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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Report: Khloe Kardashian pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s baby

Khloe Kardashian Cavs

Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with boyfriend Tristan Thompson’s baby, according to a report.

TMZ Sports reported on Tuesday that Kardashian is three months pregnant with what would be her first child. If the pregnancy is carried out to full term, the child would be born in the spring, towards the end of the NBA’s regular season.

Thompson began dating Kardashian about a year ago. Last December, a few months into his relationship with Kardashian, Thompson’s ex-girlfriend gave birth to their son. If Kardashian has the baby, that would become Thompson’s second child in about a year and a half.

Thompson, 26, is entering the third year of a five-year, $82 million contract he signed with the Cavs. Though he was dating Kardashian all season, Thompson never seemed distracted on the court, and the Cavs were even said to have been amused by the relationship.

Keyshawn Johnson accused of impregnating another woman while married

Keyshawn Johnson

Keyshawn Johnson is reportedly facing a paternity test from a woman who claims he is the father of her 4-month-old child, and that woman is not the former NFL star’s wife.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, a 35-year-old woman is seeking $4,346 a month in child support after she says she became pregnant with Johnson’s son back in 2016. The woman has asked a judge to order a paternity test for Johnson.

Complicating matters even further, Johnson is still legally married to Jennifer Conrad. Johnson’s estranged wife filed for divorce more than two years ago, and there was some talk of them reconciling at some point last year. However, Conrad told TMZ last summer that the divorce was back on.

Johnson has denied having a 4-month-old son with another woman, with his attorney telling TMZ “the allegations are absolutely false.”

Johnson is no stranger to being at the center of drama and gossip. His name came up in legal filings back in December 2014 by a man who believed the former NFL star was having an affair with his wife. The man said he found some inappropriate text messages that indicated his wife and Keyshawn were trying to arrange hook-ups.

Blake Griffin, Kendall Jenner appear to be dating

Blake Griffin

If you asked them, Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner would likely insist they are just friends. But with how many times they have been spotted together in a one-week span, it’s fair to wonder if there is more to the relationship than that.

TMZ has been tracking Griffin and Jenner for several days now, and the two have been spotted in public together at least three times. According to a gossip report from People, Jenner and Griffin are dating but things have not gotten serious.

“She’s seeing Blake romantically,” a source told People. “It’s nothing serious. She has been in L.A. a lot lately, and is having fun. … “Work will soon take over her life again, so who knows what will happen will Blake then. She is having fun right now and that’s all that matters to her. She takes her career very seriously and that’s her number one priority right now.”

For what it’s worth, fellow NBA star Chandler Parsons was with Griffin one of the times he went out with Jenner on what seemed to be a double date. There was speculation in the past that Parsons was dating Jenner, though he and Griffin are not the only NBA players she has been linked to.

Griffin plays for the Clippers and the Kardashian-Jenner clan is married to L.A. life, so is it possible the two are just friends? Sure. Probable? Nah.

Olivia Munn reportedly ‘in pieces’ over Aaron Rodgers having new girlfriend

Aaron Rodgers Olivia Munn Dubsmash

Aaron Rodgers was recently spotted on a date with a woman just months after he broke up with Olivia Munn, and apparently the actress has not been able to move on that quickly.

According to a report from OK! magazine, Munn is “in pieces” over Rodgers going on a date with another woman. Rodgers and Munn dated for around three years, and the NFL star is said to have left open the possibility of the two getting back together.

“Aaron told Olivia he was in love with her but that he needed some space; he promised to stay friends and said they would reevaluate things down the line,” a source told the gossip publication. “But instead he started dating and left Olivia feeling played.

“To see him move on with someone else in such a public fashion is like a knife through the heart. She’s trying to play it cool, but it’s obvious she’s still in love with him.”

Rodgers didn’t exactly try to keep his new flame a secret, as he was seen by multiple people on a date with former Harvard soccer player Marie Margolius a couple of weeks ago.

Rodgers and Munn broke up earlier this year, and there have been rumblings that family drama was the cause. The breakup seemed abrupt with how much the two loved public displays of affection.

Aaron Rodgers, soccer player Marie Margolius reportedly went on date

Aaron Rodgers

It has not been all that long since Aaron Rodgers and actress Olivia Munn broke off their relationship, but the Green Bay Packers star appears to be ready to play the field again.

Carlos Greer of Page Six reports that Rodgers was spotted on a date with former Harvard soccer player Marie Margolius in New York Sunday night. The two had dinner at one of the Martignetti brothers’ restaurants in the Upper East Side.

“They arrived at around 10 p.m. and seemed to be on a date. He wore a baseball cap and asked for the quietest, most out-of-the-way table possible. His hat was tilted down. It definitely seemed like he wanted to be incognito,” an insider told us.

The athletic duo sat close to each other in a quiet booth and feasted on cheeseburgers and monkfish and drank malbec and pinot noir. We’re told they ended the evening by sipping espresso and strolling together down the street.

Margolius, 24, graduated from Harvard and went on to play professional soccer for Ope IF in Sweden. It’s unclear how Rodgers and Margolius, who is originally from Acton, Mass., met.

Rodgers and Munn broke up earlier this year, and there have been rumblings that family drama was the cause. The quarterback was recently linked to Lindsey Vonn because of some social media activity, but Vonn later insisted the two are just friends.

Floyd Mayweather dating former reality TV star Abi Clarke?

Floyd Mayweather money

Floyd Mayweather Jr is preparing for his upcoming fight against Conor McGregor, and he reportedly has a new lady by his side in the meantime.

According to The Sun, Mayweather has been dating former British reality TV star Abigail Clarke. The two met in Las Vegas not long after Clarke broke up with pro soccer player Rob Davies, and a source told The Sun that Clarke was “blown away by (Mayweather’s) sense of humor and generosity.”

“Although she knew about his reputation as a party animal, she’s been pleasantly surprised and discovered he’s actually a really lovely guy,” the source claimed. “He made sure they were friends first, before trying to take it further. He’s really helped mend her broken heart and heal her scars.”

That doesn’t sound like the Floyd we know — you know, the guy who loves strip clubs so much he could be opening his own.

Clarke is reportedly planning to join Mayweather next month for undefeated boxer’s highly-anticipated bout against McGregor.

You can see some photos of Clarke here.

Wife says Richard Williams has huge collection of guns, is ‘erratic and hostile’

Richard Williams

Richard Williams, the father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, recently filed for divorce from his 38-year-old wife Lakeisha. Williams accused Lakeisha of being an alcoholic, stealing money and other offenses, but Lakeisha claims Williams has caused all the problems.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Lakeisha claims she had to remove an “arsenal of firearms including an AK-47” from the couple’s home out of fear that Williams might harm her or hers and Richard’s 5-year-old child. She also says the 75-year-old has been acting “erratic and hostile” and that she fears for her safety and the child’s.

More from TMZ:

In fact, 38-year-old Lakeisha claims she’s been essentially raising their child on her own because 75-year-old Richard refuses to get involved. She says school officials, teachers and doctors will corroborate her claims.

Lakeisha also says he’s afraid Richard will go all “scorched Earth” on her to retaliate for airing their issues in court. She claims Richard will essentially cut her off financially.

As for the guns, Lakeisha says they have been “safeguarded” and are available at the court’s request.

Williams and Lakeisha have been married for seven years, and it’s clear their split is going to be a messy one. You can read more about the accusations Williams made against his wife here.

Williams divorced from Serena and Venus’ mother in 2002. Richard was suspected of potential domestic violence committed against ex-wife Oracene Price in 1999, but he was never charged. He was intricately involved in the coaching and development of his daughters’ tennis careers.

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