Dustin Johnson Grounding Penalty: Fair or Unfair?

Dustin Johnson was in the mix for the win at the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. Johnson would have been in a three-way tie for the lead at -11 if it weren’t for a two stroke penalty he received for grounding his club in a bunker on the 18th hole. The tour ruled he grounded his club and gave him the penalty, taking him out of the playoff. Here’s the Dustin Johnson video from the 18th hole:

Video Credit: YouTube user ineedsacoke

Sergio Garcia Makes More Work for the Whistling Straits Grounds Crew

During the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits on Friday, Sergio Garcia had a bit of trouble getting out of a bunker.  Unlike Tiger Woods, who takes his frustrations out on himself by cursing up a storm, Garcia took out his anger on the golf course.  I wouldn’t say the fit he threw was Nyjer Morgan status, but it was pretty close and certainly noteworthy by golf standards.  Check out the video of Sergio Garcia having a meltdown at the PGA Championship, courtesy of The Big Lead:

Do you think he raked the trap when he was finished?  For some reason I doubt it.

PGA Championship Featuring Sergio Garcia Freaking Out [The Big Lead]
Video Credit: YouTube user withapacketofsweets

Hunter Mahan: My New Favorite Golfer

I know, I’ve already sung the praises of Rory McIlroy’s girlfriend and told you that I think he’s the real deal and the future of golf.  What can I say?  I’m a big flavor of the week type of guy and I just caught wind of the fact that Hunter Mahan is engaged to a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  Did I mention she’s hot?  That’s right, I don’t need to because I already said she was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Mahan won the Bridgestone Invitational on Sunday — where Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson fared miserably to say the least — after shooting a 12-under for the tournament.  He and the lucky lady, Kandi Harris, have been engaged since June.  Hot name?  Hot name.  The smokin’ hot sports girlfriends list welcomes you today, Kandi.  Here are some photos of Hunter Mahan’s girlfriend Kandi Harris:


Mahan enjoys whirlwind year on and off course [Akron Beacon Journal via The Big Lead]

Tiger Was Awful, Phil Blew Big Chance

It’s been a long time since we got to talk about Tiger Woods in strictly a golf sense. Usually it’s been about another mistress coming out or some fan heckling, but now we’re actually focusing strictly on Tiger’s golf game.

Tiger was nothing short of brutal this past weekend at the Bridgestone Invitational. Even more surprising about Tiger’s poor showing is that he had won at Firestone seven times including his last four tournaments there. Yet Tiger shot a 77 on Sunday giving him a career-worst score in any PGA Tour event he had ever played. The Tige was frustrated, mentally drained, and defeated. He gave away strokes and looked like he couldn’t get out of Akron fast enough. He was unlike we had ever seen him before. But despite Tiger’s second-to-last performance at the Bridgestone, he’ll remain as the number one ranked golfer on tour.

Phil Mickelson had a golden chance to take over the top ranking in the world. Had Tiger finished 44th or lower (he finished 78th!), all Phil had to do was finish in the top four to take over the number one spot. Phil entered the final round at -5 and only four shots back of leader Ryan Palmer. Mickelson completely bombed on Sunday, going eight over for a 78 — one shot worse than Tiger — to drop 30 spots on the leaderboard into a tie for 46th. Phil will have another shot at taking over the top spot at the PGA Championship, but he can’t choke like this if he wants to unseat Tiger who has been number one since 2005. It was a beautiful opportunity missed for Mickelson.

Photo Credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

John Daly Providing Wacky Clothing for Tennessee Vols

Get ready to puke because the orange for Tennessee will now have a new meaning. The Wiz of Odds shares the news that John Daly’s clothing company, Loudmouth Golf, has a contract with Tennessee to provide clothing for the university. The Knoxville News Sentinel has more details on the deal, saying Loudmouth will provide “check-pants, shorts, shirts and skorts.”

Sorry, but some assistance is needed here. What exactly are check-pants and what the heck are skorts? Even better question: who the heck would ask John Daly to design clothing for them? As Happy Gilmore said it best, if I saw myself in those pants “I’d kick my own ass.” Guess there was a method to America’s favorite party animal’s outlandish outfits on the course. Apparently goofy pants and a fat ass are the new requirements for cheering for the Vols. Here’s a sneak peak at the Vols John Daly gear, keep in mind those pants will set you back over $100. Really.

Daly Bringing His Look to College Campuses [The Wiz of Odds]
Golf fashion: Daly, UT to sell orange check-pants, shorts, shirts and skorts [Go Vols Xtra]

Female Golfers Drop F-Bombs, Too

Tiger Woods has a tendency to get upset with himself on the golf course and let the world hear about it, as we showed you with the video of him swearing up a storm at the British Open. Sports by Brooks has directed our attention to a video that proves male golfers aren’t the only ones who drop an occasional f-bomb. The difference is when Tiger dropped his, he was angry at himself for missing a putt. When Morgan Pressel took a trip down Potty Mouth Boulevard, she was taking out her frustrations on French fans. Check out the Morgan Pressel f-bomb video, courtesy of golf blogger Stephanie Wei (contains some NSFW language, obviously):

Anyone need a translation?

Vid: Golf’s ‘Girl Next Door’ Lobs F-Bomb At French [SPORTS by BROOKS]
Video Credit: Stephanie Wei’s Vimeo

Tiger Slaps the Swoosh in the Face

Tiger Woods stunned many people by announcing he would use a new putter for the British Open at St. Andrews. Tiger’s justification for pulling out the Nike Method 001 was that he needed some extra speed to combat the slow greens. While Tiger made the cut with ease, he was far from serious contention to win it mainly because of his putting that frustrated him to the point of dropping f-bombs on TV. Tiger took 99 puts over the first three rounds — 32 the first two rounds and 35 on Saturday, including three three-putts.

When answering questions after Saturday’s round, Tiger said it wasn’t the putter that was causing his problems on the greens but rather his inability to get speed on the putts. Those comments now appear hollow as Tiger made a switch for Sunday’s final round at The Old Course.

Tiger ditched the Nike putter in favor of his reliable Scotty Cameron putter, the one he used to win 13 of his 14 majors. Tiger wound up shooting even par on Sunday to remain at -3 for the tournament and tied for 23rd. He didn’t play too poorly throughout the week, but there’s no doubt his putting failed him. Between the poor putting and the switch back to the Scotty Cameron, Nike cannot be happy with the results.

Tiger Woods switches back to his Scotty Cameron putter [Golf.com]