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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

High School

Florida High School Team Wins on Rare Free Kick (Video)

Belen Jesuit (Fl.) beat powerhouse Miami Northwestern (Fl.) 36-28 Friday thanks to an unusual coaching decision that worked to perfection. Belen coach Rick Stuart instructed his team to call for fair catch on a punt return with 16.7 seconds left. Instead of running plays to get closer for a field goal, or to try and…Read More

High School Football Coach Hit in Face with Helmet During Postgame Ambush

Warren County (Ga) football coach David Daniel underwent major reconstructive facial surgery Sunday night after being hit in the face by a helmet during a postgame ambush. Daniel’s Warren County team beat Hancock Central High School 21-2 in their football game Friday night. Warren County was locked out of its locker room following the game…Read More

High Schooler Gary Simpson Arrested for Punching Coach During Game

Oftentimes in the wonderful, yet violent, world of football, we see tempers flaring on the field. Unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary roughness penalties are a part of the game at all levels. What do you expect from a sport that is based around 250-pound guys trying to hurt each other? On rare occasions, we see frustration…Read More

High Schooler Austin Pacheco Hits 64-Yard Field Goal (Video)

If a high school football player hits a 64-yard field goal that could have easily gone 70, is he destined for the NFL? I’m aware that accuracy is more important in the long run, but if I’m an NFL organization I’m taking a chance on Nevada’s Austin Pachecho at some point. Check out this kick,…Read More

Knee to the Groin Reveals Cancer, Saves Taylor Statham’s Life

When 18-year-old Taylor Statham took a knee to the groin during a prep school basketball game last October, it felt like any other shot to the stones: It hurt.  Statham rolled around on the court floor in pain when the incident occurred and the swelling in his groin lingered for a few weeks.  Thank goodness…Read More

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