Shantel Jackson is reportedly dating Nelly


Shantel Jackson supposedly broke up with Floyd Mayweather Jr. several months ago because he had too many side girlfriends, and it appears she is looking to move on from the lengthy relationship. Miss Jackson was spotted sitting courtside with Nelly at the Miami Heat-Charlotte Bobcats game on Monday night.

Nelly posted Jackson as his #WCW, or “Woman Crush Wednesday,” on Instagram earlier this month. According to Bossip, the two have been dating for several months. The R&B singer is supposedly set to release a track called “Thanks to My Ex” that could result in Mayweather posting more cruel photos of Shantel on Instagram.

So hot in…so hot in hurr.

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Donald Sterling gave V Stiviano a Ferrari, Bentleys, Range Rover and $1.8 million home as gifts

Donald Sterling girlfriend V Stiviano

As the Donald Sterling saga enters its next phase which includes the official response/punishment from the NBA, one of the questions I keep being asked about is the lawsuit between Sterling’s wife, Shelly, and Sterling’s mistress, V Stiviano. So here’s the rundown on everything.

On March 7, Sterling’s wife of 57 years, Shelly, filed what I like to call a gold-digger lawsuit against V Stiviano (you can read the PDF here). In the suit, Shelly alleges that Stiviano is a con-woman who tricks older, wealthier men into doing things like buying her gifts.

Shelly Sterling alleges that Donald gave Stiviano at least $2.6 million in gifts. The basis of her argument/suit is that whatever Donald gave to V Stiviano is community property and also belongs to Shelly, therefore Donald did not have a right to give the mistress those things. Shelly is seeking to be repaid, with interest and have her legal fees paid for.

Some people have incorrectly labeled this as Stiviano being accused of “embezzling” money from the Sterlings. That is not the case; she is essentially accusing Stiviano of being a gold digger and is trying to get the gifts back.

So where does this $2.6 million figure come in?

In the suit, Shelly lists the following gifts provided by Donald to Stiviano:

- Bought her a $1.8 million fully remodeled/upgraded duplex close to the Beverly Center (a very nice part of LA)
- 2012 Ferrari
- Two Bentleys (one of which you can see her driving in here)
- 2013 Range Rover
- Upkeep and living expenses of at least $240,000

So that’s $1.8 million for the duplex, at least $240,000 for upkeep and living expenses (or what I’m guessing is sex payments) and around $500,000 for the four cars. Don’t ask me why she needs four, but she got them anyway.

On April 21, V Stiviano’s attorney filed a response to the lawsuit (you can read the PDF here). Stiviano says Shelly was aware that there was a sexual relationship going on between V and Donald and that she is aware of her husband’s philandering ways and has chosen to look the other way for years. Stiviano also emphasizes Donald’s background as a shrewd businessman, which negates the suggestion that Donald was conned by Stiviano.

I really don’t think Shelly Sterling has much legal ground in the matter, and you really have to wonder why such a wealthy family doesn’t just write off that amount as a loss. But by nitpicking and going after the $2.6 million instead of just letting it go, they’re losing much bigger things: their reputation, legacy and potentially the basketball team.

Ever since the audio first dropped on Friday, I shared my opinion of what I think happened. Stiviano and Donald broke up; Shelly filed a gold-digger lawsuit against Stiviano; Stiviano decided she wanted revenge; Stiviano sets up Donald by recording him and pressing his buttons to get the racist response on tape; Stiviano and lawyer file response to complaint; Stiviano and lawyer leak audio recording to TMZ to make Donald look bad; Donald becomes most hated man in America; Donald ends up losing Clippers; Donald’s lifelong legacy and reputation irreparably ruined; Stiviano gets to keep all the gifts.

Being a penny-pinching, cheap and horrible person finally caught up to Donald in about the worst way possible. And he was done in by a person who is almost as dirty as he is. Serves him right.

Shelly Sterling preparing to divorce husband Donald?

Donald Shelly Sterling

Shelly and Donald Sterling were married in 1957, though they have been estranged for years. But it sounds like Shelly may be prepared to finally divorce Donald.

TMZ reports that Shelly hired prominent divorce attorney Laura Wasser several months ago to prepare the gold digger lawsuit against Donald’s girlfriend V. Stiviano. Wasser is the same lawyer who filed divorce papers on behalf of Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Bryant. TMZ says a divorce seems imminent.

Though the two have been estranged for years and don’t sit together when attending Clippers games, the final straw for Shelly supposedly came last year when their 31-year-old son, Scott, died of a drug overdose. She apparently felt like he was more concerned with Stiviano than grieving with the family.

Additionally, Shelly put out a statement that differs from what she told Lisa Salters at the Clippers-Warriors playoff game Sunday.

“Our family is devastated by the racist comments made by my estranged husband. My children and I do not share these despicable views or prejudices.”

In comments to Salters earlier in the day, Shelly said she was not sure if it was her husband’s voice on the audio recordings. I guess she’s sure now.

Lindsey Vonn and Elin Nordegren are reportedly close friends

Elin Nordegren Lindsey Vonn

In the words of the great Steve Sitfler, “You two used to bang, and you two are banging now, so this must be awkward.” When it comes to Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren and his current girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, that is apparently not the case.

According to Us Weekly, Nordegren and Vonn get along just fine and have even become close friends.

“After meeting her, (Elin) found she actually liked her,” a source reportedly told the gossip publication. “You’d think it would be weird, but Elin loves Lindsey and they talk all the time,” the source tells Us. “Elin likes that Lindsey is a strong woman.”

Nordegren is said to have gotten close to Vonn because she wanted to get to know her if she was going to be around her children — 6-year-old Sam and 5-year-old Charlie — a lot. Not only do they get along, but the entire crew reportedly went on vacation together and Elin and Vonn ventured off for a few drinks while Tiger stayed with the kids.

“Lindsey is really good for Tiger. She’s strong, opinionated, and keeps him in line,” the source added. “Elin found that they are very similar and have a lot in common. They laugh and talk like they have been girlfriends forever.”

It sounds like Elin and Lindsey have come a long way from the days where Vonn sat in the car for an hour to avoid having a run-in with the Swedish beauty. There have been rumors that Nordegren believes Vonn is a good influence on Tiger, but it’s still pretty surprising to hear that they are BFFs.

Good for them. That’s probably best for the kids.

Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend could be Kyndal Kyaire


Johnny Manziel was sitting behind home plate at the Texas Rangers game on Tuesday night, but the internet was more concerned with the lovely lady who was sitting next to him. Naturally, the folks at Busted Coverage quickly determined that the woman accompanying Manziel was a model from San Diego named Kyndal Kyaire.

Could Manziel have simply been going to the game with a friend? Yes, but let’s remember the former Texas A&M star has been known to date models. Also, I would never do this with my buddy at the ballpark.

If Manziel and Kyaire can be classified as “just friends,” I need to get me one of those.

Photo: Twitter/Nate’s Rangers Notes

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis reportedly had dinner with her parents

Derek Jeter Hannah Davis

Just a few short months ago, Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis had reportedly agreed to go their separate ways. The rumor was that Jeter, who likes to keep his personal life as quiet as possible, was unhappy with Davis’ growing fame. Weeks later, the couple was back together after working through a rough patch. And now, things may be getting as serious as ever.

According to the NY Post’s Page Six, Jeter and Davis had dinner with Davis’ parents at a fancy restaurant in West Village on Monday night. Unless this is that episode of “Seinfeld” where Todd Gack asks Elaine to have dinner with his parents, I’d say Hannah and Derek are much more than just friends.

Page Six’s sources claimed the foursome had a “lovely time” and split a bottle of wine with their dinner. Another young couple reportedly waited outside the restaurant for two hours for a photo with Jeter, and he was kind enough to pose for it.

Jeter and Davis were rumored to have gotten engaged last year, but that turned out to not be true. If this was anyone but Jeter, we would probably think it’s a safe bet that a proposal is coming sometime soon.

Shantel Jackson broke up with Floyd Mayweather, but she definitely got her Instagram back

Shantel Jackson Instagram

Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather were on the rocks in their relationship several times last year, but the two have officially broken up.

Floyd and Miss Jackson were together for around four years and even engaged to be married. The first report about their separation came last June, and several other reports followed. But Miss Jackson attended Floyd’s September fight with Canelo Alvarez, and a few days later Floyd told Howard Stern the engagement was still on. Floyd was probably just trying to save face at that point.

In February we shared that the relationship had been over for a few months, and just a few days ago TMZ confirmed that the relationship is definitely over. But there was some drama in between, which seems to be the pattern for Floyd.

Last week, MediaTakeOut reported that Floyd shut down Miss Jackson’s Instagram account. Apparently Floyd owned the account as part of his business dealings and had her sign an agreement under those pretenses. He let her keep the account after the breakup, but he supposedly repossessed it after she was using it to promote club appearances. Jackson’s rep confirmed that the account was mysteriously shut down for a few days.

I didn’t really notice much with her Instagram account, except she did go silent on April 9 and 10 — right before MTO published their story — despite previously posting things to her account on almost a daily basis. So that definitely seemed to explain things. Whatever the case, Miss Jackson definitely got her Instagram account back.

Since April 11, Miss Jackson has been uploading pictures to her account every day. She’s even promoted club appearances she’s making. And it’s definitely the same Instagram account where she had over 200,000 followers, so Floyd obviously let her keep it.

Below are a few of the pictures she has been sharing on her Instagram:

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