Tiger Woods Says He and Roger Federer Still Text All the Time

Last week we shared a clip from an SI article that suggested Tiger Woods and Roger Federer were no longer close friends. The article inferred the relationship between the two became strained after Tiger’s wife-cheating ways were revealed. However, when asked about his relationship with Roger this week, Tiger indicated it’s still strong.

“Fed and I, we text all the time, still — he’s been a great friend over the years, and we’re always needling each other all the time. I think he’s in Montreal this week playing. We’ve been trying to keep up with each other.”

Who knows if that’s Tiger just playing the P.R. game or if it’s real, but we’ll take his word for now. It’s possible for them to text without feeling as close as they did before. Who really knows how their relationship is? What we do know is that these are two men who used to be at the pinnacle of their sports. Now they’re fading from the spotlight as age takes its course. Looks like they’ll have just as much in common in the future as they did in the past.

Steve Williams Says Adam Scott’s Win Was Best of His Life

Steve Williams was dumped as Tiger Woods’ longtime caddie recently and did not take it well. The New Zealand native is in competition with Tiger, and made it a point to tell the public how much he enjoyed his week on the bag for Adam Scott at the Bridgestone Invitational. Check out this interview he gave following Scott’s win:

Williams also revealed some more details regarding his recent split with Woods.

“He just called me up when I asked him to go and caddie for Adam, and he didn’t agree with it, and thought it was time to take a break,” Williams said. “In caddie lingo, that means you’re fired, simple as that.

“I was absolutely shocked that I got the boot to be honest with you. I’ve caddied for the guy for 11 years, I’ve been incredibly loyal to the guy and I got short shifted. Very disappointed.”

It’s hard to present much commentary on the firing without knowing Tiger’s reasons for the split. What we do know is that Stevie is going out of his way to tell the world how much more he’s enjoying his time with Scott. That comes across as somewhat, I don’t know, petty. Reminds me a lot of this guy, and that’s never a good thing.

Woman Strips Naked at Elks Lodge Charity Golf Tournament

A lot of people find golf to be boring.  Some people enjoy playing golf once in a while but would rather watch paint dry than sit down and enjoy the Masters at Augusta.  Charity golf tournaments bring people a bit more joy, in that you can play golf for a good cause.  When someone decides to strip naked at such an event, people might even have a little more fun.

According to the Oklahoman, a woman decided to strip naked at an Elks Lodge charity golf tournament in Woodward, Okla. last month.  The report says the woman took all of her clothes off during a putting green challenge for absolutely no reason, making the tournament one that would have been rated through the roof it were on TV. Sounds like my idea of a party.

That isn’t the best part.  Tourney chairman Neil Day said the Elks members have had to dispel rumors that the lodge paid for the women to get naked and that she had sex with the tournament players.  People have also been forwarding cell phone pictures of the strip show around the town.  Perhaps it’s even more of a party than we thought.

Golf clap to Dogs that Chase Cars for the story.

Caroline Wozniacki Confirms She and Rory McIlroy Are Dating

Last month we showed you pictures of women’s No. 1 tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and golfer Rory McIlroy kissing after The Open Championship. That same day McIlroy’s management team informed the press that the young golfer had broken up with longtime girlfriend Holly Sweeney. Although the two have continued to flirt over twitter the past few weeks, nothing was ever made official.

Until now.

Wozniacki was a guest on SportsCenter and was asked by Michelle Bonner if the two of them are “an item.” Wozniacki grinned sheepishly before providing her best response. “Well I’ll definitely improve my golf swing for the next couple of months, that’s for sure,” Wozniacki cautiously said.

Asked about the two helping each other to improve in the other’s sport, Wozniacki said it was mutually beneficial. “Yeah, his backhand needs some improvement. His forehand is doing pretty well,” she said of Rory’s tennis game. “I could use some help with my golf game, so why not help each other out a little bit?”

Wozniacki had a wide grin as she answered all the questions, so you could tell she enjoyed thinking of McIlroy. They may not be the most powerful couple in sports, but there certainly are very few duos that are as athletically talented as they are. I’ll give them a year.

Roger Federer and Tiger Woods No Longer Good Friends

It wasn’t that long ago when Tiger Woods and Roger Federer were dominating their respective sports. Remember this great commercial? That was a Nike ad from 2007 when Tiger had 12 majors and Roger had 10. Now the scoreboard reads 16-14 in favor of Federer.

Roger has fallen to No. 3 in the world behind Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. He’s getting older, somewhat mentally weaker, and truthfully, Djokovic he’s been surpassed by Djokovic. Tiger has fallen off the map because of physical and mental problems. He hasn’t won a major since 2009 and now he’s switching caddies.

Not only are they no longer Nike’s dream team, they also are no longer friends. That’s what L. Jon Wertheim writes in a Sports Illustrated article.

“As the trajectories of their careers have changed, so it seems—sadly for fans—has the Federer-Woods friendship. When Federer speaks about Woods, he is, characteristically, benign, but it recalls Barack Obama’s distancing himself from Jeremiah Wright before the association affects his approval ratings. (That Federer and Mirka have socialized with Woods’s ex-wife, well, that says plenty.) On the rare occasion Woods talks about something other than golf these days, it’s not to mention the texts and needling his tennis-playing buddy.”

The news really isn’t all that surprising. As Chris Chase says at Busted Racquet, Federer comes across as a dedicated family man while Tiger turned out to be a womanizer. It really seems like Tiger is more of a match with Michael Jordan, whose gambling and partying is pretty well known. At least those two can socialize while still endorsing the same products. Roger seems to have moved on.

Michael Jordan Relates to Tiger Woods, Offers Advice on Return

When the mayhem that is Tiger Woods‘ life began taking its toll on the man who was once considered the greatest golfer of all-time, the last thing he needed was an injury.  Unfortunately for Tiger, he has battled them ever since.  It was already going to be difficult enough to recover from a torn image let alone a torn up knee.  Many believed his latest knee injury would hold him out for the remainder of the golf season, but Woods announced he plans to return for the World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational this week.

Although they still follow him wherever he goes, most of the questions about Tiger’s personal life will be put on hold while the world watches to see if his surgically repaired knee allows him to contend.  Having faced similar hardships before both physically and emotional, Michael Jordan offered some advice for his buddy Woods.

“He was very fragile over the last year, he was dealing with a lot of different things, mentally as well as physically,” MJ said. “But I think he’s come to the conclusion that he needs to heal himself before he can actually be aggressive again.”

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B.J. Staten Met Fiancee Alisha Reverman on 10th Tee of Pro-Am

This is not your typical love story. Golfer B.J. Staten and fiancee Alisha Reverman will marry on November 5th after meeting last year in Utah.

How did they meet, you ask? The better question is where did they meet.

How about the 10th tee of the Utah Championship pro-am.

Reverman was at the golf tournament to help a friend promote a Mesquite, Nev. casino and happened to be at the 10th tee when Staten and his group was hitting. Staten spotted Reverman and they began flirting. She followed him the rest of the round but it wasn’t until after the round that Staten realized he should give her his phone number.

She invited him to go out for drinks with her and her friends later that night, but he was the anti-Tiger and turned down the offer because he had an early tee time. They went out for dinner the next day following his first round, and she met him at his tournaments the next few weekends.

The relationship continued the next several months and earlier this month Staten proposed to her. They’re scheduled to wed in November.

True love. It’s a story as old as time.

And now we know that pro-ams are good for more than just Happy Gilmore punching Bob Barker’s lights out. Congrats to the couple on their great story and their upcoming wedding.

Thanks to golf pro David Coleman for the story