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Friday, August 28, 2015


Tom Brady’s First Uggs for Men Ad

I don’t care how much money you paid me, you would never find me advertising Ugg boots in a catalog. Tom Brady already has tons of money and is picky when it comes to endorsement deals. Isn’t it curious that he deemed Ugg boots acceptable? Maybe it’s not too surprising when you consider that Brady…Read More

Ndamukong Suh Plays Hard, Not Dirty

One of the lamest questions the sports talk shows Barbaro’d this week was whether Ndamukong Suh is a dirty player. The “dirty” accusations stemmed from Suh wrestling Andy Dalton to the ground during a preseason game last week (video here). It wasn’t the first time Suh ripped the head off a quarterback (remember this video?),…Read More

Giants GM Jerry Reese Backtracks on Playoff Guarantee

On paper the New York Giants have had a horrendous offseason.  They have a disgruntled Osi Umenyiora who wanted to be traded returning to the team.  They let arguably their best receiver,Steve Smith, walk in free agency and join a division rival.  In a competitive division like the NFC East, if you aren’t getting better…Read More

Cardinals’ Dan Williams: I Did Not Work Out Hard During the Lockout

If you believe that there is something to be said for honesty, you’ll love Dan Williams.  Williams, who was a first-round pick for the Cardinals back in 2010, showed up to camp out of shape and overweight following the lockout.  The coaching staff was obviously not pleased with the 334-pounder’s condition, but what can you…Read More

David Akers Reportedly Lost $3.7 Million in Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi schemes seem to be much more common than most people ever realized and have had a widespread effect on the sports world. First, we had Bernie Madoff’s $50 billion scheme that resulted in a partial sale of the New York Mets. Then, we learned about a contributor to a Dodgers charity who ran a…Read More

Bill Belichick: The NFL Wants to Eliminate Kickoffs Altogether

After only one week of preseason games, a ton is already being made about the new NFL kickoff rule.  It is no secret that the rule change was put into effect to protect players and increase the amount of touchbacks.  An increased number of touchbacks means a decrease in high speed collisions.  There is one…Read More

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