Rory McIlroy Now with Caroline Wozniacki After Breaking Up with Holly Sweeney?

Mere weeks after Rory McIlroy raved about his longtime girlfriend Holly Sweeney who helped keep him grounded, we’re learning that the couple has split. The timing of the announcement is quite curious — just last week McIlroy talked about having to beg to get Sweeney back after they had broken up at the beginning of the year. On Monday however, McIlroy’s management team confirmed the couple has broken up. But that’s not the end of the story.

Busted Racquet informs us that tennis blogger Omes Tennis caught a picture of Rory McIlroy and world No. 1 tennis player Caroline Wozniacki hanging out together in London Sunday night. Omes Tennis had a change of heart and decided to pull the photo, but it hasn’t changed that we now have a huge love story on our hands.

Omes Tennis not only caught a shot of them hanging out together at All Bar One in Central London, they also got a shot of the two kissing:

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Joe Sakic Makes $1 Million Hole-in-One (Video)

Joe Sakic apparently is pretty good at two sports. The former NHL MVP made a $1 million hole-in-one Sunday at the par-3 17th in the celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. Check out this video of Sakic acing the hole:

Sakic gets to keep half of the money while the other half goes to the Livestrong Foundation. This is the third hole-in-one we’ve seen this week (Dustin Johnson and Tom Watson had the others), but it was by far the most lucrative. As if Sakic needs the money.

Video via YouTube user Sedaheht

Michael Jordan Wins Golf Bet with Fans at Celebrity Tournament in Tahoe

Michael Jordan has a well known reputation as a gambler. His Las Vegas tales are legendary, as is the rumor he took two years away from the NBA because of gambling problems. But as Charles Barkley said, it’s not a problem if you can afford it.

Not only can MJ afford it, but he also comes out on the winning end sometimes.

Our friends at Busted Coverage spotted this great video taken at the celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. In the video, you can see Jordan negotiating the terms of a bet with fans as they place money on a bench:

Next we get to see who will collect on the bet after Jordan steps to the tee to see if he can hit the green on the Par 3:

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Could Tiger Woods Actually Be ‘Hurting’ for Money?

Only 24 hours after we revealed to you that Elin Noodegren may have a new boyfriend that is swimming in money, could it really be true that Tiger Woods is struggling financially?  No way, right?  This is the guy that is atop the list of wealthiest athletes year in and year out.  Even after his infamous sex scandal, Tiger was still pulling in more money in an endorsements in a single year than most of us sports bloggers combined will earn in a lifetime.  Nevertheless, the rumors are out there.

According to NESN.com, Daniel Roberts of Fortune recently indicated that Tiger’s divorce and decreased marketability could have him in a bit over his head.

“Now he may actually be hurting for funds,” Roberts said. “At the very least, there are signs that he isn’t generating enough to comfortably his costs.”

Naturally, Woods’ agent denied that there are any problems with money.  Let’s keep this in perspective: being able to cover costs and hurting for money are two different concepts.  The worst case scenario for Tiger is he would have to sell off some assets and cut down on his “debt.”  He would still be a lot more wealthy than we are, but the point is the demise of Tiger’s public image could be catching up to him.  You didn’t really think he would do a commercial like this simply because he felt like it, did you?

Tom Watson Hits Hole in One (Video)

Just when Dustin Johnson had his chest all puffed out from acing 16 in the first round of The Open Championship, along came Tom Watson with his metamucil and motorized scooter to put him to shame. Check out this video of Tom Watson’s hole in one on the 178-yard par 3 6th:

Watson followed it up with a birdie, so it’s possible he can get on a roll. If you recall, Watson had a brilliant showing at the ’09 Open Championship, becoming the oldest golfer to lead a major after a round. Hopefully he’ll hang on this time if he does take the lead.

Video via Biowax on YouTube

Dustin Johnson Sinks Hole-in-One at The Open 16th Hole (Video)

Because The Open Championship took place in the middle of the night/morning on United States time, those of us who work normal hours and have standard sleep schedules have already missed a lot of the first-round magic.  Highlighting the special moments a lot of us could not witness was some guy who likes to ground his club making a spectacular shot on hole 16.  Check out the Dustin Johnson hole-in-one video:

H/T to YouTube user streamsvip for the clip.

Rory McIlroy Says No Thanks to Extra Security at The Open Championship

Is it too soon to say that Rory McIlroy gets it?  For a young man who is constantly compared to Tiger Woods, McIlroy has done an awfully great job of remaining grounded — or at least giving us the impression that he has.  Whether it is begging for his ex-girlfriend back or pounding Jagermeister, the 22-year-old comes across as someone who can relate to the common fan.

A couple weeks ago we told you how we think the Tiger Woods comparisons can only help McIlroy and keep him from making similar mistakes along his career path.  In other words, Rory should focus on keeping his golf game where Tiger’s was throughout the best years of his career and avoiding all the “other stuff” — like having extra security guards follow you around at The Open Championship.

According to The Independent, McIlroy kindly declined the offer to have personal security guards with him during The Open.  The reason?  He would rather not snub his fans.

“I asked him if he wanted extra security but he said no,” McIlroy’s manager, Andrew Chandler, said. “It will be the same for Rory as for any other player. He wants to remain accessible to his fans.”

Rory is saying no to the added security despite playing closer to his home and despite teeing off at 9:09 a.m. — what is considered prime time for a big golf tournament.  Bottom line: the kid gets it.  If I had Rory McIlroy’s girlfriend, I probably would too.