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Friday, January 30, 2015


Money’s Not a Thing for Sean Payton

If you’re a Saints fan at least you can be happy that you have one side of the ball taken care of. Problem is, that side of the ball’s been fine since Drew Brees came to town; it’s the defense that stinks. The Saints fired their defensive coordinator after the season and wound up in…Read More

Video: Willis McGahee Hit by Ryan Clark, Leaves on a Stretcher

Something about Willis McGahee getting injured in big games and Ryan Clark delivering big hits. We knew going into the game at Heinz Field that this AFC Championship Game would be a hard-hitting battle, and it proved to be one. In fact, with under four minutes left in the game and the Steelers up by…Read More

Buccaneers Players Didn’t Support Jon Gruden in Tampa

Once Mike Shanahan got fired by the Broncos, I figured there was a chance Jon Gruden could get fired in Tampa Bay. It’s like free agency dominoes in baseball — once one goes down they all fall after that. Still, it is mildly surprising to hear that both Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen were fired…Read More

Bill Cowher and Scott Pioli in KC in 2010?

Bill Cowher made it clear to the Jets that he wasn’t going to coach this coming season, so teams have proceeded in their hirings without considering him. Cowher’s plan all along was to take two years off before deciding if he would return to the NFL. Well now that the Chiefs have wisely hired Scott…Read More

Bill Belichick Ripped in Question on Jeopardy for ‘Hissy Fit’

As previously mentioned here at LBS, Bill Belichick has quite the reputation as a poor sport. He’s made plenty of headlines for his lack of handshakes with Eric Mangini, and he even has a history of being a jerk dating back to his time in Cleveland. Even if that’s the case, I’m not sure how…Read More

Plaxico Has the Giants by the Balls

I remember reading the same language recently, and it was regarding the Dodgers and Manny. Now that the Giants ended their season losing four of five games, including a playoff loss at home to the Eagles, Plaxico Burress has a ton of leverage. Counting the loss against the Vikings is difficult because the Giants had…Read More

Someone Explain to Me the Broncos’ Hiring of Josh McDaniels

Another year down in the NFL, another year of new hot head coaching candidates. I can’t fault coordinators for jumping at jobs knowing the way things work in this league. Just last off-season Jason Garrett was one of the most highly sought coordinators, now he’s just another name. Same thing with Ron Rivera not long…Read More

Jake Delhomme’s Worst Nightmare Wasn’t Even That Bad

What can you really say after a hideous performance such as the one Jake Delhomme delivered on Saturday night? You’re probably at a loss for words if you’re Jake Delhomme — and he was. Or as John Fox said, they picked a bad night to have a bad night. Perhaps week five would have been…Read More

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