Pau Gasol Disappointed with ‘Lies’ About Girlfriend Trouble

On Friday we passed along a report from Media Take Out that was cited by the OC Register saying part of Pau Gasol’s problems in the playoffs were related to personal issues with his girlfriend. Specifically, Pau was said to have broken up with his girlfriend and that part of the issue was a teammate’s wife had played a role in the breakup. The source of the report (Media Take Out) is known for throwing crap against the wall, but it seemed to gain authenticity when the OC Register endorsed it with a post on their site. Later, OC Register Lakers writer Kevin Ding asked Kobe and Pau for their thoughts on the report.

According to Ding, “Pau expressed dismay at “lies” reported about personal life upsetting people “very close to me.” “To me, it’s sad.”

In a related tweet, he wrote “Kobe dismissed theory about discord between his wife and Pau’s girlfriend: “They barely know each other.”

Kobe didn’t outright deny the story, but he dismissed it. Pau called the story a lie. Still, I wouldn’t close the book on this one. LBS sources say the relationship between the two men has changed somewhat. They used to be quite close in terms of their pregame routine, but our source says that has changed lately. Additionally, both men could be denying the story just to keep it out of the public’s eye. If you had told me a few years ago that Dirk was engaged to an ex-criminal who had conned him and that he found out about it during a playoff run, I would have told you you were crazy, but that turned out to be true. And if you had told me the teammate of the biggest superstar in the league slept with said teammate’s mother, I never would have believed you, but that by all accounts was true.

The story about Pau and his girlfriend breaking up (and Kobe’s wife being the cause) might not be true, but there are two things we know: the relationship between the men has changed recently, and the Lakers have struggled on the court. As we wrote before, that report could explain it.

Want to see more pictures of Pau’s girlfriend? go here

Are Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant Fighting Over Girl Trouble?

The Los Angeles Lakers are down 2-0 to the Dallas Mavericks and face a pivotal Game 3 Friday night. It’s looking bleak for the Lakers and a lot of their problems seem to be related to “trust issues,” as Andrew Bynum described it.

Many people didn’t know what to think of Bynum’s postgame comments, but it’s painfully obvious the Lakers aren’t playing the brand of basketball that’s gotten them to three straight NBA Finals and netted them back-to-back championships.

A lot of the Lakers’ struggles have been pinned on their superstar power forward, Pau Gasol. Pau’s averaging just 14.0 points and 10.5 rebounds per game against Dallas in the postseason and a putrid 13.6 points and 7.8 rebounds in the 2010-11 playoffs, all below his All-Star worthy season. Now we’re hearing that Pau may be sulking because of personal problems that may also involve Kobe Bryant. The OC Register explains:

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Alexa Flutie is a New England Patriots Cheerleader (and Doug’s Daughter)

Last week, we brought you the stunning Bianca Tai La Russa, who is Cardinals manager Tony La Russa’s daughter and was recently named to the Oakland Raiders cheerleading squad.  Oh yeah, she also happens to be insanely hot (check her out here).  This week, we are fortunate enough to have had another sports daughter join an NFL cheerleading squad, this time the daughter of Boston College legend and former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie.

As the Boston Globe pointed out, via NESN.com, Alexa Flutie was named to the 2011 New England Patriots cheerleading team on Tuesday.  As a result, I may spend a couple less minutes watching football at Gillette Stadium next season (if there is one) and a little more time keeping an eye on the sidelines.

Here are some more pictures of Alexa Flutie, who I must say appears to be very deserving of the honor.

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Greg McElroy’s Girlfriend Is Meredith Gray, His Sister is Blair McElroy

On the left you see Blair McElroy, who is Greg McElroy’s younger sister. On the right is Meredith Gray, who is Greg’s girlfriend. On draft day, Greg’s sister Blair was getting all sorts of attention because TV cameras were showing her right next to her brother on the family’s couch. It’s no surprise because Blair seems to enjoy the spotlight. That’s in stark contrast to Meredith Gray who seems to avoid it.

In an interview a year ago, Gray said about being with Greg “It’s been quite an adventure, that’s for sure. I just think it’s funny that people are so amazed. He’s a human being. He has relationships.” She was also pleased to have “never been on TV as Greg McElroy’s girlfriend,” in contrast to girlfriends like Rachel Glandorf.

Sorry Meredith, thanks to a classic mixup, you’re now receiving some attention as Greg McElroy’s girlfriend. After seeing Blair on the couch with Greg, several people went to twitter and started talking about Blair as McElroy’s girlfriend, prompting her to tweet “Good god I am not Greg’s girlfriend … lol”

Here are some pictures of Blair McElroy to help you distinguish between the two, courtesy of Blair’s twitter

For more pictures, check out Busted Coverage. And in case you were curious, McElroy was drafted by the Jets.

Joakim Noah’s Sister Yelena Noah Is a Model (Pictures)

Fans watching the Bulls-Pacers game on Tuesday evening were treated to a pleasant surprise when the TNT cameras showed Joakim Noah’s sister in the stands. People on twitter began buzzing instantly about the beauty, wondering more about her. Everyone’s eyes don’t lie — Joakim Noah’s sister, Yelena Noah, is actually a model, so it’s no surprise her looks stood out. Yelena and Joakim’s mother, Cecilia Rhode, is a former Miss Sweden.

Here are more pictures of Yelena Noah.

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Bianca Tai La Russa Is an Oakland Raiders Cheerleader (and Tony’s Daughter)

St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa shouldn’t have to worry about Adam Wainwright’s injury, because the true ace of his staff is in his family. Tony’s daughter, Bianca La Russa, is a dancer who just made the Oakland Raiders cheerleading team.

Bianca, who goes by “Bianca Tai” on twitter, announced the news last week. “A goal and a dream come true- I’m a 2011 Raiderette! I’m so excited to rep an organization that does so much good.”

Clearly she hasn’t been keeping up with the NFL as much as she has the Cardinals if she says the Raiders do so much good, but that’s besides the point. The point is that Tony La Russa has a daughter who is a Raiderette, as we first learned from Lob Shots and The Big Lead.

Here are some more pictures of Bianca La Russa who seems to have been a hardcore Raiders fan for quite some time.

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Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams Got Married? Bosh Denies it

Did Chris Bosh sneak one past everybody and get married to girlfriend Adrienne Williams earlier this month? It appears that way. TMZ obtained a marriage license from Dade County, Florida that shows Bosh and Williams got married on April 9th. Here’s the license:

When asked about the TMZ report earlier Saturday, Bosh said he and Williams had not yet been married. I’m sure he just wanted to keep everything quiet, but sorry Chris, court documents don’t lie.

Fist pound to Jocks and Stiletto Jill for the story.