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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Pittsburgh Paper says Grimm will Coach Steelers

So which one is it baby, spits or swallows?  In yet another twist of affairs in the Steelers coaching mystery, the Sunday edition of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says Russ Grimm will coach the Steelers.  Taking from the first line of Mike Prisuta’s article: “Russ Grimm has been offered and has accepted the Steelers’ head coaching position,…Read More

Tomlin to Coach Steelers

Mike Silver of reports the Steelers will name Minnesota Vikings’ defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin their new head coach.  The plans have now been confirmed by Chris Mortensen of ESPN.  Tomlin is extremely young, and at 34, he would be a very similar hire to Eric Mangini of the Jets last off-season, who was also 34…Read More

Parcells Staying in Dallas

As Adam Schefter of NFL Network and says, Bill Parcells has changed his mind before and can change it again, but all signs point to Parcells staying in Dallas to coach the Cowboys in the final year of his contract. Schefter cites NFL sources and uses the following as his support: 1) “Parcells is…Read More

Gold Club Atlanta Part II – Sugarloaf Sex Scandal

It has been brought to my attention that the lovely Atlanta area is playing home to yet another sex-type scandal amongst its rich and famous crowd, not too far off from the Gold Club scandal of the mid 90s.  To give you a brief Gold Club refresher, former Knicks center Patrick Ewing testified against the…Read More

Exclusive Footage: Gisele Serenades Brady

Yes, you can thank me later for this wonderful discovery.  Being from So Cal I was able to lock down some exclusive footage of Gisele serenading Tom Brady following the Patriots victory Sunday over the Chargers.  In case you missed it,  from the Boston Herald: “She was standing outside the locker room, just kind of leaning…Read More

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