already seen this…I do realize that I operate at the speed of a special olympics hurdler…but sometimes things just take a wee bit longer to circulate to me.  Regardless, I felt this lovely piece of artwork was worth sharing with you all.  Not exactly what I envision on Sunday, but well…Read More

Pacman is Free

It was a big day in the life of Titans cornerback Pacman Jones Thursday.  He received the good news that his misdemeanor assault case for allegedly spitting on a woman at a club was dismissed.  The case was thrown out after the judge found too many holes in the woman’s case.  Apparently the accuser’s credibility was…Read More

Job not Done for Peyton

Dear Peyton, You may have won the battle, but you have not won the war.  Yes, you led a magnificent comeback against your nemesis – the Patriots.  Yes, your team was down 21-3 at one point and you still won.  Yes, you came through and delivered in the clutch.  Yes, you outplayed 3 time Super…Read More

How Long before Tedford goes to NFL?

Being locked into the Pac-10 as a prominent UCLA alum (yeah, that’s right, I said prominent), and having several friends who are Cal fans, I have been pretty in-tune with the stadium situation in Berkeley.  Here’s your briefing: Jeff Tedford arrived in Berkeley following the ’01 season under Tom Holmoe in which Cal went 1-10. …Read More

Super Bowl Official Holiday?

According to an article passed along to me by the legendary John Ramey that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, “In North Carolina, four men are collecting signatures for a petition that would seek national-holiday status for the Super Bowl.”  This is bleepin’ brilliant!   Seriously, it’s news items like this that make you wonder what we’ve…Read More

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