High Schooler Kimlon Dillon Leaps into End Zone from 5-Yard Line (Video)

When football teams line up in their goal-line offense and are looking to score from about one or two yards out, a running back can attempt to jump over the pile. Oftentimes the flight results in a score while other times it causes pain and/or fumbling. There are also times when running backs and wide receivers leap into the end zone just to show off on their way to a score.  Kimlon Dillon from Apopka, Fla. topped all of them when he jumped into the end zone from five yards out and scored a touchdown.  Check out this awesome video that Prep Rally shared with us:

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Florida High School Team Wins on Rare Free Kick (Video)

Belen Jesuit (Fl.) beat powerhouse Miami Northwestern (Fl.) 36-28 Friday thanks to an unusual coaching decision that worked to perfection.

Belen coach Rick Stuart instructed his team to call for fair catch on a punt return with 16.7 seconds left. Instead of running plays to get closer for a field goal, or to try and score a touchdown, Stuart called a rare play: a free kick.

Free kicks are allowed after fair catches. Kickers can then choose to kick using a tee like on a kick off, or a drop kick like they would on a punt, or like they would on a field goal with a holder (it’s similar to the kicking options following a safety).

With Northwestern standing 10 yards away by rule, kicker Sergio Sroka nailed a 49-yard field goal off the tee to give his team the lead. It was redemption for Sroka who had missed a 37-yard field goal on his team’s previous drive.

Belen added an interception returned for a touchdown as time expired to win 36-28.

Here’s a video of Sroka’s impressive boot to win the game:

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High School Football Coach Hit in Face with Helmet During Postgame Ambush

Warren County (Ga) football coach David Daniel underwent major reconstructive facial surgery Sunday night after being hit in the face by a helmet during a postgame ambush.

Daniel’s Warren County team beat Hancock Central High School 21-2 in their football game Friday night. Warren County was locked out of its locker room following the game and they say they were ambushed by Hancock Central fans and players.

Many players were hit and bruised during the ambush. When Daniel stepped in to protect his players, he was hit in the face by a helmet.

WRDW in Augusta reports that Daniels “had surgery on his injured eye, but doctors were not able to repair his tear duct. Daniel has crushed bones both above and below his eye and surgeons had to place metal plates in his face to help reconstruct his face. Daniel has also received more than 100 stitches.”

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is handling the investigation. Warren County will not play Hancock County in any sports the rest of the year to protect their students.

From high school players punching coaches during games, to players bashing coaches with helmets, the off-field violence needs to stop.

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High Schooler Gary Simpson Arrested for Punching Coach During Game

Oftentimes in the wonderful, yet violent, world of football, we see tempers flaring on the field. Unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary roughness penalties are a part of the game at all levels. What do you expect from a sport that is based around 250-pound guys trying to hurt each other?

On rare occasions, we see frustration from a game spill over off the field.  We all remember the infamous LeGarrette Blount post-game incident in 2009 when he punched an opponent square in the jaw.  You may even recall the time Steve Smith was suspended for breaking a teammate’s nose during training camp.  However, there has not been an abundance of physical altercations between players and coaches.

Unfortunately, such an event took place during a Pennsylvania high school football game on Friday night.  According to the Erie Times-News via Prep Rally, East High senior Gary Simpson was arrested and hauled off the field in handcuffs after he punched his coach, Michael Cutter, in the face.  As of Wednesday morning, the 18-year-old’s $25,000 bond had yet to be posted and he remained in jail.

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High Schooler Austin Pacheco Hits 64-Yard Field Goal (Video)

If a high school football player hits a 64-yard field goal that could have easily gone 70, is he destined for the NFL? I’m aware that accuracy is more important in the long run, but if I’m an NFL organization I’m taking a chance on Nevada’s Austin Pachecho at some point. Check out this kick, courtesy of Deadspin:

The longest kick in NFL history is 63 yards, and those guys are the most elite in the world. The kick was only the fourth longest in high school history, so again accuracy is obviously what separates NFL kickers from the rest. That being said, Pacheco made it look easy. There aren’t many people out there who can pull that off.

High School Girl Crowned Homecoming Queen, Kicks Winning Field Goal in Same Night

If Hollywood pooled its top writers together, they couldn’t have put together a better script than this. High school senior Brianna Amat kicked the winning field goal for Pinckney High in Michigan Friday night, the same night she learned she had won homecoming queen.

Amat is a star player on the school’s soccer team, and she began kicking for the football team after telling her soccer coach that she wanted to kick for the football team as well. She’s made four field goals and seven extra points on the year, but none were bigger than the one she made Friday night.

Amat nailed a career-best 31-yard field goal in the third quarter against Grand Blanc to make it 9-7. Her field goal wound up being the winning kick as Pinckney knocked off the No. 7 team in the state. But the story doesn’t end there.

Before kicking the winning field goal, Amat was called out of the team’s locker room during halftime. To her surprise, she was crowned homecoming queen during the game.

It’s a story you can watch in the video above, or probably in a movie theater in a few years. Amat should also be reminded that her career doesn’t have to end after high school; some colleges are willing to try out female kickers. If Amat can improve on her distance, she could take her “kicking queen” act to the next level. If she does, we know she’ll be a hit.

A Mother’s Facebook Post Costs Tennessee High School Team Three Wins

Allow me to preface this post by saying I feel badly for the two high schoolers involved. I really do. Sure, they were doing something they should not have been, but when you are a minor, certain things are out of your control. You just have to go with the flow of your family.

That being said, the absentmindedness of this high school mom is absolutely hilarious.  According to USA Today, two Tennessee high school players were declared ineligible recently because of something their mother wrote on Facebook.  Not only that, but their third-ranked division Class 1A high school team, the Perry County Vikings, was forced to forfeit the three wins in which the young men participated.

Ryan and Rodney Belasic apparently do not live in Perry County full-time, which is required to be eligible to play on the football team.  As Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association director Bernard Childress pointed out, their mother revealed their little secret in a light-hearted post on her Facebook account.

“But the mother actually works in Henry County, and she posted on her Facebook page that she sent the kids back to Perry County for the week and that she would not see them again until Friday night,” Childress explained. “Then, later on her Facebook page, she posted, ‘How can two boys mess up their room as badly as they do when they’re only here on Saturday and Sunday?'”

Unfortunately the Belasics’ mother spelled it out about as clearly as she possibly could.  Her carelessness created a paper trail of information that otherwise would have more than likely remained a secret — a harmless one at that.  Damn that Facebook.

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