Bode Miller cries during interview; reporter Christin Cooper criticized for questions


Bode Miller salvaged what has been a disappointing trip to Sochi on Sunday by winning a bronze medal in the men’s super-G. The 36-year-old became the oldest alpine skier in Olympic history to win a medal. After the race, he was overcome with emotion when NBC’s Christin Cooper asked several questions about his late brother.

Miller’s brother Chelone was found dead last April after suffering an apparent seizure. He was 29. At the start of his interview with Cooper, Miller mentioned the passing of Chelone. You can see the full video of the interview here.

“This was a little different,” he said. “I think my brother passing away … I really wanted to come back here and race the way he sensed it. This was a little different.”

Miller was clearly fighting back tears after bringing up his brother. Cooper asked a follow-up question about the emotion he was showing. When he did not mention Chelone, she asked another question about him.

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Darren Sharper a serial rapist? Suspected of seven rapes, 11 druggings

Darren SharperDarren Sharper was formally charged with raping and drugging two women on Friday in a Los Angeles court. That may only be the start of it. The two charges that were filed are only a portion of a complaint that names Sharper as a suspect in seven rapes and 11 acts of drugging someone in four different states.

We already knew that Sharper had been accused of sexual assault in Louisiana in addition to the charges he faces stemming from two alleged encounters with women in LA. The filing from Friday also revealed the analysis from the rape kit used in the Louisiana case and noted that the alleged victim reported she blacked out after taking a drink from Sharper.

Sharper claims to have a video that proves sex with the woman from New Orleans was consensual. His California attorney, Blair Berk, expressed optimism that the former New Orleans Saints safety’s name will be cleared.

“We look forward to the true facts being revealed in this case and we are hopeful that Mr. Sharper will be fully exonerated before this case is concluded,” Berk said, per Naomi Martin of The Times-Picayune.

While it should be noted that Sharper is innocent until proven guilty, the similarity between all the cases is disturbing. In addition to the two women from LA and one from New Orleans, Sharper has also been accused of raping two women at his Las Vegas hotel suite and two other women in an Arizona apartment. The Times-Picayune highlights some of the details of the accusations.

In each case, the alleged victims recall being given a drink by Sharper and finding themselves incapacitated in some way shortly thereafter. The cups Sharper allegedly gave the women in the LA incidents tested positive for morphine and zolpidem, which are ingredients in the sleep medication Ambien.

One thing’s for sure: Sharper’s attorneys have a lot of work to do in the coming months.

Ted Wells report shows Jonathan Martin, unnamed Dolphins OL, team assistant were harassed

Jonathan Martin Richie Incognito

When Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito tweeted that the truth is going to “bury” teammate Jonathan Martin earlier this week, he must not have been referring to the Ted Wells report. The results of the independent investigation were released on Friday, with Wells and others concluding that Martin was indeed a victim of persistent workplace harassment.

If you have the time, the entire report is worth reading. Incognito is basically labeled the ring leader, though it was determined that offensive linemen Mike Pouncey and John Jerry also bullied Martin. Another Dolphins lineman, referred to as Player A, and a team assistant were also allegedly harassed on a regular basis.

The report includes a number of disturbing exchanges — both verbal and written — that Martin claims took place between him, Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey. The exchanges include but are not limited to the use of racial and homophobic slurs and incredibly disturbing remarks about Martin’s sister and mother.

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Rick the Ruler talks about Derek Jeter stealing his girl and his ride

Derek-Jeter-One-Night-Stand-AutographsDerek Jeter has never had much of a problem with the ladies. The guy has chosen to remain a bachelor and has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world. Jeter can meet women anywhere he goes, and he apparently has been known to steal a girl or two in his life.

In the wake of Jeter announcing that the 2014 season would be his last in Major League Baseball, a guy named Ricky Smith decided to tell a hilarious story about the time Jeter stole his girl at the club. Smith, who goes by “Rick the Ruler” on Twitter, runs an organization called R.A.K.E. (Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere). This is his story, courtesy of The Smoking Section:

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LeBron James sinks sick game-winning 3-pointer to beat Warriors (Video)

LeBron James chest poundFans at Oracle Arena were treated to a real show on Wednesday night as they watched LeBron James and Stephen Curry trade baskets in the final minutes of the game, but it was the league’s four-time MVP who came out on top.

Working in isolation against Andre Iguodala, LeBron dribbled down the clock and then hit a step-back 3-pointer with 0.1 seconds left to give the Miami Heat a 111-110 win over the Golden State Warriors.

After making the big shot, LeBron gave a hearty staredown to the Warriors fans in attendance and pounded his chest:

When you make a shot like that in someone else’s building, you’ve earned the right to do a stare like that. And when you just proclaimed that basketball Mount Rushmore needs to make room for you, you sure as heck have to back it up by knocking down a shot like that.

James went 14-of-26 for 36 points and added 12 rebounds and 9 assists in the win. He is most definitely back in the MVP conversation.

GIF via @cjzero; video via @gifdsports

Report: Andrew Bynum was suspended by Cavs for shooting ball every time he touched it in practice

Andrew BynumUntil this week, little was known about the reason the Cleveland Cavaliers chose to suspend Andrew Bynum indefinitely back in December. Bynum had appeared in just 24 games with the team after signing a two-year, incentive-laden deal that could have paid him up to $25 million. The only thing we knew is what Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports had reported — that Bynum had become a “disruptive” presence with the Cavs.

Now that Cleveland has unloaded the 26-year-old, the story has become more clear. According to Wojnarowski, sources claim Bynum had literally been acting like a child during practice.

He stopped trying on the floor, and became a disruptive presence in practices. Before Bynum was thrown out of his final practice and suspended, he was shooting the ball every time he touched it in a practice scrimmage, sources said – from whatever remote part of the court he had caught the ball.

We already knew Bynum didn’t care about basketball. He felt no sense of remorse over never appearing in a single game with the Philadelphia 76ers during the 2012-2013 season, and one former teammate said he has never seen a player who likes basketball less than Bynum.

Bynum has the physical skills needed to be one of the most dominant centers in basketball. But when he doesn’t get his way, he does things like throwing a hissy fit in practice by firing the ball at the hoop from wherever he stands. If he does that with the championship-caliber Indiana Pacers, they’ll cut him in a heartbeat.

H/T Pro Basketball Talk

LeBron James: I will be one of the top four players in NBA history

LeBron James trophiesLeBron James confidently believes that he will be one of the top four players in NBA history by the time he’s done with his career. He’s so confident about his place in history he says historians will have to make a place for him on the metaphorical “Mount Rushmore” of NBA greats.

NBA TV on Tuesday rolled out another promotional clip from LeBron’s interview with Steve Smith. The previous clip was LeBron admitting he had some doubts in his first season with the Miami Heat. In this one, LeBron was asked to name his Mount Rushmore.

LeBron put Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson on there, and then named Oscar Robertson as his fourth player. I’m pretty surprised he left Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain off the list, but that’s his call. Anyway, the good part isn’t who LeBron included on his list, but how he believes he fits in.

Smith asked if LeBron believes he’ll be up there with those players when his career is over.

“Yeah. Because I’m going to be one of the top four who’s ever played this game. For sure. If they don’t want me to have one of those top four spots, they better find another spot on there. Somebody gotta get bumped.”

When asked who he’d bump off the list, LeBron didn’t have an answer.

“That’s not for me to decide. That’s for the architects to decide.”

Again, I think it’s pretty tough to do a top four list and leave Wilt and Kareem off, but that’s all opinion. I do think LeBron is going to win at least two more championships and will undoubtedly have the resume to go down with the game’s greats when all is said and done.