Kevin Youkilis Dating Tom Brady’s Sister?

Are Red Sox slugger Kevin Youkilis and Tom Brady’s sister dating? That’s what the Boston Herald suggested in a story that has been deleted from their website.

On Wednesday, the Herald’s gossip section, “Inside Track,” ran an item titled “Youk, Brady’s sis spark rumors.” Here’s what the story said:

“Kevin Youkilis denies that there’s a romance, but our spies in the skyboxes say the Red Sox slugger and Tom Brady’s sis, Nancy, were looking veeeeery cozy as they watched 12 and the Pats cool the Jets at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.

“They were mugging it up in the box,” said Someone Who Was There

My Fox Boston says Youk is available after splitting with his girlfriend more than a year ago. “The couple had a wedding in Mexico in 2008, but never legally became husband and wife,” they say.

The obvious question is: why was the story was pulled? Did someone at the Herald feel like the Red Sox are already being scrutinized enough for one day? Did they find out definitively that the two are not dating?

If it is true, what’s next for Brady and Youkilis? Shopping outings at the Uggs store? Family vacations to Carnival? The possibilities are endless!

Derek Jeter-Minka Kelly May Not be Over

Like any relationship involving true love, the Derek Jeter-Minka Kelly couple may not be over. The two broke up in August, but no clear reason was presented. Some reports said Minka was getting cozy with one of her television co-stars. Other reports suggested Jeter was unhappy Minka had so much work. We don’t know what happened, but we do know they may be working things out.

The New York Post says Jeter flew to Miami Sunday to be with Kelly and that the two are trying to figure things out. A source told them the two may eventually get back together.

It’s nice for Jeter to try and fix his love life, but I’m not sure if this is the sort of breakthrough Yankees fans should be hoping for. Jeter’s best month of the season was in August, and he had continued success in September. Now many not be the time to mess with what worked.

Michael Jordan Was a No-Show for Carmelo Anthony’s Wedding

Carmelo Anthony is one of the few professional athletes who represents the Jordan Brand. Endorsing the Jordan Brand places Melo in exclusive company; most players consider it an honor to be associated with Michael Jordan. One would figure it would lead to a strong relationship between the current Knicks star and former NBA legend, but apparently it’s not enough to make MJ show up to Melo’s wedding.

Asked by GQ if he was surprised by anyone who showed up for his wedding, Melo focused on who wasn’t there.

“Everybody came who said they were going to come, except Michael Jordan. He was supposed to come but you know, he’s Jordan.”

Melo said in the interview that he has a strong relationship with Jordan, and that it was an honor to be included with the Jordan Brand. But their relationship isn’t strong enough for Jordan to attend the wedding. If anyone could blow off Melo, maybe it’s Michael Jordan. Given his friction with today’s NBA players, it’s probably best he didn’t show.

But come on, Mike, you’re better than that. If you RSVP yes, you better dress to impress. The only positive is Jordan didn’t have to see Amare Stoudemire wearing this ridiculous outfit.

High five I am a GM

Serena Williams Goes Out on Date with Country Singer Jake Owen

Serena Williams’ love life is becoming more and more difficult to follow. Back in the day, she was said to be going out with former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington. Then she had an on-and-off relationship with rapper Common. Now, a free agent, Serena may be back on the dating scene.

X17 Online photographed the tennis star and country singer Jake Owen eating together at a Beverly Hills restaurant Friday. They say that “Serena and Jake didn’t make much of an effort to sneak out separately, but they tried to keep their exit ‘as low key as possible.'”

Serena wasted little time brushing off rumors. Realizing that she was being photographed Friday after dinner, she wrote on Twitter “Ugh paparazzi annoying. Honestly really? Like I wonder what tomm they will say.”

She also tweeted to Jake, who performed at Staples Center Saturday, telling him “had so much fun tonite! Yea can’t wait to see concert tomm! Fun time see u tomm/today!!! Lol MardyFish wish u were here!”

Serena is trying to make it clear that the two went to dinner as friends, but predictably, some gossip sites are painting it as more than that. It should be noted that Owen and tennis player Mardy Fish, whom Serena mentioned in her tweet, are close friends. Perhaps they were trying to get Serena to appear at their December charity event?

We feel we’re playing it safely by describing their dinner as a date, because a date can be between lovers, and friends, right? And if they are dating, we must ask the question: can Owen handle what Serena has to offer?

UPDATE: Serena Williams addressed the dinner date with Jake Owen. “I am not dating Jake Owen. He is a great guy with a super amazing girlfriend. It’s not fair to me to Jake or his girlfriend to say we r dating when u just hang out and have dinner with friends. So stop the lies!!”

Forearm bash to Black Sports Online

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari may be back on

Jay Cutler and Kristin CavallariThe couple we all love to hate may be back on. Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari have been trading supportive messages on Twitter lately, and People magazine adds that the two are working it out.

On Sunday, Cavallari wished Jay Cutler good luck for his game against the Packers via Twitter. She added a picture that showed her wearing a Bears sweater.

Cutler followed the well wishes with kind words of his own. On Monday, he said “good luck babe” to Cavallari, who is appearing on Dancing With the Stars. It was actually the second week in a row Cutler showed support for Kristin with those words.

Interestingly enough, the person who seems to be rooting most for a reconciliation is Detroit Lions tight end Tony Scheffler. Scheffler is pushing for Cutler to make an appearance on the show as a guest in the audience. No, this isn’t some sort of perverse ploy to soften Jay up — the two were teammates in Denver.

So after breaking off their engagement in July, it looks like the two may be back on. If that’s the case, Cavallari needs to get back on Jerry Angelo’s case about beefing up the offensive line. Cutler’s getting killed back there.

Thanks to Fan Phooey for the heads up

John Lackey Reportedly Divorcing Wife Battling Cancer, Upset Over Pre-Game Text

John Lackey is having the worst season of any starting pitcher in baseball, and by far the worst season of his career. In May, the former Angels ace said “everything in my life sucks right now.” Not only was he struggling on the mound, but more importantly, his wife was battling breast cancer.

Several months later, Lackey’s pitching has hardly improved, and his personal problems appear to have worsened. TMZ reports that Lackey filed for divorce from his wife on August 30th.

The two were married in November, 2008, and his wife, Krista, reportedly underwent a double masectomy and has had chemotherapy treatments this year.

Lackey gave up four runs to the Yankees Sunday night over six innings, taking a no decision. It was his second-best start of the month and only the second time the Red Sox have won one of his starts in September.

Given the nature of what’s been reported, Lackey is going to end up looking like an awful human being for leaving his wife while she’s undergoing cancer treatment. We don’t know all the details of their relationship so it would be unfair to make that claim.

The report also seems to explain an issue about which Lackey complained Sunday night. The Red Sox pitcher was upset that he received a text message 30 minutes prior to his start regarding a personal issue.

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Charles Barkley Has a Crush on Sarah Palin, So Glen Rice is Now his Hero

Charles Barkley freely admits that he has a crush on Sarah Palin. You may recall this January video of Barkley asking for Tracy Morgan’s opinion of Palin, to which the comedian replied “she’s great masturbation material.” That came up because Barkley was trying to convince fellow TNT analyst Kenny Smith that Palin was hot.

Well Barkley joined the Waddle and Silvy show on Thursday and one of the topics that came up was Glen Rice and Sarah Palin. Barkley could not contain his excitement.

“You know, I have a thing for Sarah Palin,” Barkley stated shamelessly. “I think she’s hot. I wouldn’t vote for her, but she is hot. I’ve always said I’ve got a crush on Sarah Palin.

“When I read that [story] … Glen Rice is my new hero. He’s my new hero. If that story is true, more power to Glen Rice.”

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