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Monday, June 25, 2018


Britt McHenry dating controversial tennis player Tennys Sandgren

Britt McHenry has tried to make a living out of creating controversy since she was laid off by ESPN, so it makes sense that she would date a professional athlete who is known for doing the same.

If her recent Instagram activity is any indication, McHenry is in a relationship with pro tennis player Tennys Sandgren. McHenry was in France with Sandgren when the No. 57-ranked player was competing in the French Open, and she shared another photo of the two over the weekend.

Puts up with me in between tournaments. I vote GOP Conventions & wine tours.

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As The Big Lead reminds us, Sandgren came under scrutiny when he advanced to the Australian Open quarterfinals back in January and people called attention to all of the far-right conspiracy theories he has supported on Twitter.

Serena Williams was the most prominent voice from the tennis community to call out Sandgren.

Sandgren later criticized the media for its “sensationlist coverage” of him and decision to “perpetuate propaganda machines instead of researching information.”

If you have heard her views on Colin Kaepernick and national anthem protests, you know that McHenry and Sandgren seem like a perfect match.

Danny Amendola, Olivia Culpo appear to have gotten back together

Danny Amendola girlfriend

It has been just over two months since Olivia Culpo confirmed she had broken up with NFL wide receiver Danny Amendola, but it appears the couple has gotten back together — for at least a weekend.

TMZ shared some photos that show Amendola and Culpo standing next to each other at a wedding over the weekend, and sources told the publication that the two were “kissing, hugging, and hand-holding” at various points throughout the night. Amendola was part of the wedding party and Culpo went as his date.

Culpo seemed genuinely heartbroken when revealing that she had split with Amendola back in May. The actress and model was very public with her support of Amendola during the New England Patriots’ run to the Super Bowl last year. Culpo is from Rhode Island, and Amendola left the Patriots in free agency this offseason and signed with the Miami Dolphins.

Social media activity is what initially tipped people off about the Amendola-Culpo split. It’s possible the two simply went as dates to a wedding and are not back together, but time will tell.

Ben Simmons reportedly dating Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has gone from one NBA player to another, according to a report.

Page Six reports that Jenner is dating emerging Philadelphia 76ers youngster Ben Simmons. They say the two have been dating for a few weeks. Philly’s season came to an end after a loss to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinals on May 9, which has given Simmons plenty of time off since.

According to Page Six, the two were out together in Los Angeles this week and in New York last week.

Simmons, 21, was the No. 1 draft pick in 2016 and is a leading contender for Rookie of the Year.

Before Simmons, the 22-year-old dated Blake Griffin. She has also been linked to other basketball players on the Lakers.

Olivia Munn discusses Aaron Rodgers’ family problems

Aaron Rodgers Olivia Munn Dubsmash

Olivia Munn was often publicly blamed for coming between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers quarterback’s family, but Munn says that wasn’t entirely the case.

Munn, who broke up with Rodgers a year ago, says Rodgers was experiencing family problems even before the two met. The actress discussed Rodgers’ family issues during an appearance on “Andy Cohen Live” on Wednesday.

“I met one brother (Jordan). I was friendly with Jordan. I met the parents only a couple times,” Munn said. “Before he and I started dating, he hadn’t spoken the parents and one brother for like eight months before we started dating.”

Munn says she encouraged Rodgers to reach out to his parents to try and repair the relationship. She says the parents started coming out to Wisconsin in 2014, but things went badly from there.

Munn also has a theory for the issues between Rodgers and his family. She thinks that some of the issues stem from members of the family not being able to handle Rodgers’ fame and success as an athlete because they had dreams of playing professional sports.

“There’s a lot of complications. I don’t think either side of the road is clean. It’s not OK when you try to stand on someone’s shoulders and try to throw dirt in their face, which is what I think they did with him,” she said.

Rodgers is now dating former race car driver Danica Patrick. Munn says the two don’t really keep in touch. At the time they broke up, one report said that family drama was the reason for the breakup. A story two years ago also suggested that Rodgers’ family did not like Munn.

H/T TMZ Sports

Nikki Bella does not rule out getting back together with John Cena

John Cena proposes

John Cena has made it known publicly that he desperately wants to get back together with Nikki Bella, and his former fiancee is not quite ready to rule it out.

Cena said when he and Bella were dating that he did not want to have children, and that is one of the reasons their relationship fell apart. While she admits she initially thought Cena was saying he changed his mind about having kids just because he wants her back, Nikki told TMZ this week that she now believes the 16-time champion is being sincere.

“I believe 100 percent he wants kids,” she said. “It makes me want to run back and jump into his arms.”

Nikki said she thought Cena was just telling her what she wanted to hear prior to this week, but she apparently changed her mind after he poured his heart out in a TV interview. She also expressed frustration over people saying their relationship and breakup was a reality TV stunt.

“I care about him and love him a lot,” Bella said. “A lot of people get married for publicity. I’m not like those reality show people. I don’t want to be hesitant. I want to do what my heart says.”

Cena and Nikki were together for more than five years, and their proposal was even tied into the biggest WWE event of the year. While Bella says the wedding is still off at the moment, it sounds like the breakup is less than final.

John Cena opens up about Nikki Bella breakup, wants to have children now

John Cena proposes

It has been several weeks since WWE superstar John Cena and his girlfriend Nikki Bella called off their wedding and ended their relationship, and Cena says the single life has not been easy for him.

Cena spoke with Kathy Lee and Hoda on “TODAY” about the breakup Monday, and he said he has been dealing with a lot of depression.

“I had my heart broken out of nowhere,” Cena said. “Anyone who has experienced that knows that it comes with a series of bad feelings. … I still love Nicole. I still would love to marry Nicole. I still would love to have a family with Nicole.”

The 41-year-old spoke for several minutes about wanting his relationship with Bella to work out, and he also admitted he was “stubborn” when he openly stated before that he did not want children. Now, Cena says he realizes he wants a family with Bella.

“If you look at me five years ago — stubborn, selfish, self-focused. Life had always been about me,” Cena admitted. “Slowly, over time, this woman waltzes in and steals my heart. Whether I want to realize it or not, she becomes my No. 1. I’m willing to go back on all of these things that I said. A lot of them I hung onto just because of stubbornness, (like saying) I won’t have kids. I took a very strong look in the mirror to be like, ‘Why? This person is my No. 1, and it’s something that’s very valuable to her.’

“I love her. I want to be with her. I want to make her my wife. I want to be the father of her children. I just want us to work.”

Cena and Nikki were together for more than five years, and their proposal was even tied into the biggest WWE event of the year. It remains to be seen if they will get back together, but Kathy Lee and Hoda sure seemed to think the 16-time WWE champion was being genuine.

Jimmy Garoppolo spotted cozying up with woman outside bar

Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo is one of the most eligible bachelors in the Bay Area after the San Francisco 49ers signed him to a massive contract extension, but it appeared as though he was taken on Saturday night.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Garoppolo was shown doing a little more than just chatting with a woman after he left a bar called Paper Plane in San Jose. The two had their arms around each other and were showing some serious PDA.

As TMZ notes, Garoppolo was believed to be dating Alexandra King as of about two months ago, so it’s unclear if they broke up or were never exclusive.

Of course, Jimmy G. probably has his pick of the single ladies these days. Heck, even local zoos are naming animals after the guy. He also still hasn’t lost a game as an NFL starter. Life is good for the man who was once believed to be the heir to the Tom Brady throne.

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