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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Patriots Considering Bringing Back Deion Branch for Another Run

In line with my thinking that the Randy Moss trade made perfect sense and shouldn’t have come as a surprise, I feel the same about the possibility of the Patriots bringing back Deion Branch.  Branch, the MVP of Super Bowl 39, was an enormous part of the success New England had during its years of…Read More

Seahawks Are Trading Away Too Many Draft Picks

The Patriots are getting criticized by some folks for trading away top players each of the past two years, but at least they’ve been stocking up draft picks for the future (and 2010 too). The same cannot be said for the Seattle Seahawks. Their organization is trading away picks as if Pete Carroll and GM…Read More

Minnesota Vikings Launch Team Merchandise Vending Machines

Last week the AP wrote that the Minnesota Vikings were launching vending machines full of team merchandise. I thought this was a creative and clever idea and couldn’t wait to see what the machines looked like. Well, a week later we have photos of the first team vending machine located at the Mall of America….Read More

Moss is a Viking, Darrelle Revis is Still Talking Trash About Him

Just a side note from the Randy Moss trade saga: the first opponent he’ll face as a member of the Minnesota Vikings is the New York Jets.  Part of the Bill Belichick conspiracy?  Never know.  One thing we do know is that Darrelle Revis isn’t going to treat Moss any differently now that he’s left…Read More

Randy Moss Trade May Have Been Result of Halftime Blowup

I’m still sitting here in shock over the way the Randy Moss trade developed and was consummated so quickly. Steve DelVecchio says that means I wasn’t paying attention because Moss has been unhappy in New England for a while. What we didn’t know was that he reportedly asked for a trade after week one and…Read More

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