Caught in the Middle of a Possible Johnnie Morton Family Feud

A few weeks ago, I posted the story that Johnnie Morton would be trying out mixed martial arts fighting. Naturally, many people including myself thought it was an odd way for Morton to spend his retirement. Anyhow, it now appears as if some members of the Morton family, including Johnnie himself, may have used the post as a forum to air some grievances. First, a man claiming to be a cousin of Johnnie’s talked about beating Johnnie at wrestling back in the day. Then, a man named Alan, who claims to be related to Johnnie through marriage wrote this:

I’m related to Junior only by marriage. When he started out in football you could call him human. My wife baked him cookies so when I met him at the end of the game he could have a treat. Well how did he ‘treat’ us once he made a buck or a touchdown in football, like dirt. His mother was worse. One day I asked his younger brother Chad to see if he could get Junior to autograph a Chiefs football for my best friend who had broken his neck but loved his Chiefs and admired Junior. Well a $65 football never got autographed, it was lost by either brother and when I asked his mother and father about it by leaving a note on the iron fence that guards their home, the next thing I heard was from my mother in law, Johnnie’s aunt who told me that Katz and Johnnie accused me of ’stalking’ them. So why the story, while family should always be family and former USC greats like Johnnie and his brother Chad (who have a 1/2 brother who played for J.K McKay and the Bucs in the 70’s) go from career to career, now fighting for a living, no matter how much money they make, they should always remain ‘humans’ and kind to their fellow man. Millen was wrong on words but maybe right on in judging Johnnie as into himself. I remember Chad riding ontop of his older brother when they were youngsters, they always would ask me for a ride in my 82′Mustang GT, when I asked them over 20 yrs later for an autographed football for my injured friend, I got nothing but attitude. Johnnie – I wish you well in your new career, you’ll always be successful in life, just one question – where is my friends special KC Chief Football signed. See he still values you and a team you were a part of, even after what you never did and costing him a valued item.

He was obviously bitter and still had some anger inside him over the football that allegedly was never signed. Then, imagine my surprise to see a response left by J-Mo, who registered the comment under a pretty legit email address:


First of all, if you have something to say, say it to my face. Why go onto a website and leave a posted message? If you were a real man you’d address me personally. You know how to get ahold of me. You say you’re not a stalker? How did you find out about my fight and why are you on some site blogging about me? You seem to be infatuated with me. You talk about what Matt Millen said about me? Maybe he was talking about you. Why don’t you mention in your little whiny little blog about the time you asked me for $35,000 but didn’t want me to mention it to anyone? You’re the only relative to come out of the woodwork and ask me for money. Hmm, seems you forgot about that. The time after the San Diego game a lot of people asked me who that crazy guy was who wouldn’t leave you alone and was harassing you. One final thing. My father was shot 8 times and survived and that incident caused a lot of grief for my family. He survived luckily. Some time after that you wrote an anonymous letter telling him how happy you were that that happened. You said a lot of nasty things in that letter. I know it was you that wrote it because it came shortly after I denied you that money and you know my father didn’t approve of you asking. You are a fucking coward and know that you’ve gone public talking shit about me, when/if I see you next, you’re going to have a big fucking problem. You fucked up Alan and I’ll see to it that you pay bitch. Payback’s a motherfucker…

The legitimacy of these comments can definitely be questioned, but it begs to be answered, why would a Johnnie Morton impersonator go out of his way to write all that? And who else would have those types of details?

Did Johnnie Morton really respond to that comment? Thoughts anyone…

Joey Porter and Bengals All-Pro Levi Jones Rumble in Vegas

The Big Lead came up with a huge find — apparently 6’5″ 305lb OL Levi Jones of the Bengals and 6’3″ 250lb LB Joey Porter of the Dolphins got into a rumble in Las Vegas. Norm Clarke of Vegas Confidential explains:

A fist fight between two NFL players broke out in the Palms casino on Sunday night, sources said. Joey Porter, an All-Pro linebacker who recently left the Pittsburgh Steelers to join the Miami Dolphins, brawled with Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Levi Jones, at about 6 p.m. at a blackjack table in the casino.Jones, who suffered scratches, told Las Vegas police he would be filing charges against Porter. Sources said there has been bad blood between the two.

Of course we all know how the whole thing started — Porter’s pit bull attacked Levi for no reason.

UPDATE: Porter has been cited for misdemeanor battery which apparently means a police officer saw him hit Jones.

Did Mike Golic Jr. Receive Illegal Call from Charlie Weis?

Tuesday morning on Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio and ESPN2, Mike Golic had his son, Mike Golic Jr. on as a special guest to announce some news. Mike Sr. was so proud that his son had just accepted a scholarship offer to play football at Notre Dame that he had his son Mike Jr. join the show over the phone from Italy — where the high schooler was enjoying a class trip.

The younger Golic said on radio (paraphrasing here) that he received a phone call from Charlie Weis inviting him to become the first player to commit to Notre Dame for the ’08 season.

Mike Sr. quickly corrected his son, saying that Mike Jr. was the one who called Charlie Weis.

When I heard this, I immediately thought that Mike Sr. realized his son screwed up by saying something that could get the program in trouble (here are the NCAA rules for phone calls), and that he was trying to cover things up. The situation reminded me of the alleged illegal phone call received by Joe McKnight from Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush.

I called another friend who was listening to the show — and he too confirmed that Mike Jr. indeed said he received a phone call from Weis. However, my friend thought it was more of a young kid trying to sound cool telling a story like, “Yeah, I was hanging out at the Leaning Tower of Pisa and got a call from Charlie Weis,” it was pretty cool.

I am not accusing Charlie Weis of any wrong doing, rather I am pondering a question. Was Mike Jr. telling the events as they happened, or was he embellishing the story to sound cool, not realizing that his words were potentially incriminating?

This story via Ben Maller says Mike Sr. instructed Mike Jr. to go call Weis, which would lend support to the side that Mike Jr. was just trying to sound cool.

UPDATE: Here’s the audio and a transcription of the conversation.


Noah Lowry’s not a fan of the Myspace

When I say Noah Lowry I’m pretty sure not much comes to your mind unless you’re a pretty hard-core Giants fan. Howeva, from now on, when I say Noah Lowry, you will immediately think: Myspace. The San Francisco Chronicle tells of a Noah Lowry myspace imposter that got Lowry in some hot water:

Lowry learned from a reporter there was a blog on MySpace, purportedly written by Lowry, entitled “All Loyalty Gone,” that ripped Jason Schmidt as a traitor for leaving the Giants to sign a three-year, $47 million contract with the rival Dodgers. The author created a Lowry profile and blog with so much “inside information” about Lowry’s life and the Giants’ clubhouse, including photographs, even Lowry’s friends were fooled. Some sent him greetings through the site.

Lowry and random woman, courtesy sacmag

For all of YOU myspace stalkers out there, I know it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether or not a myspace page is real. But how close of friends can you be to the guy if you’re getting fooled? I digress.

I was able to dig up the “purported” blog entry, courtesy of the McCovey Chronicles in case you want to read what had so many people fooled.

Poor Noah Lowry. Dude was probably just trying to enjoy a peaceful off-season only to get bombarded by reporters asking about his threats to Jason Schmidt. Lowry probably had to make a lot of phone calls to clear things up. Besides, who would even think of impersonating an athlete on the internet anyways?

By the way Noah, I think you might want to update your marital status in your bio — there’s this 17 year old claiming to be your wife.


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Tom Brady more than the AFC East’s Daddy

Apparently New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been completing passes both on and off the field — and deep balls at that.  Previously I’ve talked about Brady’s relationship with model Gisele Bundchen, and now it looks like good old Tommy Boy’s going to start splitting his weekend between Gisele and former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.  As reported in the New York Post,

Moynahan, the star of ABC’s “Six Degrees,” is expecting and the father is New England Patriot All-Pro quarterback Tom Brady, although the couple is no longer together. Moynahan, 36, is more than three months along and “healthy and excited” about the impending arrival, said her spokeswoman, Christina Padadopoulos.

Congrats to good old Tommy.  Can’t you just see him changing diapers at the post-game media conference during his weekend stints of shared custody?  Who knows, maybe he and Matt Leinart can take lamaze classes together.

Was Marty Schottenheimer all jacked up on Mountain Dew?

If you can remember, I’ve been pretty critical of Marty Schottenheimer over the last few months.  Just this week, I wasn’t sympathetic about the Chargers’ firing of Marty.  Previously, I was pretty incredulous that the Chargers lost at home in the playoffs to the Patriots.  Now, I have come across some new information about the Chargers/Patriots game that let’s just say, tells us a little something about what was going on in Marty’s head the day of the loss. 

Sports talk show host Steve Czaban of FOX Sports Radio and WTEM in Washington D.C. told a story on-air this week about an email he received from a trusted source at NFL Films whom he labels “Deep Shield.”  The source “Deep Shield” claims to have insight about some of the in-game conversations between Schottenheimer and his staff.  I’ll let Czabe’s blog tell the rest of the story, starting with the contents of the email Czabe received from “Deep Shield” (and why do I feel like I’m in a James Bond movie?)

I know somebody that had full audio access to that game. What he said, was mind-blowing.

You’ll remember the infamous 4th and 11 call that probably doomed SD in the first quarter. This was the exchange that was heard “down-the-line” between Marty and Cam Cameron.

Marty: We’re going for it.

Cameron: No f’ing way coach, we’re kicking.

Marty: Find a play. We’re going for it.

From then on it was a huge argument with cursing left and right. They had to call a time out and when Rivers came over he said, “What’s going on, why aren’t we kicking the field goal?”

So early in the second quarter, Marty yells into the mic, “Goddamnit, I’m so hyped up someone needs to get over here and calm me down.” So the special teams coach comes over to him and talks to him and Marty says, “I was pulling into the parking lot today and I decided we were going to be aggressive. People don’t think I can be aggressive but I decided driving in that we were going to be.” And the ST coach says, “Coach. You can’t let the outside stuff get to you.”

If this is at all true, and Czaban seems to have a lot of confidence in his source (93% to be exact), then that tells us a lot about Schottenheimer — most of which isn’t surprising.

First, and most importantly, if this is accurate, then it portrays Schottenheimer as someone easily persuaded and unsure of himself.  If this is true, then Schottenheimer clearly let the media influence his game-day decisions. 

Secondly, if this is true, then it portrays Schottenheimer as someone lacking composure — probably not a good trait to have in high pressure situations.  To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t be surprised if those exchanges took place.  If they did, then it explains a lot about Schottenheimer’s lack of success in the playoffs — times when the pressure is at its all-time highest. 

Keep in mind that I am not reporting that these conversations took place.  Rather, I am just commenting on something presented to me that I find very intriguing.

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Like 3rd and long, T.O. denied

Ben Maller found this great nugget in the Miami Herald,

Sightings: B.E.D. refusing to admit Terrell Owens last week because his entourage was too big.

Entourage or ego? Either way, T.O. getting denied at a club is hilarious! That brings up another point. This club must have some serious cajones to reject an A-List (A for A-hole) guest like Terrible. Checking out the photo gallery for the club, it appears as if Lennox Lewis, Josh Beckett, Johnny Knoxville, and none other than Wilmer Valderrama are more desirable guests than Terrell Owens. Classic.

I do have to say – any place where you can eat and drink in bed gets my vote for cool (not to mention one that rejects Terrible).