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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Deion Sanders Puts Bandanna on His Hall of Fame Bust (Video)

Deion Sanders went into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in style. After spending most of his speech explaining how “Prime Time” was just a persona he created in order to help make money to take care of his mom, he expressed his unlimited swag by placing a bandanna on his Hall of Fame bust….Read More

Media Wants a Brett Favre Comeback More Than he Does

It has become clear over the past month that the media is desperate for a Brett Favre comeback, even if he has not demonstrated an interest in returning to the NFL. Yes, we know Favre has waffled in the past and retired then come back several times, but it seems like he is done this…Read More

Sweet Baby Jesus: Tim Tebow Signs Pregnant Woman’s Bump

Women sure love their Tim Tebow. Then again, if men could get pregnant I’m sure some of them would want Tebow to sign their bump too. Timmy already has a dog named “Bronco.” How long before folks start naming their children Tebow? Chest Baby bump to Lindsay Jones for the pic

Brian Urlacher: Soldier Field Playing Surface is a Joke

The Chicago Bears had to cancel their Family Fest event Friday because of the poor condition of Soldier Field. Outspoken Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher used that as a reason to trash the playing surface at the Bears’ home field. “It’s a joke,” Urlacher said. “I don’t understand (why) they can’t have the field ready. It…Read More

Pete Carroll Wants You to Coordinate the Seahawks’ Offense

Pete Carroll is up to the same tricks that made him immensely popular as a college coach at USC. Earlier this week he invited Thunder guard Nate Robinson to Seahawks camp for a football tryout. Then we learned that his team has a DJ spinning music during practice. Now we’re finding out that he wants…Read More

Agent Bus Cook: Brett Favre is Like Elvis Presley

Why should anyone believe even for a second that Brett Favre is never going to play in the NFL again?  We all know the drill.  The lockout changed nothing.  Training camp is now upon us and Favre is nowhere to be found.  Considering how obvious it is that the old man no longer has interest…Read More

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