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Monday, May 25, 2015


Robin Lopez Dating Michelle Wie

Credit Sports by Brooks with another Mitch Johnson-like dish today. Jason over at SbB caught the news that one of Stanford’s finest Twin Trees is dating none other than the most overhyped golfer in the world, Michelle Wie. This is quite the news considering it’s the first I’ve heard anything of the sort. With reason…Read More

Tiger Woods Is Just Incredible

I’ll admit it, I don’t know too much about golf. I don’t play it, I don’t watch it but for the highlights, and I have a limited knowledge of the history of the game. But there is one thing I do know: Tiger Woods is incredible. The domination by this guy is amazing. Every time…Read More

News Flash: John Daly Loves to Party

If you remember, John Daly got off one of his legendary quotes recently, saying he doesn’t work out because it makes him throw up. The money shot … why work out to throw up when you can drink and throw up just the same? Daly at his finest. Well, this just into the LBS newsdesk,…Read More

Tiger Woods Got Owned by John Smoltz

Maybe this can put a halt to all the talks about Tiger being the best athlete in the world. A few days after going golfing with a Braves threesome including Tom Glavine, Jeff Francoeur, and John Smoltz, Tiger decided to slip on a batting helmet and step into Smoltz’s office. From the description of the…Read More

When Kangaroos Interrupt Rory Sabbatini on the Golf Course

OK, told you I might be checking in with a post here and there. This video got passed along to me with such high praise that I had to take a peak. It’s hilarious, and I guess semi-NSFW after about the 30 second mark, depending on the stance your workplace takes towards weird animal behaviors….Read More

John Daly on Throwing Up

You couldn’t possibly find more polar opposites on the golf course than John Daly and Tiger Woods. Woods is athletic, hard-working, and meticulous. Daly is carefree, out-of-shape, and sloppy. Woods gives golfers a good name in the athletic world. Daly single-handedly undoes 10 years of progress in the way golfers are viewed. So when Tiger…Read More

Rory Sabbatini Is a Weenie

Honestly, if you’re going to go ahead and talk some smack, you better be able to back it up. Or at the least, don’t wuss out when you get rattled, because that just looks pathetic. During the final round, Sabbatini got irritated with a fan on the 9th hole and acted in the most pussified…Read More

Great Tiger Woods and Roger Federer Nike Commercial

Wow, Nike certainly outdid themselves with this one. They sponsor the best tennis player in the world, and the best golfer in the world. They sponsor two of the most dominant athletes in the world. They sponsor Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. Their sponsorship of these two men allowed them to put together this outstanding…Read More

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