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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Must See TV: The New Super Bowl Shuffle

Sometimes video is so strong that no words need to be said.  With that in mind, I present you the latest version of the Super Bowl Shuffle – courtesy of the Houston Chronicle.  As the caption says, “Mike Singletary revisits the 1985 song Super Bowl Shuffle as the Bears prepare for the NFC Championship game…Read More

Michael Clarett Mexico Vick

As if the Mexico Vick family didn’t have enough problems already you know, between herpes, intimidating little kids, allegedly having sex with little kids, reckless driving, stomping on opposing players, and getting kicked off teams, we now have this gem of a story. Falcons QB, the highest paid player in the NFL, had a water bottle confiscated from him at the…Read More

Exclusive Footage: Gisele Serenades Brady

Yes, you can thank me later for this wonderful discovery.  Being from So Cal I was able to lock down some exclusive footage of Gisele serenading Tom Brady following the Patriots victory Sunday over the Chargers.  In case you missed it,  from the Boston Herald: “She was standing outside the locker room, just kind of leaning…Read More

What Winning the Super Bowl would mean for each QB

Tom Brady (New England) – Absolutely cements his legacy as the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Would have won more with less offensive talent surrounding him than potentially any other quarterback in Super Bowl history; Maroney’s a rookie, Dillon’s old and splits carries, and not one of the receivers ever had success in…Read More

Stick to Tradition: Aint’s and Manning will Lose

With the conference championship games set for this coming Sunday, we’ve entered that briefest of seasonal windows during which I care to be informed about the NFL. Big, vague, and potentially dubious perceptions serve me well through most of the season in maintaining casual fandom; you know, big ideas like betting against the Mannings in…Read More

Belichick Disrespects NFL?

As Bill Belichick approached the podium preparing to field questions from the media following the Patriots win over the Chargers on Sunday, he made an action that can be taken in no other way than disrespectful.  Belichick turned the NFL Network microphone (which was already set up at the podium prior to his arrival) upside-down.  Belichick fielded questions…Read More

Tomlinson says Classless Patriots learn from Belichick

LaDainian Tomlinson went to meet some of the opposing players on the field following the game – as is the tradition in the NFL.  However, the post-game show on CBS caught Tomlinson getting into a shoving match with a few Patriots. In his post-game interview on the podium, Tomlinson addressed the shoving, saying it had to do with…Read More

Schottenheimer’s Bolts go down in Flames

14-2, best record in the NFL, top seed in the conference, home field throughout the playoffs.  What does all this buy you?  A 2nd round exit in the playoffs.  They picked off Tom Brady 3 times.  3 times!!  So what went wrong?  I have identified the biggest problems that led to the Chargers blowing the…Read More

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