Tiger Woods Text Messages to Jaimee Grubbs: Because I’m Blasian!

I hope Jaimee Grubbs is satisfied because it seems like she’s getting everything she wanted in life: a moment of fame, a relationship with a high profile celebrity, and a lot of money for telling her story. The first pay day came when she released a voicemail from Tiger to US Magazine. The latest pay day came when she released text messages from Tiger that appear in US Magazine. Here’s an excerpt of his texts:

One exchange from Sept. 27, 2009 reads:

TIGER: I need you
JAIMEE: then get your tight ass over here and visit me! I need u
TIGER: I will wear you out soon
JAIMEE: how soon? I got a new piercing

A couple hours later that same day, Woods vows to Grubbs “quietly and secretively we will always be together …when was the last time you got laid”.

In a text-swap on Oct. 18, Grubbs wonders “why I keep falling more and more for u ;).” Woods’ unexpected reply: “because I’m blasian :).”

Tiger once famously called himself a “cablinasian,” which is a reference to Tiger’s racial makeup of Caucasian, Black, Native American, and Asian. I wonder why he said “blasian” in the text — what’s that supposed to mean? These texts remind me of what other golfers on tour have said about Woods before, that’s he’s funny and a dirty talker in the locker room who cracks lots of jokes. This sounds much more like that person than the one who appears like a robot in interviews. Yes, Tiger will still bounce back from all of this stronger than ever on the course but no doubt this period of time is embarrassing for him.


Rachel Uchitel Jaimee Grubbs Cori Rist holly sampson
Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Cori Rist, Holly Sampson

jamie jungers3 Mindy Lawton Kalika Moquin
Jamie Jungers, Mindy Lawton, Kalika Moquin

Tiger Woods’ Favorite Mistress? Porn Star Joslyn James

Considering a new mistress seems to emerge on a daily basis for Tiger Woods — and that’s not even an exaggeration — it’s surprising that none of this information came out before. If Tiger was out carousing at clubs constantly, banging chicks left and right, then why didn’t any of this information ever emerge? Where were all the Vegas spies to say Tiger was “spotted” at the club. Was everyone on the take? It really makes you wonder how the media dropped the ball on this one until the National Enquirer stepped up Thanksgiving week. Anyway, Deadspin did some investigation and provides incredible insight into the world of cheating and corruption for VIPs like Tiger. For instance, they say Rachel Uchitel was really more of a party liaison for Tiger than a mistress. They also say porn star Veronica Siwik-Daniels aka Joslyn James is/was his favorite girl.

Last week, James supposedly left a status update on her facebook account suggesting all the chicks proclaiming they had relationships with Tiger only wanted to be like her: “”I find it comical when certain individuals have no life of their own and want to be ME…so terribly bad. LMAO!” Deadspin’s source also says “Joslyn used love to talk about “all the freaky shit Tiger dug in bed,” and that every time he’d come to town he’d pay for a visit. You know, with cash.” The news keeps getting worse for Tiger on a daily basis. At this point, I don’t even feel badly about his character getting crushed; he did it to himself. The only shame was the sham the sponsors and media had us believing this whole time.

Read more of Deadspin’s reporting


Rachel Uchitel Jaimee Grubbs Cori Rist holly sampson
Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Cori Rist, Holly Sampson

jamie jungers3 Mindy Lawton Kalika Moquin
Jamie Jungers, Mindy Lawton, Kalika Moquin

Latosha Lee Cheated on Shaq with Damien Wilkins

***See more Latosha Lee videos***

Shaq may call himself “Superman,” but the website “Young, Black, and Fabulous” sure has become his kryptonite. Not long ago, the website blew the cover off his affair with Gilbert Arenas’ girlfriend/fiance, Laura Govan. That news preceded Shaunie O’Neal’s decision to file for divorce from Shaq. Now it looks like YBF has a source inside the O’Neal household (potentially Shaunie), who is leaking personal emails regarding Shaq’s sexual affairs. Recently, they posted an item regarding Shaq’s ongoing affair with Latosha Lee. In this close circled world, Lee used to have a relationship with Timberwolves guard Damien Wilkins, and the two even have a son together. The craziest part to me was when Shaq complained that Latosha had cheated on him by getting with Damien. Shaq was asking Latosha what she said to Damien that upset him, making Damien deny their child together:

Shaq’s email: Well dnt front cuz u let him hit it raw and knok u up so he must of did something write u cheated on me to b wit him

Latosha’s reply: You weren’t talking to me. It was a mistake. But I’m happy I have my son.

Yes, just so you read that correctly, that’s Shaq, who was married to Shaunie at the time, bitching to Latosha Lee that she cheated on him by getting with Damien Wilkins. I need someone to explain that logic to me because I really just don’t get it. Is it a mistake that she cheated on Shaq or a mistake that she got with Damien? And how is Shaq allowed to mess with any woman he pleases but the reverse situation causes a problem? Makes no sense.

Brady Quinn’s New Girlfriend Is Gymnast Alicia Sacramone

We were mighty surprised around draft time in 2007 when Brady Quinn was dating an old girlfriend from college and high school, Lindy Slinger. Out of all the people he could have had considering he was the star quarterback at Notre Dame and set to make millions in the pros, he chose her and was content settling down. Well, looks like all the people who said he was with a bitch whom he should dump turned out to be right — he’s moved onto Team USA’s finest — gymnast Alicia Sacramone. Sacramone confirmed the news in an interview recently, as pointed out by Gym Truthteller:

USA Gymnastics: I hear you’ve been attending a lot of Cleveland Browns football games lately. Can you talk about that?
Alicia: Yes, I have become a football fan. I was always a football fan but never into it too much until now. I’m dating Brady Quinn (the quarterback for Cleveland) so I travel to Cleveland on Sunday afternoons for home games.

USA Gymnastics: Has Brady visited you at the gym?
Alicia: No, but he said he’s excited to come to a gymnastics meet.

Way to go Brady, at least this is a step up. You just figure after throwing for 4 touchdowns he would have been cautioned about the Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson curse and held off in the celebrity female departments. Maybe he’s going for high profile chicks to confirm he’s not gay despite what people on TV might think.


alicia-sacramone-bikini Alicia Sacramone Casual Alicia Sacramone Butt Alicia Sacramone

Shaunie O’Neal Files for Divorce, Shaq Cheating with Gilbert Arenas’ Fiance?

There was chatter around the internet last week that Shaq was having an affair with Gilbert Arenas’ fiance, Laura Govan. I never posted on the rumors because I didn’t consider the reports to be concrete, but the latest twist in the up-and-down relationship between Shaq and his wife Shaunie, leads me to believe the report was true. TMZ is saying that Shaunie filed for a separation in California, citing irreconcilable differences. Filing for a separation is just a precursor for an impending divorce.

shaq-shaunie shaq_shaunie Shaq and Shaunie O'Neal Shaunie O'Neal NBA TV

As stated above, Shaq and Shaunie have previously had relationship problems. First Kobe blurted out to the police that Shaq pays his women off, then a women accused Shaq of stalking her, and apparently Shaq wanted to file for divorce after it was alleged Shaunie cheated on him. It’s just one big mess but now it seems like things are finally over. TMZ is suggesting that Shaunie’s all about the money and that’s why she went to California to file her papers. It’s pretty simple; in California, common law states that all property is half of each person, so that bodes well for Shaunie in the case of separation.

Steve Phillips Was Never a Very Good Judge of Talent

First off, I can’t take credit for that line — I know someone else had it first but it’s oh so applicable now. Anyway, news broke during the week that Steve Phillips had sex a few times with a P.A. from ESPN named Brooke Hundley. The story became news when Hundley went crazy by stalking Phillips and his family, causing Steve to go to the police about the issue. The sad part is that this isn’t the first time Philips had a public issue with an extramarital affair; when he was the GM of the Mets he admitted to having sex with a co-worker, Rosa Rodriguez. Naturally several pictures of Brooke Hundley emerged and many people were still clamoring for pictures of Phillips’ wife, Marni, and his previous affair chick, Rodriguez. Thankfully the NY Daily News produced one, via Sports by Brooks.

Rosa Rodriguez had a affair with Steve Phillips

All I can say is it’s hard to believe Marni never divorced his ass after the first issue more than a decade ago. OK, that’s not all I can say, how about, what the eff is wrong with this guy and what is he thinking??

Picture: Brooke Hundley, Steve Phillips’ Affair Chick on the Side

***UPDATE: Check out pictures of Steve Phillips other affair chick, Rosa Rodriguez

Things are not looking pretty for Steve Phillips who already had a history of infidelity while he was the GM of the Mets. The 46-year-old ESPN analyst had an affair with an ESPN production assistant, Brooke Hundley, that he said lasted three weeks but resulted in the 22-year-old chick stalking him. The New York Post says Hundley even sent a letter to Phillips’ wife, contacted one of their sons through facebook, and that she left several Fatal Attraction-like voicemails. Yikes.

Brooke Hundley Pictures (courtesy of WEEI)

brookehundleybrookehundley2 brookhundley2 brookehundley3

Apparently several affairs while he worked with the Mets didn’t deter his wife, Marni, from the marriage, but this was the tipping point as she’s now suing him for divorce. This makes you wonder what the heck Phillips was thinking. Between him and Steve McNair I’d say these stories serve as strong deterrents for men thinking of screwing around on the side. It’s never a good idea if you’re not being truthful about what’s going on. By the way, this line from Brooke’s letter to Marni is hilarious, “You can see I’m not lying and to top it off Steve has a big birthmark on his crotch right above his penis and one on his left inner thing, so you know I’m not being fake.” No wonder Phillips was giving such bad commentary on Sunday night — he was too busy exchanging hot sex texts all night! No surprise ESPN has nothing about this story on their website.