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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Redskins Are Still Selling Donovan McNabb Merchandise (Pictures)

Oftentimes when a sports legend leaves one city for another it is hard to let that person go.  When a player has done so much for a franchise and decides to rock another team’s colors, it hurts.  It can even hurt so much that you refuse to change your game day operations after said player…Read More

Michael Vick: ‘You Can’t Design a Defense to Stop Me’

There is no way to be a successful quarterback in the NFL without one specific intangible: confidence.  Those who are afraid to have the ball in their hands with 1:30 left in a tie game will never find themselves at the top of the position.  Uncertainty is not an option — there isn’t enough time. …Read More

Mike Williams Guarantees Bucs Will Make Playoffs, But He’ll be Wrong

Tis the season for guarantees, apparently. Ron Artest guaranteed the Lakers would win the NBA title this week. Now it’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers second year receiver Mike Williams doing the deed. “We’re a young team, but we’re guaranteeing the playoffs,” Williams told The Miami Herald via Pro Football Talk. Williams’ guarantee should come as no…Read More

Chris Johnson Tells ‘Fake Titan Fans’ to Shut Up

Depending on how closely you have followed the NFL offseason, you may have heard something by now about a guy named Chris Johnson. Johnson, who has rushed for 4,598 yards in just three seasons with the Tennessee Titans, wants more money. The Titans are reportedly working on it and want to make Johnson an offer…Read More

Chad Ochocinco Has Unnecessary Aquariums in His House (Pictures)

At least, I think they are completely unnecessary.  I suppose if you are big into fish and you have millions of dollars to spare, the setup Chad Ochocinco has in his house would actually be pretty cool.  After getting a glimpse of the inside of Ocho’s pad, one has to wonder if he has yet…Read More

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