Alex Ovechkin suffers right leg injury in IIHF game (Video)

Alex Ovechkin leg injuryAlex Ovechkin suffered a right leg injury during an IIHF World Championships game between Russia and Germany on Sunday. Russia won the preliminary game 3-0, but Ovechkin got hurt on a hip check from Marcus Kink in the third period.

Ovechkin was helped off the ice and taken to a hospital.

The Capitals put out a statement saying they are aware of the injury and in communication with the Russian medical staff. Ovi had 79 points in 78 games for the Caps this season. His 51 goals led the league, but was not enough to get the Caps into the playoffs.

Teemu Selanne gets beautiful stick salute from Kings (Video)

Teemu Selanne DucksTeemu Selanne’s storied career came to an end on Friday night after a disappointing 6-2 defeat to the Los Angeles Kings in Game 7 of the Anaheim Ducks’ Western Conference semifinal series. Though Selanne did not go out with the exit he was hoping for with his team, he certainly received a sendoff for which he was worthy.

The Kings remained on the ice following their win to give Selanne a stick salute, as did the Ducks. Selanne grew emotional at the site and barely was able to keep himself from crying.

At 43, Selanne does not plan to play in the NHL again, though he has left the door open for the possibility of playing in the KHL.

Selanne broke into the NHL in the 1992-93 season as a rookie phenom with the Winnipeg Jets. He has played 1,451 games and scored 684 goals while recording 773 assists for an impressive total of 1,457 points, and he considers the 2007 Stanley Cup he won with Anaheim to be one of the crowning moments of his career.

“The 2007 Stanley Cup has to be the biggest crown for my career,” Selanne said after the game via the AP. “To be honest, the most proud I am is I have been able to play so many years and at this age. You all know when you get older, it’s not going to get any easier. But to be able to compete against these young guys and still enjoy this and play well, that has been the greatest thing in my career. I’m really thankful for that.”

Selanne ranks 15th in NHL history in total points and 11th in goals. He’s been playing so long that I remember being in fourth freaking grade when he burst onto the scene with 76 goals as a 22-year-old rookie. He led the league in goals two more times during his career and made 10 All-Star games. He will go down as one of the greatest Ducks and players in league history.

Martin St. Louis moves mother’s funeral because of Game 1 conflict

Martin St LouisMartin St. Louis moved the date of his mother’s funeral from Saturday to Sunday because of a conflict with Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals.

The Rangers asked the NHL to move the date of Game 1 between them and the Montreal Canadiens to accommodate St. Louis, but the league would not make the change. The league plan to televise Game 1 after the Preakness Stakes.

St. Louis’ mother, France, died of a heart attack last Thursday at 63. The Rangers rallied from a 3-1 series deficit to the Pittsburgh Penguins and won Game 7 on Tuesday. During the three-game comeback, St. Louis scored a goal in Game 6 on Mother’s Day.

The Rangers plan to attend the funeral as a team Sunday to support their teammate.

I don’t blame the NHL for not moving the game; that’s a pretty huge thing to change and it would take a lot more than the funeral of one player’s mother for them to move it. But that’s pretty cool that the Rangers will join together to support their teammate.

Tip via David B.

Milan Lucic told Dale Weise ‘I’m going to f—ing kill you next year’

Milan-Lucic-Dale-Weise-handshakeThe Boston Bruins were dominated by the Montreal Canadiens at home in Game 7 on Wednesday night, and Milan Lucic did not take it well. Like the rest of his teammates, Lucic shook hands with his most bitter rivals after the series ended. But it doesn’t sound like he did so with class.

As you can see from the clip above that Eye on Hockey passed along, Lucic angrily went through the handshake line and had words with a number of Montreal players, including Alexei Emelin and Dale Weise. What did the Bruins forward have to say?

We don’t know if that’s true or not, but we’re fairly certain Lucic wasn’t wishing anyone good luck in the next series. He refused to talk about what he said.

“That’s said on the ice so it’ll stay on the ice, so if he wants to be a baby about it, he can make it public,” Lucic said after the game.

Who was being the real baby? Just by saying he’s going to kill someone “next year,” Lucic makes his threat unworthy of a response. The Canadiens still get to play hockey and contend for a Stanley Cup while the Bruins are free to dust off the golf clubs. Losing on your home ice in Game 7 is embarrassing enough, let alone losing to your biggest rival. Lucic can threaten people all he wants, he’s still going home.

Did PK Subban mock blow a kiss to Shawn Thornton? (Video)

PK Subban Shawn ThorntonThere’s always bad blood between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens, but one of the side stories in the Eastern Conference semifinal series between the teams had to do with PK Subban.

At first there were headlines over racist tweets sent by fans about Subban. That was nothing new considering you can find racist tweets pretty much anytime Subban plays so long as you seek them out. But in Game 5 on Saturday, Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton pressed Subban’s buttons by squirting him with a water bottle. He was fined for his actions, but you better believe Subban remembered it.

Fast forward to Wednesday after the Canadiens won two in a row to come back and win the series. In the handshake line between the teams, Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshinski thought he spotted Subban mockingly blow one of those “Sup, loverboy?” kisses to Thornton. A stick got in the way, but that’s what it looked like.

And if he didn’t blow a kiss to Thornton, there’s no denying that he planted one on Pierre McGuire:

Brad Marchand penalized for snowing goalie in Game 7 (Video)

The NHL officials meant business during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals series between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday night. Seconds into the second period, they penalized Bruins winger Brad Marchand for snowing Canadiens goalie Carey Price.

Brad Marchand snow goalie

The Bruins managed to kill the power play, but the real question is why the officials are calling that penalty in a Game 7? Claude Julien wants answers, people.

Henrik Lundqvist squirts Sidney Crosby in face with water bottle (GIF)

Henrik-Lundqvist-squirts-Sidney-CrosbyOn Sunday night, Sidney Crosby reminded us that hockey fans don’t hate him strictly because he is a great player. He also has a tendency to try and get away with cheap shots, and he’s often successful. During Game 6 against the New York Rangers, Crosby speared Dominic Moore in the nuts.

The incident occurred toward the end of the second period when Crosby and Moore got tangled up near the net. Moore appeared to grab Crosby’s stick, and Crosby reacted by jerking the stick upward (too vivid?) between Moore’s legs. A scrum then broke out when Moore tried to confront Crosby. As Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist was skating off the ice, he squirted Crosby in the face with his water bottle.

Spearing a player below the belt typically results in a fine from the NHL. So does squirting an opponent with water, as we learned over the weekend when Shawn Thornton did it to PK Subban. Crosby and Lundqvist will likely both be fined, but the spear isn’t the only play the NHL will have to look at involving Crosby.

Crosby’s not going to be suspended for Game 7 at home, but it will look really bad if the league doesn’t do anything. You could easily argue that the slew foot on Dan Girardi was worse than the low blow on Moore.

GIFs via The Pensblog, @PeteBlackburn, @myregularface