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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Chris Henry Is My Hero

Not long ago, I mocked the Bengals by ranking their multiple arrests by severity of offense. Not only did my girl man Chris Henry top the list, but he also placed 2nd, 8th, and 12th, blowing away the competition. And just as I was plotting a post welcoming Henry back to the Bengals this weekend…Read More

Pats Looked Beatable, Will Go 16-0

Yes, I realize that appears as a contradictory statement. How can a team that finally, for once in the year, looked beatable, also be a team that will not lose? Well, it’s simple. Sunday’s game proved to me that the Colts and Pats are just head and shoulders above everyone else in the NFL. They…Read More

Garrett Reid Is an Ass Smuggler

I’m sure you’ve heard all week about the jail sentences facing Andy Reid’s drug-dealing sons and how the family issues will affect Reid’s ability to coach the Eagles this weekend. Indeed it’s a good question, but it’s not an issue the LBS mind ponders. What stands out more to me was a point raised by…Read More

Jon Kitna Gets Creative on Halloween

Remember Joe Cullen? He’s the former Lions defensive line coach who got busted for going through a fast food drive through naked. (I empathize with his plight; I enter the kitchen naked when food is on my mind). Anyway, Jon Kitna must have been smoking the same stuff that caused him to pick Detroit to…Read More

Hippo Found in Charger Coach’s Swimming Pool

This is just so off the wall, I’m not sure I can even believe it. I am truly, truly struggling with this story. How can a reputable reporter like Jay Glazer have taken the bait on a tale and featured it so prominently in his weekly column? Answer: maybe it’s true. Check out what happened…Read More

Tony Romo Has a $30 Million Insurance Policy

Sometimes you hear about wacky insurance policies. Is it true J-Lo has her butt insured? Does Josh Beckett have a million dollar arm? Did Regina George take out a policy to cover her hair? Did Borat get his baby maker umm … you get the point. So with Tony Romo awaiting a contract extension from…Read More

Patriots Aren’t the Only Sabotagers

I’ve been kind of fixated on all this Patriot sabotaging thing going on. The real reason is because New England is so good, I want to know how their legacy should be judged. The other day, I wondered why teams were only complaining about the Patriots interfering with headset communication from coaches to players, and…Read More

’72 Squad Embarrased by ’07 Dolphins

Let’s see, shall we. Your starting quarterback is Cleo Lemon, you’re starting running back is Jesse Chatman, and your top two receivers won’t be helping the team the rest of the season because of either trade or injury. That my friends, is the formula for an 0-7 season. But can it get worse? Can these…Read More

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