Female Golfer Isabelle Beisiegel Qualifies for Men’s Canadian Tour

Isabelle Beisiegel became the first female golfer to qualify for a men’s tour when she earned the last non-exempt card for the Canadian Tour this week. Beisiegel shot a three-over 75 in the final round at Qualifying School Friday giving her a four-round score of eight-over 296. While other female golfers have played in men’s events in the past (see Annika Sorenstam, Michelle Wie), Beisiegel is the first to qualify for a tour.

The way qualifying works for the Candian Tour is pretty simple. 12% of the field at Canadian Qualifying School earns exempt status and the next 12% earns non-exempt status. Exempt status means a player can enter and play in any field event. Non-exempt status means you qualify for certain events based on your ranking coming out of Q-School and your ranking on tour. Non-exempt members may have to qualify to earn a spot in events.

Even though Beisiegel hasn’t earned exempt status, what she’s done is nevertheless impressive. What’s extremely impressive is that she earned the spot despite knowing what was at stake. “I focused on thinking about where I was and not what could happen,” Beisiegel she said after qualifying. She also admitted the feeling was a little overwhelming. When you’ve made history, it’s hard for it not to be.

Golfer Lee Westwood May Close Twitter Account Because of Fan Abuse

In honor of “Twitter Issues Surrounding Englishmen Day”, I bring attention to Lee Westwood’s consideration to close his social media account. Apparently, the PGA Golfer doesn’t appreciate the written abuse from “idiots” on Twitter.

”It’s social media, not social slagging. It seems to have turned into that for some people,” Lee Westwood said. Westwood, and his Ryder Cup teammates who also tweet, have been upset with the negative thoughts fans have expressed towards the golfers.

Northern Ireland golfer Graeme McDowell believes some of the criticism from followers is evil. ”People open an account and all they want to do is abuse celebrities and sportsmen to try to get a response,” McDowell said. ”You try not to encourage them, and generally I just block them, but if you want to stay on it you’re going to have to accept some absolute trash that people talk.”

If Westwood does decide to close his account, it would mark the second time in less than a month we’ve seen an athlete succumb to the public abuse. There are many sports fans who envy the money and fame that professional athletes receive. The jealousy just leads to written, and sometimes verbal, abuse from supporters towards athletes in spite of their success. We don’t condone abuse by fans of players, however, it’s hard to have sympathy for these professional golfers who are complaining.

Cry me a freaking river, just ignore the haters, it’s not that hard. As a golfer, if you’d liked to give us insight on your daily grind, continue to tweet and wear a thick skin. You can’t let little things like these bother you as a professional. Besides, for every one jackass, there are ten people who truly care and appreciate what you have to share.

John Daly: Ex-Wife Sherrie Miller Wanted $2,500 to Have Sex, Wasn’t Worth a Cent

John Daly has been a notorious party animal on the PGA Tour, the Tiger Woods before Tiger Woods, only with infinitely less discretion. He’s been the voice of reason, suggesting that Tiger’s relationship problems were the result of wife Elin not giving her husband enough sex. Daly would know because he says that’s what happened with him.

In an interview with Playboy, Daly says he’s really close to being a nymphomaniac if he’s not one already. He also explained what went wrong with each of his four failed marriages. No explanation was as humorous as the one he provided for his breakup with Sherrie Miller, his latest wife.

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Jerry Kelly Dresses Up as TCU Mascot for Colonial ProAm After Losing Rose Bowl Bet

Golfers Jerry Kelly and J.J. Henry had a friendly bet over the Rose Bowl that the loser would have to wear the opposing school’s mascot costume during the Colonial ProAm. Kelly is from Madison, Wisconsin while Henry played golf at TCU. The Horned Frogs beat the Badgers in the Rose Bowl, and the result was Kelly having to wear the SuperFrog costume Thursday. Check out this video of him hitting the links with TCU coach Gary Patterson with the costume on:

Kelly showed off a good sense of humor with the costume, and we can thank our lucky stars the mascot didn’t look like this. I’m not sure the world would have been ready for Kelly’s exposed midriff.

Picture: Rory McIlroy Pounds Jagermeister, Continues to Own Golf World

Have I mentioned that I love Rory McIlroy?  Not lately?  Alright, well here’s a refresher.  In an era where we all got to see how much of a dirtbag Tiger Woods really is, this 22-year-old Irishman has done nothing shy of tear the golf world up.  He may have had a meltdown at the Masters last month, but that will happen to a young golfer and he seemed to take it in stride.  On top of that, his girlfriend Holly Sweeney is ridiculously hot and he has even called Tiger out before.  What more could you ask for?  Check out this picture of Rory McIlroy pounding Jagermeister:

Golf people will probably be up in arms about this, but the bottom line is he’s 22 years old (old enough to drink in the U.S.) and likes to have a good time.  Last time I checked that wasn’t a crime.  I love golf, but the stuffiness kills me sometimes.  Having guys like McIlroy around — who like to party without cheating on their wife a million times while they have kids at home — makes the game more entertaining.  It’s also a bonus that he does it without being a fat obnoxious slob like a certain John Daly.  Chest bump to Sports Crackle Pop via The Big Lead for the pic.

Chico State Misses D-II Nationals Because of Wrongly Signed Scorecard

Golf can be an unforgiving sport. We saw how strict the PGA was last year when Dustin Johnson was penalized for grounding his club at the PGA Championship in August. We also saw a golfer get disqualified from a tournament because his alarm clock didn’t go off at the right time. We’ve even seen viewers on TV call into the PGA to report violations committed by players. Sadly this week we also saw the latest example of a disqualification over a scorecard.

Chico State, the third-ranked D-II golf team in the country, had a good chance at qualifying for the D-II nationals this week. The top five scoring teams at the region championship qualified for the nationals, and Chico State entered the final round five strokes away from a qualifying spot. They would have made it too if it weren’t for a wrongly signed scorecard.

Sophomore Cody Thompson (pictured) shot a 76 but signed for a 75, Golf Week reports. His penalty was a disqualification, leaving Chico State to count an 82. The six-stroke difference bumped them from fifth to seventh, taking them out of the running for the nationals.

It’s an extremely disappointing situation, and I continue to wonder if there’s a solution to this problem that seems more fair. Disqualifying an entire team over a mistake seems a bit harsh to me. There’s a big difference between lying about one’s score and making an honest mistake. This seems like the latter rather than the former, and the penalty is way too extensive. What do you think?

Club tap to David Coleman for the tip

Charles Barkley Breaks Club on First Tee

Charles Barkley is a notoriously bad golfer. He’s got one of the ugliest celebrity swings due to an inexplicable hitch in the middle of his swing.  So anytime Charles decides to pick up a club, comedy ensues. Wednesday’s Pro-Am at the Regions Tradition at Shoal Creek was bound to be comedy gold and it didn’t disappoint.

When Barkley swings, he typically winds up and then stalls in the middle only to raise his club again, reset his feet and then try and cruch the ball as his body spins violently on one leg. It’s not the way they teach you but it is hilarious and normally the only thing that breaks Charles’ ego. On Wednesday, things didn’t go as smoothly.

On the very first tee of the day, Charles lined up the ball, shook his legs and… destroyed his golf club. Yes, his swing was so bad that the head on his driver came flying off and went down the fairway. Check out the video:

Charles blamed the clubs, saying that he left them out of the bag and they were frozen so when he hit the ball, err, the ground, it broke the club. Good thing they were free.