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Friday, November 21, 2014


Golf Channel Analyst Cries After Tiger Woods Apology Statement

It should come as no surprise that many people have taken the bait fed by Tiger Woods and his P.R. team. After all, how does the saying go, “What the American public doesn’t know is what makes them the American public.” Would you feel that Tiger’s apology were sincere if you knew all the preparation…Read More

Tiger Woods’ P.R. People Are Geniuses

Not long after I pondered the question why a photo of Tiger Woods would sell for half a million dollars, one popped up courtesy of the National Enquirer. Although it’s low quality and grainy, the photo certainly appears to feature Tiger holding a cup of coffee or tea. Tiger’s heavily stacked P.R. staff flipped out…Read More

Tiger Woods Admits Cheating, Affair in Apology on Website

After playing the deny, “nothing to see here” game for nearly a week while girls continued to come out of the woodwork to share their details of affairs, Tiger Woods finally came clean on his website Wednesday morning (somewhat). Tiger specifically admitted to “transgressions” and “personal sins,” though they were careful not to use the…Read More

Tiger Woods Beat Up, Hit and Bloodied by Wife Elin Nordegren?

The events of Thanksgiving week have to be amongst the worst in Tiger Woods’ life. On Wednesday the National Enquirer said that Tiger Woods had a mistress/hooker on the side, Rachel Uchitel, whom he flew to various locations around the world, ostensibly for sex. Since the evidence against him from the Enquirer seemed to be…Read More

Video: Y.E. Yang Clutch Eagle on 14 to Win PGA Championship

You heard all the headlines: Tiger Woods is unbeatable when leading a major after 54 holes. Start engraving his name in the Wanamaker trophy already — no point letting things play out because Tiger wins and everyone else folds. Not the case on Sunday with Y.E. Yang, who actually had the balls to step up…Read More

Padraig Harrington Tinkers with Happy Gilmore Swing, Proves to Work

There’s a cool video making its way around the sports blogosphere and it features Padraig Harrington trying out the Happy Gilmore swing to see how it works. It’s another excellent video put together by the people at FSN’s Sport Science and though it’s long, it’s worth it. Sport Science also had the breakdown of the…Read More

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