Claude Giroux apologizes for grabbing a cop’s butt


Claude Giroux brought us what will likely go down as the most entertaining arrest of the NHL offseason on Tuesday night when he was detained for grabbing a police officer’s ass multiple times. On Thursday, the Philadelphia Flyers star issued a statement and offered no excuses for his actions.

“I regret my actions on Canada Day and sincerely apologize to my fans, teammates and the Philadelphia Flyers organization for my misguided attempt at humor,” Giroux wrote, via Randy Miller of NJ.com.

“Following an investigation, law enforcement determined that charges are not warranted. I have the utmost respect for law enforcement and apologize to the Ottawa Police Department and specifically the individual officer. I will be making no further public comment on this matter.”

Sounds like Giroux was trying to make his buddies laugh, and he’s lucky no charges were filed. From the way the situation was described, he could have easily been charged with assault on a police officer. The Flyers said they would not be commenting on the incident and that the matter would be handled internally.

It’s probably safe to say Giroux learned a valuable lesson — don’t get drunk and goose anyone, let alone a cop.

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Claude Giroux arrested for ‘repeatedly grabbing buttocks of male police officer’

Claude-Giroux-FlyersPhiladelphia Flyers star Claude Giroux was reportedly arrested in Ottawa, Canada on Tuesday night when he allegedly got a little handsy with a police officer. And by handsy, we mean Giroux has been accused of grabbing the buttocks of a male officer multiple times.

Danielle Bell of the Ottawa Sun has some of the details:

Although few details were immediately available, a source said Giroux was arrested for repeatedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer. Alcohol is believed to have been involved.

A witness and sources say the incident occurred outside The Great Canadian Cabin in the Byward Market club district. They say officers were inside the bar when one officer had his butt grabbed by a patron. The officer told the patron not to behave like that, but was grabbed again. At that point, the patron was taken outside and arrested. The officer involved did not initially recognize Giroux.

Giroux reportedly spent the night in jail, but he is expected to be released on Wednesday without any criminal charges. Hopefully the 26-year-old will only need to be told once the next time he’s grabbing a cop’s butt without permission.

Giroux was third in the NHL in total points last season after scoring 28 goals and notching 58 assists. The Flyers said they are aware of the situation but will withhold comment until more information is known.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. appeared drunk at NHL Awards (Video)

Cuba-Gooding-Jr-drunkCuba Gooding Jr, apparently a huge hockey fan in addition to being an award-winning actor, was chosen to be a presenter at the NHL Awards on Tuesday night. He was on stage far too long.

Gooding Jr.’s entire appareance was like a bad car accident that you feel bad staring at but just can’t bring yourself to look away. We don’t know if he was hammered, on something or just in the mood to act a fool, but he created plenty of awkward moments during segments that were intended to be serious in nature.

At one point, Cuba asked Mark Messier and Adam Graves to make a “reverse Oreo” with him before demanding several times that they stop touching his ass.

I somehow sat through all eight minutes of that, but it was incredibly difficult to watch. You almost felt bad for anyone who had to take the stage with Gooding Jr. He probably shouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t invited back next year.

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LA mayor Eric Garcetti drops F-bomb during Kings rally (Video)

The Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings were honored on Monday with a parade through the streets of LA and a rally at the Staples Center. In traditional fashion, the mayor of the city gave fans a pep talk and spoke about how proud of the team he is. However, LA mayor Eric Garcetti’s speech was a bit different from most.

Garcetti stole the show by dropping a premeditated F-bomb.

“There are two rules in politics,” he said. “They say never, ever be pictured with a drink in your hand and never swear. But this is a big f—in’ day. Way to go, guys.”

Garcetti held up an aluminum Bud Light bottle as he dropped the F-bomb, so I guess he felt the occasion called for breaking both rules.


Kings president of business operations and hockey Hall of Famer Luc Robitaille was later called upon to address to crowd.

“Well, we told our players not to cuss,” Robitaille said jokingly. “Thanks.”

That’s certainly one way to secure some votes for reelection.

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Kyle Clifford puts his baby in Stanley Cup


It wouldn’t be an official NHL championship without an infant being placed in the Stanley Cup trophy. After the Los Angeles Kings defeated the New York Rangers on Friday night, Kings forward Kyle Clifford volunteered his newborn son Brody to play the role of trophy topper.

That kid was out like a light. Duncan Keith’s baby looked a little more distraught when he was put in the Cup last year, but little Brody couldn’t have cared less. Dude wanted his rest after a stressful overtime game. We don’t blame him.

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Hannah Hunsinger – woman who fell on ice – is a Kings Ice Girl

Hannah Hunsinger ice girl Kings

The biggest mistake Hannah Hunsinger ever made wasn’t wearing high heels on the ice after the Kings won the Stanley Cup on Friday night. Nope. Not at all.

It was giving NBC LA her full name, which then attached her most embarrassing moment ever with her name and allowed us to track her down.

Hunsinger made it onto viral blooper reels by wearing heels and predictably slipping and falling on ice. She was interviewed by NBC LA afterwards, where her claim to fame was “fell on ice.” That’s probably the tag line she envisioned for herself when she graduated high school and was full of all sorts of big dreams.

Hannah Hunsinger

As far as we can tell, Hunsinger is 21 or 22 and from San Diego. She is a Kings Ice Girl and even appeared in the team calendar:

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Pierre McGuire gives Alec Martinez slap on the butt after interview (GIF)

GIF: Pierre McGuire gives Alec Martinez a healthy slap on the... on Twitpic

Hope you weren’t expecting any displays of broadcasting professionalism from Pierre McGuire after the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup on Friday night.

Pierre McGuire Alec MartinezThe NBC broadcaster was on interviewing duties after the Kings won Game 5 3-2 in double overtime to clinch the Cup. McGuire had his chance to speak with the hero, Alex Martinez. After their interview, McGuire, who clearly considers himself to be “just one of the boys,” gave Martinez a slap on the butt.

McGuire used to play in college and was a scout/coach and later GM, so maybe he considers himself more part of the sport than media. Still, that was a little much. I think Martinez was even wondering what was going on. And nobody enjoyed that more than Pierre.

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