Video: Hypocritical Jared Allen Upset Over Cheap Shot by Gosder Cherilus

Jared Allen is one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. I don’t need some SI players poll to tell me that — I can figure it out on my own. The guy’s got like three DUIs, he’s been suspended games because of it, and he’s been fined like 90 grand this year, mostly for dirty hits on quarterbacks. He got docked 50 large for taking out Matt Schaub’s knees, an injury that made Schaub miss about four games. He was fined 25 grand for his late hits on Aaron Rodgers. This guy’s a dirty, filthy, disgusting player who isn’t much of a sportsman on the field. But as soon as someone turns the table on him, he gets completely outraged and incensed like an utter hypocrite. Check out the video of Allen getting cut-blocked by Gosder Cherilus of the Lions on Sunday and turn your volume down (the music in the video sucks).

Allen gets up all raging bull style on Cherilus like he can’t believe how someone could be so dirty as to go after his unprotected knees. Duh, Jared! That’s the exact thing you’re doing to quarterbacks and you’re not thinking twice before harming them. Now that you know how it feels, maybe you’ll take it upon yourself to play with slightly more caution. It would serve us all better.

I’m Guessing Ahmad Bradshaw Wasn’t Supposed to be Partying With Plaxico

When the Plaxico Burress shooting news came out on Saturday, reports said teammates Antonio Pierce and Derrick Ward were present at the club along with Plax. My boy Monty at Sporting News Radio talked with Ward and got the lowdown that it was really Ahmad Bradshaw at the club with Pierce and Plax on Friday when Burress shot himself in the thigh. Bradshaw you might remember served a 30-day prison sentence over the summer for violating his parole. This is the same Bradshaw who never played a game for Al Groh at Virginia after getting arrested for underage drinking his freshman year, and the same guy who got busted for petty theft not much later. So if Bradshaw’s violated his parole once, he probably wasn’t supposed to be out at a club where alcohol was being served. The way the Giants are going, this incident could result in the loss of two players.

Plaxico’s days as a Giant are probably numbered now. He was already on thin ice for missing meetings earlier in the season, having been fined by the team a bunch of times. He’s a distraction and this year he’s injury prone on top of it. Sure, Plax was a big reason why they won the Super Bowl last year, but at this point you have to wonder if dealing with his shenanigans is worthwhile. Another interesting point to this whole incident was raised by Florio at PFT: what were Burress’ intentions? Was he carrying the gun for protection knowing that teammate Steve Smith had been robbed the week before? Would that excuse even fly with Commissioner Goodell? And why wouldn’t Burress just get licensed to carry the firearm in the first place?

It’s too bad the Giants have to deal with all this crap when they’re having such a good season and looking to repeat as Super Bowl Champs. By the way, does Jerry Jones have enough money left for Plaxico?

Ocho Cinco Shops at Best Buy at 5am on Black Friday

Even if Chad Ocho Cinco’s making millions, you can bet for sure that the money hasn’t gone to his head. How else do you explain this photo?

Well, I guess you can’t accuse the guy of being lazy. Funny thing is, he was trying to buy a present for Marvin Lewis, he said. I’m sure Guitar Hero is right on the top of Lewis’ list. And I always knew that Ocho Cinco and Ron Artest were on the same level mentally, considering Artest tried to work at Best Buy while he was with the Bulls for the employee discount. This Ocho Cinco guy is a riot.

Matt Cassel Just Made Himself a Ton of $

Back at the beginning of the season when Joey Porter was dropping bombs on Matt Cassel, I took Porter’s side; Cassel hadn’t started since his days at Chatsworth in high school and had no experience. Heck, he had even switched to tight end at USC just to get some PT. And even after spending a few years in the Patriots’ system backing up Tom Brady, who thought Cassel turn himself into a winning quarterback in his first year of game action? Certainly not me. But I have been proven wrong.

Now with a solid three months under his belt, Matt Cassel is showing that he can be a legitimate NFL quarterback. Sure he’s got better weapons (Randy Moss, Wes Welker) than most quarterbacks in the league, but now he’s actually getting them the ball and letting them make him look good. There was a time many starts ago when Cassel couldn’t put the pigskin in the hands of his playmakers. Cassel says he has caught up with the speed of the game and that’s why things are starting to click. Now with back-to-back 400-yard games and one of the best set of wheels on a QB, Cassel’s tearing things up. He’s also a free agent this year and set to make some serious cash after proving he can ball at this level.

And to give you an idea of how much money Cassel has made himself in these last two starts, I think of three players: Matt Schaub, Derek Anderson, and Aaron Rodgers. Schaub was a backup in Atlanta to Michael Vick and had one stellar 298 yard, three touchdown performance against the Patriots to his name. The Texans traded for him and gave him a six-year $48 million contract with $7 million in guarantees. As a restricted free agent, Derek Anderson was signed by the Browns to a three-year $26 million deal. He went 10-5 as a starter last year 29 touchdowns, 19 picks, and nearly 3,800 yards. Lastly, I present Aaron Rodgers, who backed up Brett Favre before finally getting a chance to start this year. Rodgers went 4-4 in his first eight starts this year, with 16 total touchdowns and eight turnovers. The Packers signed him to a five-year extension that makes it six years at $65 million. Cassel’s gone 7-4 with 15 total touchdowns and 10 turnovers. I’d say he’s due for a handsome pay day.

Brian Westbrook Tackled by His Jockstrap in Ravens Game

I just can’t even imagine what the best caption for this photo would be. There’s the corny “Ravens sure have a good grip on things.” Maybe an “Eagles crack under pressure.” All I know is that there’s a bunch of good lines out there I’m just not creative enough to come up with. Maybe you are. Thanks to my boy Andy for passing it along, via the Uniwatch flickr stream. And boy, I thought Donovan had a bad game …

Video: Santonio Holmes Hit by Chris Crocker, Comes Up Woozy

I’ve posted lots of big hits here on the site, but I really feel bad for Santonio Holmes when I post this. He got crushed. Lit up. De-cleated. Destroyed. You could see how woozy he was after he got up from the shot, his legs all wobbly like he just took a combination from Mike Tyson. Ben Roethlisberger was like the first guy over, ostensibly feeling bad for leaving the guy hanging out to dry. Enough of the chit-chat — let’s go to the videotape:

The video doesn’t really show Holmes losing his legs from under him when he gets up from the hit. I really feel bad saying that they’re missing like the best part. Just goes to show you why so many receivers are shy about going across the middle — it leaves you wide open to shots such as that one. At least he hung onto the ball and made it semi-worthwhile.

Troy Williamson vs. Brad Childress: Who Ya Got?

If pressed, I’d be willing to pay as much money as one month of the NFL Sunday Ticket costs to watch a cage match between Troy Williamson and Brad Childress. The way they’re going, it might actually happen. Last year Vikings head coach Brad Childress fined his then receiver Troy Williamson for missing a week of practice to attend his grandmother’s funeral. After everyone with a heart got on Childress for the insensitivity, he rescinded the fine, but that did nothing to earn back positive sentiment from Williamson. In fact, the animosity toward Childress still exists for Williamson, who’s preparing for Sunday’s game against the Vikings with his new team, the Jaguars.

Williamson, now in Jacksonville, said Wednesday he lost respect for his former coach last year and would like to “duke it out” with him when the Jaguars host the Vikings on Sunday.

“We can meet on the 50-yard line and we can go at it,” Williamson said.

The 6-foot-1, 200-pound receiver said he liked his chances against Childress, too, especially with a few inches and at least 10 pounds on the coach. Williamson even said he would fight with both hands tied behind his back.

Childress initially said he wasn’t “biting” on Williamson’s comments, but when pressed about his height and weight on a conference call, he responded: “Do you need my reach? I’m not like a woman; I’ll give you my weight. It’s 190 pounds of twisted steel and rompin’, stompin’ dynamite. Is that enough humor for you?”

Yeah, that’s plenty of humor for me. I’m not so sure I could see Childress as being much of a threat in the ring. At the same time, we know Williamson has crappy hands, so it could be a good matchup. For some reason I envision Childress as the biting type, too. Maybe that’s only because I’m thinking of him as Jeff Van Gundy. Honestly, why don’t they just set it up for the two to have a cage match at the 50 XFL-style to determine who gets the ball first. I’d love to see that.