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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Great Tiger Woods and Roger Federer Nike Commercial

Wow, Nike certainly outdid themselves with this one. They sponsor the best tennis player in the world, and the best golfer in the world. They sponsor two of the most dominant athletes in the world. They sponsor Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. Their sponsorship of these two men allowed them to put together this outstanding…Read More

Michelle Wie’s Pulling Out

But let’s be fair, that’s what you were hoping to do with her. Heyo! This news means Wie won’t be playing in the John Deere for the first time in three years. It’s a sad day for the Wie family. From the wire: Wie decided Tuesday to withdraw from the John Deere Classic as she…Read More

Why Can’t Tiger Come From Behind?

Photo Courtesy Getty Images Let me make this perfectly clear: I am as far from a golf expert as you can get. I don’t play it, I hardly watch it, and that’s probably why I don’t understand why Tiger Woods only wins tournaments when he’s leading going into the final round. It still makes me…Read More

Michelle Wie Conveniently Withdraws

Let me get this out of the way first: I have no problem ripping on Michelle Wie. I feel she is fair game because of her parents, and because she hasn’t shied away from the spotlight and endorsement dollars. Until she tells all of the aforementioned parties to bugger off, she’s on my hitlist. Oh…Read More

Golf Requires Goofy Pants and a Fat Ass

Except for this group of ex-jocks. Golf Digest has ranked the top golfers in sports and it’s really cool to see who some of the top golfers are. For some reasons, seems like there are a lot of quarterbacks on the list. Maybe that’s what they do when they’re not in the film room, slackers….Read More

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