Philip Rivers Is One Tough Mofo

A few weeks ago I was sitting here bashing Philip Rivers for opening up his big mouth during a game against the Broncos. My contention was that Rivers had no right to be running his mouth the way he was. I still believe that. But one thing that Rivers did not have before, which he officially has now, is my respect. Come to find out that those reports last week saying Rivers had an ACL tear were actually true. The mofo had his knee scoped Monday and played Sunday. With a torn ACL.

Philip Rivers’ anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee is “totally gone” and he will have reconstructive surgery soon.

The recovery time for the surgery is not known but Rivers said he definitely will be 100 percent by the start of next season.

Reading this sort of report and seeing photos of Tom Brady in a walking boot Monday makes you really appreciate what those guys do out there on the field. And don’t think that Rivers and Brady are the only ones who nutted up — Gates played with a dislocated toe, and I’m guessing mostly everyone else had to be shot up or something before the game because of their painful injuries. These guys have some serious guts, and Rivers is chief among them. And man, he actually played pretty well all things considered.

God Must Love Lawrence Tynes

Watching the finale to the Giants/Packers game, it became pretty clear to me that there was a life force guiding Lawrence Tynes yesterday. In a matter of minutes, Tynes went from having his life ruined — marred by missing the biggest kick(s) of his life — to booting the Giants to the Super Bowl. Tynes would have been hated. Crucified. Vilified. Mortified. He would have been done. Cast aside to join the likes of Scott Norwood in the history books. He would have been the man that cost the Giants a trip to the Super Bowl. Not once, but twice. Tynes the goat — could you imagine the headlines? He would have been done. Over. Ruined.

Alas, everything happens for a reason. The interception in overtime was Brett Favre’s gift to Tynes. Insurance that Lawrence wouldn’t go all Cole Ford on everyone later in life. Instead, he made the 47 yarder and sent the Giants to the Super Bowl. All was well. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I saw the game. I didn’t see it as a Brett Favre failure, nor as an Eli Manning triumph. What I saw was one lucky, extremely lucky man, who got his shot at redemption — a third time — and conquered. He changed his life with swing of his leg. From ruining the rest of his years, to being able to live and breathe without much thought. Incredible. Luckily for him the Super Bowl won’t come down to a field goal margin, otherwise he’d be toast.

Tomlinson Getting Hurt Helped SD

After Darren Sproles took the swing pass from Rivers for a touchdown, and Turner ran for 70 yards as an injury sub, the issue became prevalent. My Dad inferred that maybe it wasn’t all LT — maybe it’s the Chargers’ line. I’m not so sure about that since Tomlinson has been doing it for like 7 years with different lines in front of him and no passing game to work with, but there’s something to be said about the way the Chargers played without Tomlinson against Indy. Brian Baldinger made a bold statement on the radio this week saying the Chargers were better off and helped by Tomlinson getting hurt. On the surface that sort of comment is ludicrous; how could last year’s MVP leaving a game improve the team? Then you start to realize that maybe the defense dropped a few men out of the box to defend the pass and that Sproles made a play LT wouldn’t have, allowing San Diego to win the game.

Sure the Chargers are probably better off with LT in the lineup, but just remember that when he’s not out there, it’s not like the team is only lining up 10 players — the Chargers have many other players who can capably fill the holes. That’s probably why we’ve seen the Giants be successful without Jeremy Shockey; Eli’s been looking at Amani Toomer as his secondary target and Toomer’s made plays. Yes, San Diego will be hard-pressed to win if Rivers, Gates, and LT are banged up, but they won’t be out of it. Just remember that the Chargers probably wouldn’t have won last weekend if their MVP hadn’t been hurt. And as weird as it initially sounds, it actually makes sense.

Randy Moss and Pacman Jones Victims of Extortion Attempts?

Let me say this first: whatever bad rap both Pacman and Moss have they have earned. That being said, I can’t help but feel that they are both the victims of extortion efforts. Just two days ago a woman was seeking an arrest warrant for Pacman Jones, saying that the Pac hit her at a strip club in Atlanta. What else is new. Then yesterday it came out that the chick had dropped the case. I don’t know if that means Pac’s people paid her some hush money or what, but she sure disappeared quickly after raising a stir. Since the negative news always makes it front and center, I wanted to point out that the woman’s accusation was dropped and that this accusation probably shouldn’t be held against Pacman.

Now onto Randy Moss. A woman received a restraining order against Randy Moss, alleging that Moss committed battery that resulted in her injury. Moss claims the woman was trying to extort six figures from him to keep it quiet. Moss chose to defend himself to the media today against this story:

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Brett Favre Could Be Heading Back to the Super Bowl

We saw a storybook ending to Jerome Bettis’ career a few years ago. We knew he was retiring, we knew the Super Bowl was in his hometown of Detroit, but we didn’t think he’d be playing in it — much less winning it. Even more of a long shot entering the season though was the odds of Brett Favre having a great season and playing in February. Though I defended Favre’s ability a few years ago when people said he needed to retire, I never would have thought the guy had a shot at the Super Bowl. Never. And that’s what makes the NFL so great, not to mention crazy.

So how about that? How insane is it that this old, graybeard 38-year-old is still tearing up defenses and throwing TD passes and on the verge of a birth to the Super Bowl? How insane is it that the NFL is all of a sudden falling back in love with the same guy who was an MVP and hero in the league more than a decade ago? Guys like Tim Couch who was a top pick in the draft not too long ago can’t even find work, yet here he Favre is like 15 years later still playing — and balling it up at that. I just know this much: after Sunday, either Eli Manning or Brett Favre will heading to the Super Bowl. That scenario absolutely blows my mind. Can you believe that Brett Favre is thisclose to playing in another Super Bowl? I can’t. That’s crazy. And too bad the Pats are just gonna beat his Pack and he’ll wind up returning for a downer year in ’08. Oh well, fun while it lasted.

Did Wade Phillips Cost Himself a Job?

It’s pretty hard to go 13-3, get the top seed in your conference playoffs, and still get fired after the year. Then again, you can go 14-2, get the top seed, and still get fired if your name is Marty Schottenheimer. But getting back to the point, it’s quite possible that Wade Phillips could be out of Dallas despite having a fantastic season. If you remember correctly, Jerry Jones signed Jason Garrett on to be the offensive coordinator in Dallas before the head coach was named — quite a caveat for a coach trying to set up his staff. Clearly Jones was committed to Garrett. After seeing the Cowboys offense explode for most of the season only to tank in the first round of the playoffs, the question must be asked: will Wade Phillips be retained or blown out to make room for Garrett?

The Baltimore Ravens are apparently hot on the case for Garrett, having supposedly interviewed him a second time. Garrett could be a year or so away from being completely ready to assume a head coaching position but he might be tempted to take a job now. Much like Pete Carroll, Garrett is a commodity in demand so I would suggest he choose carefully and act picky. He has a tremendous amount of leverage and could probably be a head coach in the league by next year if he wanted to. That puts Jerry Jones in a difficult spot — fire the coach that just went 13-3 to make room for Garrett, let Garrett go, or try to talk Garrett into staying another year? My guess is Phillips could be a victim of circumstance, having sealed his fate by losing the playoff game. Jones won’t let Garrett get away — at least not over his dead body. This could be a huge shakeup in Dallas … stay tuned.

Manning Brothers Now Starring in Oreo Commercials

The great Unsilent Majority of Kissing Suzy Kolber has already slammed the Mannings for this one. In case you missed it, Eli and Peyton have joined the Double Stuff Oreo Racing League or something like that. I just know that anything with the name “double stuff” in it is somewhat sketchy. Guess they didn’t learn from Carson Palmer’s hot dog commercial. Anyway, check out the commercial the two were recently in:

You know, I have to say I really like the ESPN commercial of the brothers taking a family tour of the joint — that was cool. And the Peyton Manning “cut that meat” commercial was pretty good too. But come on, at some point you have to put the foot down and say “no,” don’t you? I would think so. Especially if they’re going to be running after your team has already been eliminated from the playoffs.