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Friday, January 30, 2015


Best Hit of the Week, Hands Down

Zack Follett. Danny Amendola. Awesome hit. Must watch: That’s what happens when you put an aggressive, rookie linebacker who was a 7th round pick desperate to make the team, on special teams. And that’s what happens when he gets a clear path to a much smaller, rookie returner. Ouch. Talk about living a car crash,…Read More

Brad Childress on The Headshrinkers Wrestling Team and Fahu Tahi

The Vikings were without fullback Fahu Tahi in their win over the Packers on Sunday. Unless you’re a hardcore Vikings fan, you’re probably saying to yourself “who the eff is Fahu Tahi?” Right. I’m in the same boat. But I do know that Tahi wound up inactive for the game because of an eye injury….Read More

Packers Fans Greet Brett Favre with Shower of Boos at Lambeau Field

The big question leading up to Sunday’s game between the Packers and Vikings at Lambeau Field was how the fans would receive Brett Favre. We got a sense before the game because Favre was booed during warmups, but the most severe reaction from the fans was reserved for the actual game. Listen to the audio…Read More

Rex Ryan Has No Sympathy for Your Injuries, Dolphins Fans

Rex Ryan has talked more than his share of crap since becoming the head coach of the Jets. The “big old joker” had a war of words with Dolphins LB Channing Crowder in the offseason that ignited more hatred between the Jets and Dolphins. Suffice it to say, he’s not letting up in the second…Read More

Nothing Wrong with Reggie Bush or Maurice Jones-Drew’s Comments

Both Reggie Bush and Maurice Jones-Drew are taking some heat for comments they made this week. Funny, aren’t the two always grouped together? Anyway, Bush responded to a question on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio as to whether or not the 6-0 Saints could go undefeated. His answer was what you would expect:…Read More

Albert Haynesworth’s Impact on the Defense Is Enormous

The Redskins played the Eagles on Monday Night Football, losing 27-17. Washington’s defensive line performed pretty well, getting to Donovan McNabb for three sacks and several other pressures. At one point the MNF crew displayed a graphic showing how much playing alongside All-Pro defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth helps everyone else on the line; much like…Read More

Jake Delhomme’s Extension: Worst NFL Money Ever Spent

So if your quarterback turns the ball over six times to help you lose your biggest game of the season — the divisional round of the NFC playoffs — how would you reward him? With a five-year contract extension of course! Carolina’s choice to hand Jake Delhomme $20 million guaranteed this offseason was some of…Read More

Attention San Francisco: Alex Smith Still Is Not the Answer

After all the talk about a changing of the guard in the NFC West that would feature the Cardinals dropping off and the 49ers seizing the division we’ve seen a reversal take place since week one. The Niners have tanked their last two games while the Cardinals have won three straight, including impressive wins over…Read More

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