Nick Foles and girlfriend Tori Moore are engaged


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is engaged. He recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend Tori Moore, who played volleyball at Arizona from 2008 to 2011. Foles and Moore met when he was a quarterback at Arizona.

Moore posted a photo on Instagram after Foles proposed, which was passed along by Barstool Sports.


It goes without saying that Foles is on an incredible hot streak after having cemented himself as the Eagles’ starter of the future with an excellent season in 2013. Things appear to be going as well in his personal life as they are on the gridiron.

Foles has two more years remaining on his rookie contract, but the Eagles will likely look to extend him before it expires. At that point, he and Ms. Moore will be very, very wealthy.


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Report: Erin Andrews to co-host Dancing With the Stars

Erin-AndrewsWord has it Erin Andrews is returning to ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” but not as a competitor. Andrews, who appeared on the show in 2010, is reportedly set to replace Brooke Burke-Charvet as co-host of the show.

Burke-Charvet confirmed on Friday that she will not be returning to the show for an eighth season, telling E! Online that she had no idea her job was on the line and that it was one of the most “shocking eliminations” of her career. According to The Big Lead, ABC is expected to announce that Andrews has joined the show on Monday.

Andrews will co-host the show alongside Tom Bergeron. In 2010, she spoke about how demanding of a schedule being a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” created. Apparently the same does not apply for a host, as Andrews is expected to continue her duties with FOX Sports while co-hosting “Dancing With the Stars” during the week.

The show’s ratings have been down over the past few seasons, so it’s no surprise they would bring in a popular TV personality like Andrews. I’m sure she’ll provide a boost — at least initially.

Photo: Twitter/Erin Andrews

Shantel Jackson supposedly broke up with Floyd Mayweather over all his side girlfriends

Floyd Mayweather Shantel Jackson

Shantel Jackson supposedly broke up with fiance Floyd Mayweather Jr. a few months ago, and the reason has to do with Mayweather’s side girlfriends.

Media Take Out reported that Shantel Jackson, whom Floyd calls “Miss Jackson,” broke up with the boxer because she wants him to be more faithful.

As we’ve pointed out in the past, Mayweather has said that men should be allowed to have as many girlfriends as they want so long as they can support them all. Mayweather has multiple girlfriends at a time — side chicks as people call them — though Miss Jackson has been his main girlfriend and the woman to whom he was engaged. But she apparently grew tired of all his drama with other women and wanted him to be more faithful.

MTO says Shantel wanted Floyd to give up the side girlfriends, or at least most of them, in order to get married, but he wouldn’t agree to it because he wants to be able to have multiple side chicks. Floyd supposedly even offered to marry Shantel without a prenuptial agreement — meaning Miss Jackson would have been able to receive half of what he’s worth in case of divorce — so long as she let him have multiple side girls, but she wouldn’t agree to those terms.

I don’t necessarily know if Floyd would have agreed to a deal like that, but I can believe he tried hard to get Miss Jackson back. The two have been on and off for a while, but Floyd has usually made her his top priority.

You may recall that there was a lot of drama between the two last year. Floyd and Shantel broke up last year, and Floyd was getting pretty heavy into another girl from his entourage, Princess Love. Princess left Floyd for Ray J, and Floyd insisted in an interview with Howard Stern that he and Miss Jackson were still engaged. That was back in September. It’s been five months since then, and it sounds like the engagement is off.

Not only do we have this report saying the two are apart and that it’s because of Floyd’s side chick demands, but Miss Jackson’s Instagram activity also has suggested that she is single. When women start posting more and more sexy photos of themselves, as Miss Jackson has been doing, it’s generally a sign that they’ve recently become single. They post the sexy photos to 1) boost their self-esteem by receiving likes and compliments on the pics 2) make the ex feel jealous 3) potentially attract new suitors.

Shantel even shared this note on her Instagram account this week, right before MTO’s report came out: (head to page 2 of the story to see the rest)

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Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis getting back together?

Derek Jeter Hannah Davis

A few weeks after reporting that Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis had broken up, the New York Post’s Page Six now says the two are getting back together.

Page Six says the couple hit a “rocky patch” a few months ago but like many other couples, they got back together and are trying to work things out.

Sorry, we don’t have many other details here, and you get the feeling that Page Six could be making things up at this point just to have extra headlines. Either that, or Jeter really does go back-and-forth with his girls frequently. Remember how he and Minka Kelly were always on and off? I guess this means he really just can’t make his mind up. Or maybe there’s a tendency to be on and off in your relationships when you’re famous, always traveling, and your significant other is doing the same.

Tip via David B.

Casey Janssen proposed to girlfriend Lauren Spear after skydiving


Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Alex Cobb received a ton of publicity earlier this month when he proposed to his girlfriend with the help of a dolphin. As it turns out, he was not the only MLB pitcher who executed a flawless proposal this offseason. Last month, Toronto Blue Jays closer Casey Janssen proposed to his girlfriend Lauren Spear while jumping out of a plane.

According to the National Post, Janssen and Spear went skydiving and Janssen put a huge sign near their landing spot that read “Lauren, will you marry me?” Lauren and Casey met in Toronto during the 2012 season, and Janssen said she once told him she wanted to go skydiving.

“I thought, ‘That’s a little crazy,’ but I tucked it away in the back of my mind,” he recalled.

Janssen jumped out of the plane just before Spear, which he said gave him enough time to be waiting on the ground with a ring in hand.

“It was as smooth as it could be,” he said. “Lauren was a minute and a half after me. She landed pretty much right in front of me, and I was on my knee proposing.”

He also surprised Spear by having her family there to witness the special moment.

So there you have it, gents. The standard is set. Start booking your skydiving trips now.

H/T The Big Lead
Photo via Instagram/Lauren Spear

Justin Verlander on dating girlfriend Kate Upton: I’m in a great spot

Justin Verlander Kate Upton

Though Justin Verlander has been making public appearances with Kate Upton, which shows us it’s pretty obvious that they are once again dating, he is still reluctant to talk about her in interviews.

During an interview with ESPN’s Karl Ravech on Tuesday, Verlander was asked about his supermodel girlfriend and tried to avoid the subject.

“I’ve always been pretty private about my private life,” Verlander said when asked about Upton.

Ravech pressed him though by noting the two have been out in public together and that it’s hard to keep things private.

“It is hard to be private,” Verlander agreed, “especially with her. But I’m in a great spot and just looking to get ready for the season.”

So there you have the confirmation. It’s hard to be private being with a supermodel girlfriend like Kate Upton, but at least he’s in a “great spot.” Those are things only people dating an SI cover model say.

Good for him. We hope being with Kate will produce good results for him this season.

And by LBS law, here is video of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy dance:

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Danica Patrick nip slip accidentally posted on SI Swimsuit website (NSFW)


Sports Illustrated gave everyone quite the show last week when the website’s Swim Daily division accidentally — or so they claim — posted a revealing photo of Danica Patrick. The photo was a selfie that Danica had taken back in 2008 when she was shooting for the SI Swimsuit Issue. It was posted for “Throwback Thursday,” and it showed everyone her nipple.

An uncensored version of the photo, which is obviously NSFW, can be seen after the jump.

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