Soccer player saves opponent’s life after he gets knocked unconscious (Video)

A Ukrainian soccer game nearly ended in tragedy on Sunday when a player was knocked unconscious by a flying knee. Fortunately, an opponent helped save his life on the field.

Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk goalkeeper Denis Boyko jumped up to catch a ball in the 25th minute and collided with Dynamo Kiev captain Oleg Gusev. Boyko’s knee hit Gusev directly in the head in one of the nastiest collisions you will ever see. Gusev was immediately knocked unconscious and fell to the ground.


In addition to being knocked out, Gusev also swallowed his tongue. Realizing what had happened, Dnipro midfielder Jaba Kankava immediately rushed over, rolled Gusev onto his back and reached into his mouth to free his airway.

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Keith Appling foul on Shabazz Napier costs Michigan State (GIF)

Michigan State guard Keith Appling can’t be happy with the way his collegiate career ended. The senior committed a costly foul in the Elite 8 on Sunday that helped send UConn to the Final Four.

With 30 seconds remaining in the game and the Huskies leading 53-51, Appling hit Napier on the arm while the UConn star was shooting a 3-pointer. Napier went on to hit all three of his free throws and give his team a five-point lead, ultimately icing the game.


Given the way UConn has shot free throws throughout the NCAA Tournament, the last thing the Spartans wanted to do down the stretch was put them at the line. The Huskies hit an astonishing 21 of 22 free throws (95.5%) against Michigan State. They hit 41 of 44 free throws total at Madison Square Garden in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8. They have shot 88% as a team in the tournament.


As Derrick Rose and his 2008 Memphis Tigers could tell you, poor free throw shooting can sink a team in March. Phenomenal work from the line has catapulted UConn into the Final Four.

GIF via Diehard Sport

Brandon Spikes blasts Ray Rice for allegedly assaulting wife Janay Palmer

Brandon-Spikes-PatriotsRay Rice married his fiancee Janay Palmer on Friday night — just one day after his indictment for allegedly assaulting her last month. Rice has been charged with third degree aggravated assault and could face three to five years if found guilty. If Brandon Spikes was allowed to attend the ceremony, let’s just say he would have spoken up rather than forever holding his peace.

After word surfaced that Rice and Palmer had gotten married in a private ceremony, Spikes took to Twitter to unload on the Ravens running back.

I’m sure a lot of people felt the same way as Spikes after seeing that video of Rice dragging Palmer’s unconscious body out of an elevator. Many people are shocked that they got married so quickly given the circumstances, but I guess that’s their business. Leave it to Spikes to speak about it so eloquently.

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Eagles reportedly grew concerned about DeSean Jackson’s possible gang ties

DeSean Jackson Crips

DeSean Jackson has never gotten himself into any real trouble with the law, but that hasn’t stopped speculation about the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver being affiliated with gangs. The Eagles’ reported attempts to trade Jackson this offseason while he is 27 and coming off the best season of his career have left some scratching their heads. Others are not surprised at all.

On Friday, Eliot Shorr-Parks and AJ Perez published a lengthy report on NJ.com detailing how the Eagles have grown concerned over Jackson’s alleged link to the Crips gang in Los Angeles. Sources told Shorr-Parks and Perez that in addition to being annoyed by Jackson missing meetings and having an inconsistent work ethic, the Eagles are also troubled by negative influences in his life.

Back in December 2010, a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed after he flashed a rival gang sign at two men while riding his bike through South Los Angeles. The LA District Attorney’s office said Jackson was “not part of the case,” but he is associated with one of the two men who were charged with the murder.

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Charles Barkley swears he has more money than Boomer Esiason (Video)

Charles Barkley was in peak, peak form during halftime of the Florida-UCLA NCAA Tournament game on CBS Thursday night. He seriously had me laughing so hard my neighbors were wondering what was going on.

It all started before the game when CBS showed a picture of Barkley at Auburn in 1984. Chuck joked that he remembered that year well because it was the last time he was poor. So when they returned for more analysis at the half, CBS shared a list of other now-famous people who hadn’t “made” it in 1984. Chuck, of course, proceeded to dish on each person on the list, but he was quite confused when they showed Boomer Esiason.

Charles Barkley made it

Chuck swore he had more money than Boomer and his reasoning was great.

But the fun didn’t end there!

CBS then shared the “tweet of the night,” which came from Shaq. That led Chuck to rip on his “Inside the NBA” partner in hilarious form:

By the way, looks like Chuck was right:

NFL teams to offer service where fans can order cheerleader to their seat


Ever been to an NFL game and felt that the gorgeous cheerleaders patrolling the sidelines were so close yet so far away? You almost feel like you could reach out and touch them, but they’re just a little too far and, most importantly, following through on that desire might constitute a crime.

Thanks to the latest in technology, fans will soon be closer than ever to cheerleaders.

Sports Business Journal revealed on Monday that a few teams have partnered with app developer Experience to develop technology that will allow fans to order upgrades when they get to the stadium for a game. The perks will include stuff like getting on the field before a game or having a cheerleader come to your seat.

According to Darren Rovell, the Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are three teams that have already agreed to offer the premium experiences. League officials were expected to encourage other owners to adopt the technology at the NFL meetings this week.

The Falcons actually began offering some of the services to 3,000 of their season ticket holders last season.

“Anything from pregame on-field, to a birthday message, to cheerleader visits, to mascot visits, to the fly-by pass, which is a dedicated lane where you don’t wait to get into the stadium,” Falcons CEO Jim Smith explained. “All the experiential things sold out within the first four hours they were made available.”

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Teams have spent significant time and resources over the past few years coming up with ways to improve the in-stadium experience. Stuff like offering wireless internet at games and showing fantasy stats on stadium scoreboards has done that, but plenty of people are perfectly content watching games on their 60-inch high definition TVs. But can they order a cheerleader to come visit them in their seat? Well, they could probably order someone in a cheerleader outfit … let’s not get into that.

Tony LaRussa’s daughter is an Oakland Raiders cheerleader
Doug Flutie’s daughter is a New England Patriots cheerleader

Steve Masiello not hired by USF after discovery that he never got degree

Steve MasielloOne of the more bizarre stories of the year came out on Tuesday when it was revealed that South Florida had backed out of a deal to hire Steve Masiello as its next basketball coach because of a discrepancy in his background check. On Wednesday, The Tampa Tribune reported that Masiello lied on his resume and never completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of Kentucky.

Masiello, who has been at Manhattan the past three seasons and led his team to the NCAA Tournament this year, was a student at Kentucky from 1996-2000. He was a walk-on basketball player for Rick Pitino in his first season and Tubby Smith for three years after that. The UK Office of Public Relations confirmed to The Tampa Tribune that Masiello never got his degree.

Masiello’s biography with Manhattan College says he graduated from UK in 2000 with a degree in communications. He agreed to a five-year deal that would pay him $1 million per season with USF on Tuesday, but the agreement was contingent upon the verification of his resume.

Rick Pitino told ESPN on Wednesday that he was “shocked” to hear that Masiello never graduated.

“When I left (UK for the NBA), he was on track to graduate,” Pitino said, per the Tribune.

USF will now continue its coaching search, and it is unclear if Masiello will be allowed to return to Manhattan. The 36-year-old is considered one of the better young coaches in the country and was praised by Pitino for giving “one of the best coaching jobs” he has ever seen during Louisville’s 71-64 win over Manhattan in the round of 64.

While Masiello’s success on the court speaks for itself, you have to assume he also wrote that he was a graduate of Kentucky on the resume he submitted to Manhattan. How the school reacts to that remains to be seen.