Rory McIlroy Has a Four Hole Practice Facility in his Backyard

One of the sweetest backyard courses you’ll find belongs to Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy. The 22-year-old U.S. Open winner has a state-of-the-art mini-course at his Country Down home in Northern Ireland that features four full-sized holes. McIlroy spent hundreds of thousands of pounds constructing the course, but he says it’s already paid dividends.

“To have a practice facility at the back of my own house is incredible, it was done as an investment in my future,” McIlroy told BBC Northern Ireland.

“Since I got it built I have won my first major, so it has paid for itself already. It is a long-term commitment to Northern Ireland, I see myself always living here.”

Ready for a few details on the mini-course? It has U.S. Open as well as links-style rough, and a replica of the infamous Road Hole Bunker at St. Andrews golf course, but with Portrush sand. McIlroy has a team of greenkeepers who maintain the course, and he has it fine-tuned each week depending on how the course at the tournament is supposed to play.

Here are a few more shots of his backyard practice course:

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Rory McIlroy Says Confidence, Arrogance Are Important for Success

A 22-year old kid from Northern Ireland is officially on top of the golf world.  We don’t want to brag or anything, but we told you this day was coming nearly a year ago when Rory McIlroy dominated at Quail Hollow.  While many will argue it is too early to call him the next Tiger Woods, McIlroy is on his way to becoming just that.  He has the skill of Woods with youth on his side.  More importantly, he has the benefit of being able to learn from Tiger’s mistakes.

As a personality, McIlroy is refreshing for the sport of golf.  In a sport where you would be reprimanded for clapping too loudly, along came a kid who tweets pictures of himself pounding booze and isn’t afraid to treat the U.S. Open trophy like it’s the Stanley Cup.  There are a couple reasons no one has a problem with McIlroy’s wild side: he’s 22 years old and probably the most skilled golfer on the planet — it’s harmless fun. Also, if you saw Rory McIlroy’s girlfriend, the thought of him cheating on her probably wouldn’t cross your mind either.

On Wednesday, McIlroy involuntarily shed some light upon the demise of Tiger Woods.  The 22-year-old spoke with Yahoo! Sports about his recent success and the importance of maintaining a certain arrogance in order to remain successful.

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Robert Garrigus Says He and Other Golfers Smoked Weed Between Holes

Robert Garrigus impressed with his strong performance at the U.S. Open two weeks ago, a tournament in which he shot below par every single round. Only eight men have accomplished that feat including him. Garrigus is also known for having the tiniest putter on tour. He’ll also be known for being a past John Daly disciple.

In an interview with Golf Digest via FOXSports.com, Garrigus talked about his past addiction to marijuana that led to a stint in rehab. He has cleaned up since then and become a much more consistent player, but these stories are still pretty shocking. Take it away, Robert.

On his time at Scottsdale Community College, Garrigus says “It was all golf and partying. I never did hard drugs. I never did coke or LSD. It was just smoking and drinking and hanging out with friends. It was just a change for me, but the smoking got to be habitual: five, 10, maybe 20 times a day. I didn’t keep track of how much. I constantly needed to be high. And I took it to the max. Every single day. Mostly just smoking, smoking, smoking.”

Now if you think Garrigus saying he was on the Charles Rogers path is bad, wait til you hear this.

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Martin Kaymer Makes Trick Shot (Video)

Trick shot videos became popular when UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee filmed one in February that was viewed nearly six million times on YouTube. Monmouth QB Alex Tanney tried out his own, and long snapper Zach Enyeart showcased his skills in one too. We even posted an awesome soccer trick shot video too. But one thing we haven’t seen is a golf trick shot video. Now we have, thanks to Devil Ball Golf.

Check out German golfer Martin Kaymer doing his thing:

Golf balls are so tiny it’s impossible to follow them, so filming a trick shot video is just too easy. Still, I have to give him credit for coming up with creative stunts. Can’t really beat shooting from a helicopter, right?

Rory McIlroy Credits Girlfriend Holly Sweeney for Helping to Keep him Grounded

Rory McIlroy is quickly becoming an international superstar. The 22-year-old golfer from Northern Ireland recently won his first major, lapping the field in a record-setting performance at the U.S. Open. He’s been on the verge of breaking out for over a year given his solid start at the Master’s, Open Championship, and his dominance at Quail Hollow. He’s favored to win this year’s Open Championship, and if he can win one before 2014, he will net his father a few hundred thousand dollars. But the best part about Rory, aside from his impressive ability, is his maturity and all-around likable personality.

After blowing the Master’s on Sunday, he handled his interview with class and said he’d have plenty of future opportunities to win. He took a picture with Charl Schwartzel and congratulated him. Then shortly thereafter, he was pounding Jagermeister straight from the bottle. The guy has fun, practices hard, and he’s an incredible sportsman.

While some 22 year olds would feel empowered by their international stardom, McIlroy has not changed much from the friendly kid he’s always been. He credits his girlfriend, Holly Sweeney, for helping keep him grounded.

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Rory McIlroy’s Dad Can Make Over $300,000 if Rory Wins British Open by 2014

Rory McIlroy gave his father, Gerry McIlroy, possibly the best Father’s Day gift: his first major win on Sunday. Now he has the chance to give his father possibly an even better present. Gerry McIlroy stands to pocket 200,000 pounds if Rory wins the British Open by 2014. Follow me on the this one.

When Rory was 15 years old, his father combined with three friends to bet 400 pounds (100 each) that Rory would win the Claret Jug by the age of 25. They received 500:1 odds, so the payoff is 200,000 pounds.

McIlroy is 22 years old and coming off a record-setting performance at the U.S. Open. Before that, he led the Master’s by four strokes entering the final round of play until he blew the tournament. He also was the leader after the first round of the British last year. McIlroy is proving he’s the top golfer in the world, so you have to like their chances of cashing.

We’ve seen someone hit on an even more improbable bet, but this would have to be infinitely more satisfying if it does come true. If you think about it, what’s 100 pounds when your son is that good? Cashing that ticket will be sweet.

Daily Herald Incorrectly Calls Rory McIlroy ‘John McIlroy’ in Headline

Newspapers making mistakes is nothing new — we just had one The Miami Herald made last week. But there’s a big difference between running the wrong ad in a newspaper and just completely flubbing someone’s name. Sports Grid points out that The Daily Herald somehow called Rory McIlroy “John McIlroy” in their newspaper Monday:

Usually when we write about newspapers making mistakes with their headlines it’s for funny reasons. Someone please explain to me how they got “John McIlroy” because I really can’t figure it out.

Thanks to Ellie P for the picture