Tony Picard is a 6-foot-4, 400-pound high school running back

Tony-PicardWhite Swan (Wash.) High School senior Tony Picard is practically an unstoppable force. When you take a 6-foot-4, 400-pound kid and give him some football equipment, that result is expected.

Picard’s primary position is running back. Yes, as in the running back that takes the ball from the quarterback and runs toward the end zone with it.

How do high school kids tackle a 400-pound opponent? Teamwork.

“Most teams will sacrifice five guys to stop him: four linemen and a middle linebacker. That leaves three guys on each side to stop the rest of our team,” White Swan football coach Andrew Bush told the Indian Country Today Network. “Everything else opens up: our outside running, our play action, and our entire passing game. We average about 450 yards as a team offensively.”

Picard gets the ball quite a bit, averaging about five yards per carry and 100 yards per game. As you might expect, he started out as a lineman. Bush said he was amazed by Picard’s speed and agility, which he noticed at a football camp when some kids were playing a pickup game of basketball.

“He was so agile and making shots from way out there,” Bush said. “I said ‘I’ve got to use this somehow.’

“It’s so much fun to have him go out [on the field] as a captain and see him shaking hands before the game. [Opponents are] just kind of staring, like ‘Oh my gosh, you’ve got to be kidding me!’”

When he’s not carrying the rock, Picard plays the role of decoy and takes advantage of the attention defenses give him.

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Aledo football coach Tim Buchanan accused of bullying after 91-0 win

Aledo (Texas) High School football coach Tim Buchanan was accused of bullying by a parent of an opponent following his team’s 91-0 win over Western Hills last Friday night.

Buchanan has been the coach at Aledo for 21 years and his team is 7-0 and currently ranked No. 1 in the state. They won the state championship from 2009-2011. They have outscored opponents by an average of 62 points per game this season, but they were never officially accused of bullying until this week.

Aledo footballBuchanan says he received an email Saturday morning from a school administrator regarding the bullying report, which was filed online by the parent of a Western Hills player following the blowout loss.

“We all witnessed bullying first hand, it is not a pretty sight,” the parent wrote in the complaint, per WFAA.

“I did not know what to say on the ride home to explain the behavior of the Aledo coaches for not easing up.”

The school is required to investigate the situation, but they likely won’t find just cause for action. Why? Buchanan says he was trying not to score in the second half and the opposing coach even said he appreciated that the coach didn’t score more knowing that they could have.

“I think the game was handled fine,” Western Hills coach John Naylor told the Fort Worth Star Telegram. “They’re No. 1 for a reason, and I know coach Buchanan. We’re fighting a real uphill battle right now.

“We just ran into a buzzsaw, you know,” Naylor said. “[Aledo] just plays hard. And they’re good sports, and they don’t talk at all. They get after it, and that’s the way football is supposed to be played in Texas.”

They went to a running clock in the third quarter, which is when all of Aledo’s starters were pulled. They began having the punt returners call for fair catches (their punt returner scored on consecutive returns earlier in the game). Buchanan says they ran fewer than 32 offense plays in the game. He says their star running back only had five carries and scored three times. Their top receiver only had one catch and scored on it.

Maybe it’s time to bump Aledo up to a tougher division so they can play teams on their level. And seriously, give me a break with this bullying nonsense.

High school player leveled on hit, helmet goes flying (Video)

Mekhai Bates hitTake a look at this massive hit from a Kansas 8-man high school football game. MaxPreps posted this and says it’s Mekhai Bates of Hill City in Kansas who laid the wood on that lethal hit. The team’s running back, Gabe Hamel, ran to the right initially but reversed field and cut back, leading to the defenders changing direction to chase him. The result was Bates catching an opposing player offguard in a punt return-like block. Dude hit his opponent so hard the kid’s helmet popped off.

I’m not sure who the opposing team was, but Hill City’s most recent game came was a 44-30 loss to Quinter.

Of course, we can’t post this without obligatorily linking to the Jadeveon Clowney hit. You can see more big hits here.

Michael Humphrey is a 6-foot-9 high school quarterback and basketball recruit

Michael-HumphreySunnyslope (Phoenix) High School senior Michael Humphrey has no problem sticking out on the football field. Most star quarterbacks receive a lot of attention, but when you’re 6-foot-9 the spotlight tends to be a bit brighter.

According to Max Preps, Humphrey just keeps on growing. When he stood at 6-foot-6 last fall, his intention was to draw interest from college football programs and to play quarterback at the next level. Then he hit a growth spurt, and colleges began switching gears. After impressing scouts at the Pangos All-American basketball camp in June, Humphrey began hearing from schools about his basketball ability.

Humphrey also happens to have a 3.9 GPA. At first, he heard from Ivy League schools and programs like Tulsa, Rice and Utah State. As his popularity grew, he began receiving offers from top basketball programs like Louisville, UCLA, Stanford, Texas and Arizona. Humphrey has reportedly narrowed his choice down to Stanford and Arizona.

While Humphrey has decided he will play basketball at the collegiate level, that doesn’t mean he has given up on the gridiron. Sunnyslope is off to a 6-0 start this season with Humphrey under center. He has thrown for more than 1,000 yards and seven touchdowns and is completing over 60% of his passes. He threw for 337 yards and two touchdowns in a win two weeks ago.

Try batting one of those passes down. Can you think of a taller quarterback than 6-foot-9? The closest thing we can think of is Dan McGwire, the brother of legendary slugger Mark McGwire, who spent some time in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks. I’m happy for Humphrey that he’s receiving such great interest for basketball, but it would have been fun to see a 6-foot-9 quarterback play college ball.

High school majorette Audra Lewis doubles as kicker for football team

Audra-LewisSouth Allegheny (Pa.) High School senior Audra Lewis has quite a bit more on her plate than many of her classmates. Lewis is a majorette. She twirls batons at halftime during the school’s football games, which as you can imagine takes hours of repetition to perfect. I’m sure she gets plenty of practice in when she’s not working on kicking field goals.

That’s right, Lewis also doubles as South Allegheny’s kicker. When the last second ticks off the clock in the first half, she rushes to the locker room to change into her majorette outfit to prepare for her halftime performance.

“It is very difficult,” Lewis said on The Hines Ward Show. “I don’t have a lot of time to change. It’s so quick that my majorettes have to come over and help me sometimes. It’ll be like 30 seconds left and my hair’s not (done) and my lipstick’s not on.”

Lewis was the backup kicker for the football team last season, but she earned the starting job this fall. She also happens to be a talented soccer player.

[Also see: Homecoming queen kicks game-winning field goal]

“She’s like Superman, changing those outfits,” South Allegheny football coach Pat Monroe told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Last year, I think she got her feet wet a little just coming out for the team. “But she worked hard in the offseason and she’s a tremendous athlete. She’s a tremendous soccer player, and her kicking is not [just] a novelty by any stretch of the imagination. I have faith in her, and the kids respect her.”

What does this all mean? In the past week we have shown you a 335-pound nose tackle who doubles as a cheerleader and a baton twirler who can also boot field goals. What do you do on Friday nights?

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Top HS recruit Da’Shawn Hand suplexes running back with ease (Video)

DaShawn-Hand-suplexLast Friday night, five-star defensive end recruit Da’Shawn Hand showed everyone why he is considered to be the top player at any position in the Class of 2014. During a 26-22 win over Osbourn Park, Hand busted through the offensive line and executed a textbook suplex on opposing running back Josh Hayes. He spoke to The Washington Post about his WWE audition after the game.

“I was surprised I pick him up,” Hand said, via USA Today Sports. “I grabbed him and I was like, ‘Boom!’ Did you get that on camera? Ooh I gotta see it.”

Hand has been recruited by ever powerhouse program in the nation, with his interest reportedly highest in Alabama, Florida and Michigan. He would fit in perfectly at Bama, as his amazing tackle reminded us of the frightening hit we saw from a Crimson Tide defender on a Missouri running back last season. Something tells me Da’Shawn will do just fine at the next level.

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335-pound HS football player Armand Fernandez-Pierre also a cheerleader

Armand-Fernandez-PierreArmand Fernandez-Pierre is a high school football player with the size needed to dominate at the collegiate level. Weighing in at 335 pounds, the nose tackle has a rare physical makeup and has drawn interest from schools like UCLA and Miami. However, Fernandez-Pierre just starting playing high school football his senior year.

Having suffered a serious neck injury playing football in the eighth grade, Fernandez-Pierre decided to commit himself to cheerleading. When Episcopal School of Dallas football coach Clayton Sanders spotted Armand during his cheering routine, he knew he had to get him on the team.

“The deal was that he and my cheer coach would have to figure a way that I could play both sports in the same season,” Armand told My FOX Dallas-Fort Worth.

Fernandez-Pierre is so powerful that Sanders has asked him to not go full-contact on anything but the sleds during practice. His cheerleading coach, Eric Daboa, said he wanted Fernandez-Pierre to remain strictly a cheerleader but realized football presents more opportunities later in life.

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