Lamar Odom denied access to club because Khloe Kardashian and French Montana were inside (Video)

Lamar Odom Khloe KardashianLamar Odom experienced a brutal public embarrassment on Tuesday night when he was turned away from a West Hollywood nightclub because Khloe Kardashian and her supposed boyfriend French Montana were inside. TMZ and other paparazzi were following Odom as he walked up to the club and got the bad news.

The Penthouse bouncer kindly told Lamar and his friend that he could not let them pass, leaving Odom looking confused. A man dressed in a suit who appeared to be a manager then came out and shook Odom’s hand. According to TMZ, he explained to the former NBA star that Khloe was inside and French Montana was a special guest.

Khloe and French, a 29-year-old rapper, have reportedly been dating. Recent rumors indicated that Odom is trying to get back together with Kardashian, but it doesn’t seem like he is having any luck.

Montana posted a photo on Instagram thanking Kim Kardashian for coming to the party, though he didn’t post any pictures with Khloe.

The humiliation continues for Odom. That was tough to watch.

Michael Sam’s boyfriend is Vito Cammisano


Like many other NFL prospects before him, Michael Sam celebrated with his significant other after he was drafted over the weekend. The St. Louis Rams took Sam with the 249th pick, and ESPN later showed Sam and his boyfriend kissing on national television. The mystery boyfriend is Vito Cammisano.

As Slate pointed out, Cammisano was a swimmer at the University of Missouri from 2009-2012. He came out publicly in 2011, and anyone who has followed his Instagram account in recent months was not surprised to see him with Sam on draft day. Here are some photos that Cammisano has shared since Sam revealed he is gay.

Slate also noted that one commenter wrote, “After all these years…it’s nice to see a picture of you two,” next to one of the photos. It sounds like Sam and Cammisano have been dating for years, which is probably one of a number of reasons Sam’s Missouri teammates and coaches were not surprised when he came out. Keeping a relationship under wraps presents plenty of challenges.

So there you have it, Marshall Henderson. If your gay friend wants to conduct the ultimate psychology experiment, tell him to somehow incorporate Cammisano’s Instagram page.

Adrien Broner sued by woman for leaking sex tape

Adrien Broner diamond grill

Adrien Broner is being sued by a women over a sex tape video he leaked online last year.

Boxing Scene first reported news of the lawsuit brought against Broner, a boxer who is 28-1 but has become known for his exploits outside the ring more than his athletic accomplishments. Larry Brown Sports can also confirm that a suit was filed on May 1 by a woman named Andrea Reyes, who says she was one of the two women who appeared in a sex tape with Broner last year.

Last September, a graphic sex tape of Broner engaged in a threesome with two women made its way onto WorldStarHipHop. We figured at the time that the video was posted by Broner for purposes of boosting his name/giving him more exposure.

The woman who is suing him, Reyes, says she agreed to appear in a sex tape with Broner and a third woman, but she did so under the agreement that the tape would remain private. She says Broner crossed her by releasing it.

In the suit, Reyes says she is a 23-year-old waitress at a small family-owned restaurant in Las Vegas and that Broner came in continuously asking for her phone number. She finally gave it to him, they went out, and they began a romantic relationship for a few months.

Boxing Scene says Reyes is seeking at least $30,000 in damages, plus attorneys fees and costs.

Paul George on Instagram denies rumors about girlfriend issues with Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert Paul George Instagram

Paul George broke one of the LBS cardinal rules by going on Instagram Tuesday to squash a rumor about him and Roy Hibbert having girl trouble. And what rule is that? Never ever address a rumor, because that just gives us a reason to write up a story we would ordinarily ignore.

Let’s start with George’s Instagram post, which featured a photo of him, George Hill and Hibbert out fishing. Here is the caption he wrote for the photo:

“These rumors have got to stop! Its gettin old now and all you that believe them are ignorant! #Brothers”

The rumors are so typical and so formulaic, too. You know, sometimes teams are broken up by girl problems, but most of the time stupid websites just start the rumors any time players go into seemingly inexplicable slumps or get traded away. As soon as a top player is traded, a site makes up a rumor that a teammate was sleeping with his wife or girlfriend. It happens all the time, and it’s usually b.s. And that’s what happened here.

Baller Alert posted on Monday that Hibbert has gone into the mental tank upon learning that George was sleeping with his girl. They also say the fight between Evan Turner and Lance Stephenson was sparked by this issue.

We don’t believe this story just like we don’t believe most of the stupid rumors, though occasionally some of them are true. But if George hadn’t said anything at all, we wouldn’t have even posted about the rumor in the first place.

UPDATE: After his strong Game 2, Hibbert specifically said Paul George was the reason for his turnaround. How much of a personal conflict could they have if he’s saying that?

Floyd Mayweather jealous Nelly took ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson

Nelly Miss Jackson

Floyd Mayweather has lashed out at ex-girlfriend/ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson over social media many times since the two broke up, but he never got quite as personal about it until last week.

Floyd posted on his Facebook page that the reason he and Miss Jackson broke up is because she got an abortion. It’s pretty obvious that Floyd crossed the line by sharing that information with the entire world, but that’s the the type of immature behavior we’re used to seeing from him. It was also easy to connect the dots and figure that Floyd was ticked off that Shantel’s moved on to another man — rapper Nelly.

TMZ reported that Floyd was bothered because Nelly used to be in his circle of friends and the boxer felt betrayed. They also say Floyd knew what he was doing was wrong when he posted about the abortion, but he just couldn’t control himself.

Nelly responded to the story on Friday, posting a pair of notes on Instagram. In one message, he denied ever being friends with Floyd, instead saying they just knew each other from clubs. He also says Floyd tried to get with his ex-girlfriend.

“Me and Floyd being such good friends is a total shock to me considering we have never exchanged numbers, never been invited to a fight, never been to his house, never ate lunch, we never have hung out anywhere other than seeing each other in a club! Floyd could be confusing his relationship with me with his relationship with my ex for whom he has exchanged numbers and has flown personally to attend His weekend in Michigan which I wasn’t invited (guess I wasn’t in the circle of friends then) lol.

“I have great respect for him as far as him being a true champion in his sport but homies ..?? Circle of friends ..? Nahh … Good luck to him tho keep making history champ.”

What goes around comes around, eh Floyd? He needs to get his head screwed on straight before his fight.

Floyd Mayweather wants money back on Shantel Jackson’s plastic surgery

Floyd Mayweather Shantel Jackson Instagram

Floyd Mayweather is still obviously bent out of shape over his breakup with ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson, because he keeps taking shots at her over social media.

A few weeks ago, Floyd took a cruel shot at Miss Jackson over Instagram by posting an unflattering picture of his ex-squeeze. Then on Thursday, Floyd posted a sonogram and insinuated the two broke up because he was upset Miss Jackson had an abortion and claimed it was a miscarriage.

Those were some low blows by Floyd. All the shots he’s taking show he’s still hurt by her breaking up with him.

Now Del included this in his post about the abortion earlier Thursday, but I decided to highlight it anyway in its own post. Not only did Floyd talk about the abortion, he also jabbed Miss Jackson for all her plastic surgery and said he wanted the money back for what he paid for.

We know she got a boob job, and it looks like she may have had her nose, cheeks and chin altered. Perhaps even her lips.

Thanks to all the improvements, rapper Nelly is a fan and is now dating her. That probably has Floyd bent more than anything else; he’s not used to not getting what he wants.

Floyd Mayweather’s Facebook claims Shantel Jackson breakup was over abortion


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is unlikely to stop hurling insults toward his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson anytime soon, but someone may have officially crossed the line during the childish feud. On Thursday morning, Mayweather’s official Facebook page featured a post that claimed he and Miss Jackson broke up because she decided to have an abortion.

The post, which also included an ultrasound of twin fetuses in the womb, was later deleted. It is unclear if it was Floyd who posted it. SB Nation’s MMA Mania shared the screenshot you see above before the post disappeared.

“The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion, and I’m totally against killing babies,” Mayweather or the person posing as him wrote. “She killed our twin babies. #ShantelJackson #FloydMayweather #TheMoneyTeam #TMT.”

While that post and photo have since been removed, another photo of Jackson was later posted on Mayweather’s Facebook page with Floyd (or whoever was running the account) talking about all the plastic surgery he had to pay for.

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