Mario Gotze scores goal in extra time to give Germany World Cup (Video)

Mario Gotze won the World Cup for Germany with a goal in extra time Sunday to account for the only goal in his country’s 1-0 win over Argentina.

Gotze, who was a late-game substitute for Miroslav Klose, put in a left cross to score the only goal of the game. The 22-year-old midfielder didn’t even play in the semifinal win over Brazil and only had one goal in the World Cup prior to scoring in the final.

The win gives Germany its fourth World Cup and marks the first time a European team won a World Cup in South America.

Here he was taking it all in after the win:

Mario Gotze

Report: Carmelo Anthony finally settles on Knicks

Carmelo Anthony KnicksEarlier this week, the NY Daily News quoted a source who said Carmelo Anthony had decided to re-sign with the New York Knicks and would inform the team of his decision on Thursday. Half of that report was accurate. Don’t worry, Knicks fans — it was the important half.

According to various NBA writers on Twitter, Anthony was in the final stages of negotiating a five-year deal with the Knicks on Saturday and told the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets — the two other teams that were courting him — to move on. The deal is believed to be a maximum contract of $129 million.

Phil Jackson claims he made five different contract offers to Carmelo, so he seemed confident the two sides would be able to work something out. Anthony supposedly believes in Jackson and is on board with the plan he has for the future of the Knicks.

There was some speculation that Carmelo was waiting for LeBron James to make a decision to see if it would be possible for the two to play together, and there is probably some truth to that. But like the rest of us, I’m sure Anthony knew it was unrealistic. His wife La La loves New York and probably didn’t want to move, which made the decision even easier.

LeBron James jersey burning starts; mural also defaced (Video)

Miami Heat fans are reacting to the news of LeBron James signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers the exact way you would expect them to. Many of them are angry, and they’re taking out their frustrations with jersey burning and vandalism.

It’s one thing to burn your own jersey. If that’s how you want to spend $100, by all means. However, you hate to see fans vandalize artwork that took hours upon hours to complete. Unfortunately, someone took black spray paint and covered Lebron’s face on a massive mural in Miami.


According to WPLG, the mural took artist Serge Toussaint two years to complete. The artwork is incredible, and it really sucks that people have to overreact like that.

And then, of course, there were the fans who chanted “f— LeBron James’ at newscasters as they were riding by.

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LeBron James is ‘coming home’ to Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron-CavsIt’s official. LeBron James has announced that he will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In a move that many saw coming but still seemed too surreal, LeBron wrote an exclusive piece for Sports Illustrated on Friday (with the help of Lee Jenkins) announcing that he is “coming home.”

“My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball,” LeBron wrote. “I didn’t realize that four years ago. I do now.”

LeBron also expressed more regret over the way he left the Cavs four years ago, but added that he does not regret actually leaving.

“If I had to do it all over again, I’d obviously do things differently, but I’d still have left,” he said. “Miami, for me, has been almost like college for other kids. These past four years helped raise me into who I am. I became a better player and a better man.”

Despite Dan Gilbert’s nasty letter, LeBron said he always knew he would return to Cleveland and finish his career there.

“I always believed that I’d return to Cleveland and finish my career there,” said James. “I just didn’t know when.”

Considering he is only 29 and will likely sign one more huge contract after this one expires, LeBron should be careful what he says. No one would be shocked if he didn’t finish his career in Cleveland, but I suppose that’s not the point.

James got the monkey off his back by winning two championships with the Miami Heat. He now has a chance to play the hero in his home state and finish what he started. It’s not often athletes get a second chance. LeBron will try to make the best of his.

LeBron James reportedly still bothered by Dan Gilbert letter

Dan-GilbertCleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was not wise to burn bridges with LeBron James four years ago. Rather than looking at the bigger picture and realizing that LeBron would be a free agent more than once during the prime of his career, Gilbert reacted by attacking LeBron’s character and making promises he could not keep. And now, it may cost him.

Chris Broussard of ESPN reports that Gilbert’s infamous comic sans letter is one reason, if not “the major reason,” that LeBron’s decision is taking so long.

“If it wasn’t for that letter, this would’ve been done awhile ago,” a source told Broussard.

Gilbert has never issued a public apology to LeBron. There have been rumors that the two patched things up, but neither James nor the Cavs owner have ever confirmed that. By saying the deal would have been done a while ago if not for the letter, Broussard’s source — whatever that means to you — is basically saying LeBron wants to go back to Cleveland.

LeBron has admitted that “The Decision” was mishandled, and I’m sure he understands how much it tortured Cavs fans. Still, he probably can’t help but keep the words Gilbert used to describe him — like “coward” and “narcissist” — fresh in his mind. If LeBron does return to Cleveland, it won’t be because he wants to play for Gilbert again.

All that said, this is extremely difficult to believe. Broussard threw some stuff in the end of his article about how LeBron was the first player to speak out publicly against Sterling, so some believe it would be “hypocritical” of LeBron to return and play for Gilbert. Are we really comparing Gilbert’s childish letter to a fellow owner’s disgustingly racist beliefs? Come on.

Extra police stationed outside LeBron James’ Akron mansion

LeBron James CavsExtra police and security were stationed outside LeBron James’ Akron mansion on Thursday in anticipation of an announcement about his future.

Thursday was the first day free agents could sign with new teams. Most players are waiting on James’ announcement to decide where they will go, so there has been very little news.

But the police are ready regardless of James’ choice.

Should James choose to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, there will be a massive celebration. If he re-resigns with the Miami Heat, there will be riots. Either way, the police are prepared and surrounding James’ fortress.

See all the photos and tweets below:

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Carmelo Anthony reportedly will re-sign with Knicks

Carmelo Anthony KnicksCarmelo Anthony reportedly plans to re-sign with the Knicks and supposedly will let everyone know of his decision on Thursday.

The New York Daily News quotes a source who informed them of ‘Melo’s plans.

“He will have something for everybody on Thursday,” a friend told the Daily News Wednesday. “He is really torn because this is the biggest decision of his career. But he wants to get it done in New York. He told me he believes in Phil.”

Free agents can sign contracts as early as Thursday. ‘Melo visited with the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, Lakers and Knicks during free agency, but the Knicks were said to be the favorites to retain him all along. Anthony supposedly believes in new team president Phil Jackson and Phil’s plans for the club.

This should not at all come as a surprise. Though being pitched by teams creates intrigue, ‘Melo’s family is in NY and they have had some success since he’s been there. The Knicks also can offer him a five-year max deal, which no other team can. For a guy getting into his 30s, that extra guaranteed money could make a difference.