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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Peyton Manning Says He’s Tanked His Baseline Concussion Test

As the medical field continues to learn more about the harmful effects of concussions, sports leagues are becoming increasingly concerned about players suffering the injuries. The NFL became more sensitive to concussions last season, holding concussed players out of games who typically would have played in the past. But one issue raised by Alex Marvez…Read More

Tom Zbikowski Passes Second Drug Test, Will Have Suspension Lifted

The sports world was shocked Tuesday when we learned that Baltimore Ravens safety and part-time boxer Tom Zbikowski tested positive for marijuana after his fight Saturday. Zbikowski won his bout to improve to 4-0 in his career, but the positive drug test was out of character for him since he’s never tested positive before. Making…Read More

Rex Ryan on Kerry Rhodes: He’s a Selfish, Hollywood Type

When Rex Ryan took over as head coach of the New York Jets, one of his first moves was to bring over some of his trusted players from Baltimore. He encouraged the team to sign linebacker Bart Scott and safety Jim Leonhard, and the moves paid off for the Jets. While Rex brought in his…Read More

Michael Vick Wants Android to Drop Dog Wars App

If you thought Michael Vick’s makeover was purely for image, it seems you’re being proven wrong. The former dog fighting felon is going out of his way to throw his name and support behind the Humane Society’s movement to shutdown the Android application known as “Dog Wars.” The Dog Wars game encourages dog fighting and…Read More

Brandon Marshall Has History of Alleged Domestic Violence with Rasheedah Watley

Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall was involved in an alleged domestic violence incident that resulted in him getting stabbed early Saturday. The police report says Marshall’s wife, Michi Nogami Marshall stabbed him out of self defense, but we are unsure what really happened. Police are investigating the incident, but in the meantime it’s worth pointing…Read More

Michi Nogami Marshall Mug Shot and Stabbing Incident Police Report

Earlier Saturday LBS informed you that Brandon Marshall was believed to have been stabbed by his wife Michi Nogami Marshall in a domestic dispute. Brandon initially lied to police and told them he fell on a broken vase, but the stomach wound was more consistent with a stabbing according to doctors. Michi Nogami admitted to…Read More

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