Bob Costas supposedly got pink eye from Botox gone wrong; NBC denies

Bob Costas pink eye glasses

As if the story of Bob Costas’ pink eye during the Sochi Games weren’t already juicy enough, now there’s a rumor that will blow everything away.

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that a source told them Costas got pink eye from a botched pre-Olympics Botox injection.

Costas is one of the top broadcasters for NBC and was expected to serve as the network’s studio host during the Games’ two-week run, but his reign was marred by a case of pink eye. Costas was forced to wear glasses throughout his entire time in Sochi because of his eye infection. He was even sidelined for six days after the pink eye spread to his right eye.

Page Six’s source not only says the infection was contracted during a botched Botox injection, but they added that it wasn’t Costas’ first time receiving Botox. However, NBC Sports vehemently denied the rumor.

“This has zero truth to this. Zero,” an NBC spokesperson told Page Six.

Page Six is known for embellishing stories — they are the kings of turning a public appearance by two people into a dating rumor — so we are always leery of their reports. We’ll just share that we’re keeping our eye on this one.

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Report: Lamar Odom’s drug dealers linked to Khloe Kardashian jewelry theft

Khloe Kardashian Lamar OdomPolice are currently investigating a theft that took place at the California home once shared by Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. Kardashian says the thieves made off with roughly $250,000 worth of jewelry, and TMZ is reporting that Odom may have something to do with it.

Sources reportedly told TMZ that Odom’s drug dealers could be linked to the crime. Odom supposedly had a habit of not paying his tab when he was using drugs on a regular basis, and he was said to have been more than $50,000 in the hole with multiple dealers back in September.

Odom left for Spain last month to begin his career with Laboral Vitoria, and TMZ has been told he owed tens of thousands of dollars to his drug dealers when he left. He had reportedly been receiving text messages prior to his departure that threatened his safety and warned him his home would be broken into in order to square up.

Police said there was no sign of forced entry into the home, which makes the story even more interesting. Another TMZ source claimed one of Odom’s dealers had connections to someone who worked at his and Khloe’s house, which could have given them access to the property. We’ll have to wait and see what police come up with.

Brandon Jennings denies dating Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran

Brandon Jennings Karrueche Tran

Brandon Jennings and Karrueche Tran both went on Twitter Wednesday to deny the rumor that the two are dating.

The rumor was first posted by Media Take Out Wednesday. The gossip outlet said that Jennings and Tran have been dating for the past few months.

Here’s what they reported:

The pair met up at LA hotspot GREENHOUSE a few months ago, and have been texting each other – and seeing each other on the low. Now mind you – all this happened while Chris was in REHAB.

We’re told that Chris has SUSPECTED Karrueche was creeping for months now, but had no solid proof.

Brown has been in rehab the past three months and will be there another two months, according to a judge’s order. But despite Brown not being around, Jennings not only says he is not dating Karrueche Tran, he says doesn’t even know her.

Tran also addressed the rumor on Wednesday by calling it “bs” and saying she’s “not dating anyone.”

Tran and Brown met when she was a stylist working on a gig involving Brown. They dated for a few years before their split. Jennings has been working through his first season with the Detroit Pistons after four with the Milwaukee Bucks. He has been the subject of many other dating rumors that probably had little substance to them.

Jennette McCurdy lingerie pictures not leaked by Andre Drummond, says Drummond

Jennette McCurdy Andre Drummond

Sexy photos of actress/singer Jennette McCurdy in lingerie appeared online Monday, but Andre Drummond says he was not responsible for the “leaked” photos.

These tweets sent by McCurdy on Tuesday seem to hint that Drummond was the one who leaked the photos.

There’s actually been a bit of drama between the “iCarly” actress and Detroit Pistons star. The two dated for a week back in September after Drummond caught McCurdy’s attention over social media. McCurdy then dished about their fling on Pete Holmes’ podcast, saying among other things that they didn’t really have good chemistry and that their first kiss was bad.

Let’s review things here.

The photos leak a day after McCurdy embarrasses Drummond publicly. Drummond denies he was responsible for the leak. McCurdy makes it seem like Drummond did it. But for all we know, her team could have leaked the photos for publicity purposes. Think about how much attention and visibility she received thanks to the leak. Also: if McCurdy wasn’t really that into Drummond the way she claimed on the podcast, then would she send him sexy lingerie pictures? She has to be lying/misleading us in some capacity — either the photos didn’t come from Drummond, or she liked him more than she let on.

The photos are below if you haven’t seen them:

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Jennette McCurdy dishes on 1-week relationship with Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond Jennette McCurdy

Actress/singer Jennette McCurdy opened up about her short-lived relationship with Andre Drummond during a recent appearance on a podcast.

McCurdy is one of the stars of Nickelodeon show “iCarly,” and you may recall that she and Drummond got together after Drummond’s social media flirting paid off. Last year, Drummond listed McCurdy as his “woman crush Wednesday” on Instagram a few weeks in a row. Thanks to his #WCW persistence and some pressure from his followers, he received a response from her, and the two ended up getting together. He was giving hope to desperate men everywhere!

But in an appearances on Pete Holmes’ “You Made it Weird” podcast, McCurdy explained how the week-long relationship unfolded and ultimately came to an end.

According to McCurdy, she began following Drummond after the #WCW stuff. Drummond wasted no time making a move and direct messaged her saying they should get to know each other. He sent her his phone number, which she thought was a little weird at first, but she texted him anyway. They began texting to get to know each other, but McCurdy says she could tell pretty quickly that the chemistry was lacking. Still, she said she was just kind of going with it because she was in Las Vegas at the time and feeling good.

Texting led to phone calls which led to Facetiming, and before long Drummond made plans to come to LA for some business but mostly to spend time with her.

McCurdy said her friends couldn’t believe it because Drummond was not the type of guy she usually would go for, but that didn’t stop her. When he came to LA, they saw each other all but two of the days he was in town. They did things like play laser tag, visit Disneyland, and hang out at The Grove — a beautiful shopping center — where he dropped down on a knee, gave her a necklace, and asked her to be his girlfriend. But we’ll get to that story.

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Raymond Felton’s wife says husband cheated with multiple women

Ariane Raymond FeltonRaymond Felton’s soon-to-be ex-wife only filed for divorce last week, but she’s wasting no time making him look bad in the press.

The New York Post revealed Thursday that Felton’s wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton, and her lawyers turned Felton’s gun into police on Monday night, which led to the Knicks point guard being questioned by police that night and later arrested and charged with three offenses.

Raymondo-Felton reportedly told police that her husband cheated on her with multiple women during their 19-month marriage. She reportedly said Felton was “constantly cheating.”

Felton’s wife said the two had four nasty fights since last summer, and Raymond allegedly pulled out the gun during two of the fights in an effort to intimidate her.

I’d say I feel sorry for her, but I’d like to hear her first tell me she would have married Felton even if he weren’t an NBA player making millions of dollars. Until then, it’s hard to have much sympathy. Like we all don’t know pro athletes cheat.

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Dancing With the Stars hoping to draw ‘young male following’ with Erin Andrews

Erin-AndrewsABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” officially announced on Monday that Erin Andrews will be taking the place of former co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet for the show’s upcoming season. Burke-Charvet, 42, said she was “shocked” by the decision and had no idea she was being let go. It sounds like youth was the driving force behind the move.

According to Us Weekly, “Dancing With the Stars” executives loved Burke-Charvet but are hoping Andrews will make the show more appealing to a “young male following.”

“Everyone loved [Brooke], but the execs wanted a whole new show,” a source reportedly told Us. “They’re desperate for those (young male) viewers.”

Makes sense — kind of. Andrews is 35 and is more in her “prime” than Burke, who appeared in Playboy Magazine in 2004 when she was roughly Andrews’ age. However, are young men really going to watch a show that is predicated on dancing just to see Andrews?

Andrews will still be fulfilling her duties with FOX Sports, so I’m guessing any guy who wants to drool over her will be tuning into a college football pregame show before he tosses on “Dancing With the Stars.” In reality, DWTS was just looking to inject newer, younger energy. Such is life in the television business.