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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Tony Dungy: Aaron Rodgers Is the Best Player in Football

Despite winning Super Bowl MVP last season, Aaron Rodgers is rarely mentioned when people are asked to name the top quarterback in the NFL. The list usually starts with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. When those two were ranked one and two on NFL Network’s Top 100 players of 2011 list, I said that Rodgers…Read More

Chan Gailey: Bills Expect to Go Undefeated and Make Playoffs

We understand a fresh slate is a chance for renewed confidence. The beginning of a new season erases everything that happened the season before. That is a good thing for teams like the Buffalo Bills, but how high should a team set its expectations following a 4-12 season?  For Chan Gailey, the sky is the…Read More

Riding Vick: Del Picks Eagles Over Chargers in Super Bowl

Hear that? Depending on where you are reading this from, that is probably the sound of absolutely nothing. It might even be the same sound you heard last Sunday, and the Sunday before that, and the Sunday before that. Not to worry: The excitement will soon be returned to your life as we kick off…Read More

Jon Gruden Denies Falling in Love with All Players During ESPN Broadcasts

In case you somehow failed to notice, Jon Gruden can become overwhelmed at times during the Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN.  The man loves him so football, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  His passion for the game is unrivaled, but sometimes it can border on weird.  Whether it’s giving out a…Read More

Tom Brady Loves Randy Moss, but do Pats?

The relationship between Tom Brady and Randy Moss is an interesting one. Just before the Patriots released the mercurial wide receiver last year, he reportedly had gotten into a fight with quarterback Tom Brady. Despite the reported fight, they were back to being cool a few days later. Moss went to the Vikings, was released…Read More

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