Bianca Tai La Russa Is an Oakland Raiders Cheerleader (and Tony’s Daughter)

St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa shouldn’t have to worry about Adam Wainwright’s injury, because the true ace of his staff is in his family. Tony’s daughter, Bianca La Russa, is a dancer who just made the Oakland Raiders cheerleading team.

Bianca, who goes by “Bianca Tai” on twitter, announced the news last week. “A goal and a dream come true- I’m a 2011 Raiderette! I’m so excited to rep an organization that does so much good.”

Clearly she hasn’t been keeping up with the NFL as much as she has the Cardinals if she says the Raiders do so much good, but that’s besides the point. The point is that Tony La Russa has a daughter who is a Raiderette, as we first learned from Lob Shots and The Big Lead.

Here are some more pictures of Bianca La Russa who seems to have been a hardcore Raiders fan for quite some time.

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Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams Got Married? Bosh Denies it

Did Chris Bosh sneak one past everybody and get married to girlfriend Adrienne Williams earlier this month? It appears that way. TMZ obtained a marriage license from Dade County, Florida that shows Bosh and Williams got married on April 9th. Here’s the license:

When asked about the TMZ report earlier Saturday, Bosh said he and Williams had not yet been married. I’m sure he just wanted to keep everything quiet, but sorry Chris, court documents don’t lie.

Fist pound to Jocks and Stiletto Jill for the story.


Video Shows Rockfeller Sorel Initiated Contact with Gloria James

One thing we stress here at LBS is that there are two sides to every story, regardless of how juicy one side may be. While we try to get all information to you as quickly as possible, we try to reserve judgment until all facts emerge. With that in mind, last week we told you that LeBron James’ mother, Gloria James, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a valet worker at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. The police report made Gloria James look bad because it described her as someone extremely drunk and somewhat unwilling to cooperate with authorities. TMZ showed video of the accuser, Rockfeller Sorel in an interview, and he appeared to be taking the innocent victim stance. Well now TMZ, aka the worldwide eye in the sky, has obtained security footage of the incident that shows Sorel initiated contact with Gloria James and was equally as physical with her.

While Gloria James may be obnoxious, rude, and giving her son a bad reputation based on her poor and questionable behavior, it does not appear as if she’s as bad as she was made out to be. This was a scuffle with a valet worker, and physical contact was exchanged in both directions. To me, it would be best for everyone if the whole thing just went away. Of course that won’t be satisfactory for Sorel nor his lawyer, but they don’t seem to have a case here and it’s obvious they’re just looking for a money grab.

Cheri Olvera, Chuck Knoblauch get Married

For those of you who are new to the case, Cheri Olvera is the ex-girlfriend of former All-Star Brian Giles. The two are in court settling a lawsuit raised by Olvera against Giles alleging breach of an oral and/or implied agreement they had while they were together, and domestic violence. The defense team at the law offices of James D. Scott have counter-sued, alleging abuse by Olvera (which is supported by this profanity-laced voice mail played in court). They’ve also argued that Olvera targets wealthy athletes to help support her desired lifestyle, which her engagement to former All-Star Chuck Knoblauch indicates.

To update you on matters, Olvera posted on her facebook page (displayed below) this week that the two are now married. She changed her last name to Knoblauch and changed her marital status from engaged to married. Their sudden marriage further supports her athlete-chasing ways, as did Mr. Knoblauch’s deposition that was played in court during the week.

During his deposition, Chuck listed some of the gifts he’s bought for Cheri during their time together. The list comes out to just shy of $50,000 based on Chuck’s estimates:

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Aaron Rodgers and Destiny Newton Hit the Beach in Hawaii

It’s getting hard to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and all the women to whom he’s been linked. There have been rumors of him hooking up with Erin Andrews, then we heard he was dating actress Jessica Szohr, and then he was hanging with Stacy Keibler and Mila Kunis at a party. Well it looks like we can add another girl to the list — Destiny Newton.

On Friday, TMZ ran a picture of Green Bay Packers Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers at beach in Hawaii with an unnamed blonde. Splash News Online added many more pictures and a video but they were unable to identify her. But on Tuesday, both Black Sports Online and Terez Owens said the girl in question is Destiny Newton, who we’ve come to find out is from Chico — Rodgers’ hometown in California.

As of last year, Newton was bartending in Pacific Beach in San Diego claiming she had moved there about three years earlier. In her interview with Pacific San Diego Magazine, she said she was going to school for communications in addition to bartending. Destiny also has a sister named Shawntel who competed on Season 15 of The Bachelor. So whatta you think?


Brian Giles’ Ex-Girlfriend Cheri Olvera Cusses at him in Abusive Voicemail

The former baseball player’s trial getting most of the media attention has been the Barry Bonds perjury case, but in San Diego, another former All-Star is involved with a lawsuit of his own. Brian Giles is in court to settle the suit his ex-girlfriend Cheri Olvera brought against him.

Olvera is suing Giles for breach of an oral and/or implied contract she says they had while they were together. She’s also seeking damages for alleged domestic violence that occurred during their relationship.

The defense team from James D. Scott’s law office is arguing, amongst other things, that Olvera targets wealthy professional athletes for relationships, as evidenced by her current engagement to Chuck Knoblauch. They also have proof that Olvera was verbally abusive towards Giles. Just listen to this voicemail Olvera left for Giles after she found out he stopped paying her cell phone service. Keep in mind Giles stopped paying AFTER Olvera sued him for over $10 million.

Beware, almost every other word is an F-bomb making this audio 100% NSFW:

Alright, that b**** is certifiably crazy. It was probably a bad idea to tell Giles to save the voice message for anyone to hear it, because it was used in court on Monday. I know it’s not really my place, but let me just say beware Chuck, beware.

Miss USA Rima Fakih and Ricky Romero Are Dating

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero is a former first-round pick out of Cal State Fullerton in 2005, and after several years in the minors he finally was brought up to pitch with the big club in 2009. He had a breakout season last year going 14-9 with a 3.73 ERA and was rewarded with a 5-year $30 million contract extension. With big money comes more exposure, and Romero is taking advantage of his celebrity status.

We got word from Jimmy Traina on Hot Clicks Monday that Romero and Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih are dating. The Blue Jays announcers apparently passed on the news on Opening Day after Fakih was in attendance to watch Ricky pitch. A friend did confirm to LBS that the two are dating after spending time with them in Toronto recently. The news makes them a welcome addition to the always popular athlete-celebrity couple category here at LBS.

Fakih is a contestant on the WWE show Tough Enough while the East LA native continues to pitch for the Blue Jays. Congrats to Ricky on the pull, and let’s celebrate with some pictures.