Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian Breaking Up Again?

For the past three years, one of the NFL’s power couples have been Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian. Though most of the talk two years ago had to do with Kardashian planning on marriage, the couple has hit a rocky road recently. Kim K’s schedule has apparently been busy due in large part to the taping of her popular TV show — Keeping Up with the Kardashians — while Reggie is out of town frequently because he plays for the Saints in New Orleans. Then there was the whole mess where Miami chick Carmen Ortega said she and Reggie were messing around. The latest reported issues between Bush and Kardashian comes courtesy of Radar Online:

The high-profile couple split temporarily last week, as Kardashian flew to Miami to shoot her sister’s reality television show, while Bush spent time in New York, shooting a calendar. But sources say the separation could be more serious.

Bush was spotted at hip New York City nightspot 1Oak, at Robin Thicke’s 33rd birthday party where “he was flirting up a storm,” according to an onlooker. He spent the majority of the night with an unknown brunette and talked for an hour straight, said the source.

Uh oh, Reggie’s been chatting up another chick! Alert the gossip rags! It seems more and more that their relationship is nothing other than for show. Then again, aren’t most celebrity couples just that? It would probably do Bush’s psyche well to be done with Kim so his dating life wouldn’t be public business. While being with Kardashian raises Bush’s profile off-the-field, the dude is still one of the most popular faces of the NFL and he’s making $8 million from the Saints. Unlike Khloe’s wifey, Bush doesn’t need a Kardashian to be popular. He shouldn’t sweat it.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Headed For Splitsville, Again [Radar Online]

iPhone Developes TigerText Deleting App

If there’s one positive to come out of Tiger Woods’ mistress scandal it would be the adaptation of technology. Tiger was already being crucified by the gossip mags before the ultimate embarrassment came when his personal voice mail messages and text messages were released to the public. Imagine though if those messages were never made available for the public. OK, I admit Tiger would only look like 1% better given all that he did, but an iPhone app has been developed to help these situations in the future.

The TigerText app allows a user to put a timed delete on messages they send. Put that at 24 hours and any embarrassing/potentially incriminating evidence disappears a day after you send them because all texts are sent and received on a server. The only problem with the app is that both users must have it for the deleting process to work. It’s only available for iPhones but at least Blackberry is also supposedly developing the same program. Then again, anyone who’s willing to betray you by sharing personal messages probably would lie about having the TigerText program. The good news is that Tiger can pick up a new endorsement to replace Gatorade. I think his people should seriously consider this one.

Tiger Woods Supposedly Impregnated Porn Star Joslyn James Twice

The latest rumor of the Tiger Woods scandal comes courtesy of the New York Post via The Big Lead. The story comes from Inside Edition and it says Tiger Woods impregnated porn star Joslyn James — his favorite mistress — on two separate occasions. James says she suffered a miscarriage during the first pregnancy and then aborted the second child (much to the horror of the Tebows). Making matters even more distressing is that the pregnancies supposedly were at the same time Tiger’s wife was pregnant.

Adding credence to this story are previous reports that said Tiger never used protection during his sexual affairs. The obvious question is how Tiger avoided impregnating his ladies if he didn’t inquire if they were using birth control. Still, despite adding the two items together I have a tough time believing this. Let’s examine the story: a woman who has sex for a living claims she got pregnant. Wouldn’t you figure a porn star of all people uses birth control? Even if she weren’t, how are we supposed to believe the unborn kids were Tiger’s? I’d have serious doubts that Tiger’s the only man with whom she had sex. The real disgusting part is that Tiger didn’t use protection and then went back to his wife afterward. I guess he never learned about STDs at Stanford.


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Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Cori Rist, Holly Sampson

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Jamie Jungers, Mindy Lawton, Kalika Moquin

Doubting the Michael Irvin Rape Charge

Michael Irvin has already lost his job at 103.3FM in Dallas for the rape allegation that arose on Thursday. The station justified their actions by saying they already planned on letting him go Monday. Whatever the explanation is here, I really doubt the accusations put forth in the civil lawsuit against Irvin. The alleged incident took place two and a half years ago and it took the woman two weeks to report it to the police. A day after she reported the alleged rape, she signed a waiver of prosecution which indicates to me she was paid to shut up. The chick probably was hard up for cash in these tough economic times and decided she needed to squeeze more money out of her cash cow. So what did she do? Threaten a civil suit.

The Miami Herald report says the woman asked for a million dollars from Irvin in a potential settlement. They later came down to $800,000, but even that’s a lot of money to pay to someone who’s making up a story in order to harm a reputation. Irvin may have used pathetic excuses to explain his possession of a crack pipe and he may have been caught with drugs and hookers several years ago, but I doubt he committed the crime of rape. The guy is a public figure who happens to be very rich, love sex, and love drugs, so he’s an easy target. If you can’t get knocked up by an athlete to secure your financial future, why not threaten a lawsuit? It’s pretty simple with many of these women — they’re looking for a payday. And if the press didn’t hammer guys like Irvin before facts emerged, the women wouldn’t have leverage to threaten suits.

Bottom line: would any amount of money make up for the humiliation and horrible feelings one would experience from a rape? Of course not. You would want the perpetrator to go to jail. Forever. You wouldn’t be looking for money. That’s why I think this story is total and utter b.s. and I’m glad Irvin has threatened with a counter-suit.

$250,000-$500,000 for a Photo of Tiger Woods? Really?

If you ever wondered why so many photographers hide out all day at someone’s house just to snap a photo of them, now we know the answer. The Palm Beach Post revealed that the pictures of Elin Nordegren without a wedding ring on her finger went for $100,000. They say that the first pictures of Tiger Woods since he went into “hiding” could fetch between a quarter and a half million dollars. As you could imagine, I’m both shocked and perplexed by this news.

Sure I understand that people are addicted to Tiger coverage and but I don’t understand what the appeal of the “first Tiger photos” are. Is Tiger not already the most recognizable athlete in the world? Do we not know what he looks like? Please explain to me what will be so different about the new Tiger photos from any others. Now if someone had pictures of “Tige” banging some chick on the side of the road, then I’d understand why they’d fetch half a million bucks. But just plain old pictures of Tiger walking down the street? Please tell me what the appeal is for that. It’s Tiger Woods. We know what he looks like — here’s hundreds of them for your perusal.

Tiger Woods Needed Facial Surgery After Elin Broke His Cheek Bone?

UPDATE: This whole story is a hoax. I’ll continue to stick with the TMZ story.

Very early on in the Tiger Woods scandal I concluded Tiger got beat up by Elin based on information I read on TMZ. There wasn’t much dispute over that notion considering Tiger’s hospital stay, the fact that Elin had a golf club at the car, and that Tiger wound up crashing at a low speed. Now a report is coming out saying that Elin indeed beat Tiger with a golf club and that he underwent facial surgery as a result:

At one point Tiger turned away to look at the TV and, as he turned back, Elin hit him on the right side of the face with the head of a nine iron. She put a huge gash in the right side of his face next to his nose, causing his nose to bruise some, virtually knocking two of his upper teeth out and breaking the bone on the upper right side. Tiger ran scared as hell out of the house, with Elin swinging the golf club, through the hallway to the garage.

The report added that Tiger flew on a private plane to Phoenix to visit a plastic surgeon and cosmetic dentist for reconstructive surgery and that’s why he kept postponing the meeting with the Florida CHP. I guess Tiger and Ben Roethlisberger have something in common. Now one aspect of the story that has largely gone ignored is the domestic violence/abuse side. Adding everything Tiger did wrong up still does not excuse Elin’s violence. Where are the Abused Men’s Groups to step up and represent?

(Tiger wax figure courtesy of PUNTE)

Rumor: Tony Romo Engaged to New Girlfriend Candice Crawford

candice-crawford-ringIt seems like the exact opposite of what Cowboys fans wanted: December to roll around and Tony Romo to have more girlfriend issues. The highly debated quarterback has had relationships with Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, and even Sophia Bush, but now we’re hearing rumors that he’s selected the winner of the litter. Back in September, Hot Clicks alerted us to Tony Romo’s newest squeeze — television reporter Candice Crawford. The appropriately named Gossip Center is saying Romo’s moved quickly, and they’ve based their report on the finger of Candice Crawford. Yes, they think that Crawford wearing what appears to be an engagement ring means Tony must have popped the question. I have my doubts but I’m throwing it out there considering stranger things have happened and many players keep their relationships private.

This is probably the last thing Dallas fans wanted to hear. Romo actually has had good numbers — 7 TDs and no interceptions the past three games to help propel my team into first place in the Coors Light fantasy football league — but the Cowboys have dropped their past two contests. Some of Tony’s stats were achieved after the Cowboys had already blown the game so there’s no doubt he’s partially at fault for the team not scoring earlier in the game. You can also safely blame the special teams (punt return TD by Dominic Hixon) and the defense for letting them down against the Giants. Plus, you have to figure the Cowboys lost the game with their inability to punch it in with Marion Barber three straight times from the one is wehre they lost it. Regardless, Dallas sure can change the minds of the doubters with a win over the Saints on Saturday night. It could happen.

Pics: Tony Romo’s Girlfriends

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Candice Crawford, Jessica Simpson, Sophia Bush, Carrie Underwood