Chris Canty: Kirk Cousins would give Redskins better chance than Robert Griffin III

Robert-Griffin-RedskinsMike Shanahan has no intention of benching Robert Griffin III. With the Washington Redskins out of playoff contention, the last thing the team needs is to give RG3 less reps and potentially set the future of the team back even further. Having said that, there are plenty of people who feel that backup quarterback Kirk Cousins should be given an opportunity. Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty is one of those people.

During an appearance on NFL Network, Canty said he agrees with San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks’ assessment of RG3′s play this season.

“I have to agree with Ahmad Brooks,” Canty said, per Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog. “It’s clear that RG3 does not have the explosion that he had during his rookie campaign. You know what, much of his game is predicated on his agility, his elusiveness and his ability to be able to separate from defenders. He can’t do that and that knee is not 100 percent healthy. This is his second reconstruction on that same knee. I think it takes a little more time for that guy to develop and get healthy in order to put himself in good positions to be able to help his team win.”

Griffin has obviously been cleared to play. He is probably not 100%, but he has to play and continue to develop if he wants to eventually get there. Given the current state of the Redskins, I don’t think sitting him would be beneficial. Canty disagrees.

“I think they should sit him down,” he added. “It’s clear that he is not able to run the offense at the high level that he did during in his rookie year. I think Kirk Cousins gives them the best opportunity to win football games right now.”

The real concern for Washington is Griffin’s future as a scrambling quarterback. If he is going to have to wear a bulky knee brace for the rest of his career, he may never be the explosive player the Redskins drafted.

Freddie Roach: Manny Pacquiao would beat ‘slow’ Floyd Mayweather

pacquiao-mayweatherThe Manny Pacquiao camp has been banging the Floyd Mayweather fight drum pretty hard over the past few weeks, and the latest words come from Freddie Roach, who believes his fighter would beat Floyd.

Pacquiao (55-5-2, 38 KOs) defeated Brandon Rios by unanimous decision on Saturday in Macau and looked very good in the fight. It was his first victory in over two years, though that stat is really misleading; Pacquiao beat Timothy Bradley in my opinion, but the judges screwed him on that split decision. I also thought he looked pretty good against Juan Manuel Marquez until Marquez caught him with a huge shot in the sixth round to end the fight.

Prior to the Pacquiao-Rios fight, promoter Bob Arum said he was open to Pacquiao and Mayweather fighting. That was a change from his previous stances, as Arum always found ways to impede the fight (as did Floyd). It’s no surprise that Pacquiao’s side wants the fight now — he’s not as highly regarded as Floyd anymore, and he has less to lose. All that adds up to less leverage, which would ostensibly make negotiations go more smoothly.

If Floyd and Manny end up fighting next year as Top Rank Promotions hopes, Roach, who is Pacquiao’s longtime trainer, thinks Manny would win the fight.

“Mayweather in his last two fights has been slow, he doesn’t move as much as he used to,” Roach told AFP. “I think Manny’s speed will overwhelm him. Mayweather is not good against southpaws. And he has trouble with speed.

“Manny Pacquiao, he’s back, but I never really had the thought he went anywhere.”

Roach has been talking a lot of trash lately. Maybe calling Mayweather slow is his way of trying to goad the undefeated boxer. Then again, Roach was talking trash when he said Rios was a punching bag who hits back, but his words turned out to be accurate. Maybe the same will be true of his prediction about Pacquiao-Mayweather. But there’s only one problem: I still don’t think Floyd will agree to the fight — facing Pacquiao is too risky for him.

Orlando Scandrick, Jason Hatcher blast Giants after win

Jason-Hatcher-Cowboys-Have-No-LeadersWe heard a lot of talk from the New York Giants throughout the week last week. For the most part, the Dallas Cowboys took the high road. Jason Garrett’s team decided to do its talking on the field, and Dallas came away with a huge win on the road against their biggest rival. Naturally, some of the Cowboys players threw the Giants’ smack talk in their face after the game.

“They talked and they talked and they talked,” cornerback Orlando Scandrick, who kept Victor Cruz in check, told Bart Hubbuch of the NY Post. “I’ve never in my life heard a team that was 4-6 talk like that. We were 5-5, and we knew we had no room to talk.”

Last week, Jason Pierre-Paul said the Giants were going to “hunt” Tony Romo. He also said there would be “blood spilled” during the matchup, which may have simply been a reference to what he anticipated would be a hard-fought game. Still, Scandrick ripped him for it.

“I don’t know what the hell that was,” Scandrick said. “You just need to be quiet sometimes and do your talking with your play. I feel like it started as soon as the game ended for them last Sunday. Jason Pierre-Paul was like, ‘There’s going to be bloodshed.’ Did he even record a stat on the final stat sheet?’”

Dallas defensive tackle Jason Hatcher, who sacked Eli Manning twice, also took aim at Pierre-Paul.

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Will Muschamp reportedly will be back as Florida coach, but changes are expected

Will MuschampWill Muschamp will be back as head coach of the Florida Gators next season despite his team’s struggles this year, according to a report.

The Orlando Sentinel says Florida has no plans to fire Muschamp even though the Gators have lost six in a row and are now 4-7. However, the Sentinel says changes to the coaching staff are to be expected.

Florida lost to Georgia Southern 26-20 on Saturday, which marked the first time the Gators lost to a non-Division I opponent. The only bright side — sort of — is that the smallest crowd of the Muschamp era was there to witness it. Georgia Southern beat Florida without completing a pass.

This report shouldn’t come as much of a surprise; Florida went 11-2 last year in Muschamp’s first season. Firing him after this season would seem too hasty. Plus, athletic director Jeremy Foley recently gave Muschamp that huge dreaded vote of confidence. Now if the Gators don’t show improvement next year, you can bet they’ll be looking for a new coach.

Derrick Rose reportedly has torn meniscus, will need surgery

Derrick RoseDerrick Rose suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee when he injured it during the Chicago Bulls’ loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday night, according to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. Rose’s knee appeared to give out when he made a cut after having the ball stolen from him, and he later needed to be helped to the locker room. He was seen leaving the arena on crutches after the game and had an MRI on Saturday.

According to Johnson, Rose’s latest knee injury will require surgery and keep him out indefinitely. He will return to Chicago for the surgery in the near future, and the team will determine how long he will be out after it has been completed.

I don’t know if we can say Bulls fans’ worst fears have been realized, but it is pretty close. Rose missed the entire 2012-2013 season while recovering from a torn ACL in his life knee. As someone whose game relies on thrashing to the hoop, the 25-year-old has to be concerned about having surgery on both of his knees after being in the NBA for just five seasons.

Derrick Rose leaves game with right knee injury (Video)

Derrick RoseDerrick Rose left Friday night’s Chicago Bulls-Portland Trail Blazers game with a right knee injury, leaving Bulls fans in a state of panic.

Rose’s knee appeared to give out after he made a cut. He went to the bench before being helped to the locker room. Bulls reporter K.C. Johnson says Rose did not put any weight on his leg as he was helped off.

Here’s a photo of Rose being helped to the locker room:

The Bulls later announced that Rose had a right knee injury and that he would not return to the game. The torn ACL injury Rose has come back from was in his left knee, so this injury is to his other knee.

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau expressed concern over Rose after the game.

“He has pain and he said he feels like he can’t push off it. I’m concerned. Anytime anyone goes down you’re concerned. I don’t want to speculate.”

Thibodeau also said Rose will have an MRI on his right knee on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Here is the former league MVP leaving the arena on crutches:

Video via BeyondtheBuzzer

Dwight Howard really is money from the free throw line in warmups (Video)

Dwight-Howard-RocketdsHouston Rockets center Dwight Howard is shooting just 54% from the free throw line this year, which is lower than his career mark of 58%. When discussing his free throw woes, Howard has always insisted that the problems are strictly between his ears. In fact, various reports have indicated that Howard will hit as many as 90% of his free throws during a typical practice day.

Now, we have proof that he’s not lying. For those of you who are counting at home, the video above that The Starters passed along shows Howard draining 18 of 20 free throw attempts in warmups before a recent home game. He even hit 10-straight at one point.

With Shaquille O’Neal, it was obvious his problems at the charity stripe were a mechanical issue. The way Shaq leaned over the free throw line and snapped the ball at the rim was always uncomfortable to watch. With Howard, it’s all mental. If he could simply stop worrying so much, it would make him that much more dangerous.

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