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Monday, December 22, 2014


Marquise Hill’s Mother’s Home was Burglarized During the Funeral

Of all the low, disgusting, horrendous things I’ve ever heard, this has to rank right up there. What kind of a lowlife person(s) could bring themselves to burglarize a home because they knew the entire family and town would be gone for the funeral? How can you live with yourself for such a thing? That’s…Read More

Ray Lewis Defies the Aging Process

I have to tell you, I heard Ray Lewis’ comments on TV yesterday, and they’re way more powerful than they appear in writing. That being said, much like the Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Morten Andersons, and Katherine Heigls before him, Ray Lewis thinks he’s only getting better with age. “It’s incredible, you know. Some people…Read More

Gene Upshaw Makes Joe DeLamielleure Fear for His Life

Hall of Fame lineman Joe DeLamielleure is on a campaign against NFL union head Gene Upshaw. DeLamielleure is voicing what he feels is the opinion of many retired NFL players — that the NFL pension plan sucks. DeLamielleure says his daily goal is to get Upshaw fired (sounds quite fulfilling). Anywhoo, check out what Upshaw…Read More

Want to Buy Jack Lambert’s Cigarette?

Mondesi’s House did a nice job pointing out this story a few days ago, but it wasn’t until I caught it at Our Book of Scrap that I read about it. Right up there with purchasing Luis Gonzalez’s used chewing gum, you can bid on a used Jack Lambert cigarette. No joke. Here’s the description…Read More

Marvin Lewis Is an Enabler

Sure, I’m one to forgive, but I don’t forget. And I don’t forget what Marvin Lewis initially said before he apologized. Lewis first said this on the Dan Patrick Show: I think there’s profiling, no question,” Lewis said on the show. “We’re (Cincinnati) a small place – our guys stand out, and they know that,…Read More

Saverio Rocca: Where Aussie Rules Football Meets the NFL

I won’t even begin to explain the dudes stats, but I think the story is pretty cool. And this is definitely one of the best leads to an article I’ve read in quite some time. From the Philly Inquirer The Eagles signed a potential future Hall of Famer this off-season, and nobody seemed all that…Read More

Which Running Back Doesn’t Fit in?

OK, so a priest, a rabbi, Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, Edgerrin James, and Fred Taylor are all asked trivia questions regarding their career statistics. Aside from the Miami ties of three of them, who of the four doesn’t fit in? What’s really cool, is this gives you an idea of who cares about their stat…Read More

Carson Palmer Likes His Wieners

About a week ago, Charles Rich posted an add at FanHouse of Carson Palmer shoving a hot dog into his mouth. Everyone mocked it for the inherent phallic symbolism, and I’m sure to this date, nobody can tell you which company was sponsoring the hot dogs. Anywhoo, in his post, Charles essentially challenged the Fark…Read More

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