Tim Thomas slashes Bruin in the head in return to Boston (Video)

Tim-Thomas-Carl-SoderberhTim Thomas faced his former team for the first time on Tuesday night, and it could not have gone worse for the Florida Panthers goalie. The Boston Bruins defeated Thomas and company 6-2 on their home ice. Toward the end of the game, frustration appeared to boil over for the two-time Vezna Trophy winner.

With just seconds remaining in the game, Bruins forward Carl Soderberg was still playing hard and crashed the net following a shot. His stick wound up near the head and shoulder area of Thomas, and Thomas responded by cranking Soderberg in the head with his stick.

“No one was really running into me until the end there,” Thomas said after the game, via Puck Daddy. “Soderberg, the play before, [gave me] a pretty hard jab. It’s 6-2, so I took a little exception to that.”

Soderberg could have been more careful with his stick and more mindful of the score, but it didn’t appear that he was trying to hurt Thomas or hit him in the head. Thomas, on the other hand, clearly knew what he was doing.

“I was just going for the rebound,” Soderberg said. “We can’t stop playing.”

Harvey Fialkov of the Sun Sentinel believes that Thomas could face a suspension for the high stick. You can certainly understand why he was frustrated. All players want to perform will against their former teams, and Thomas couldn’t have been worse. Still, I’d classify that as a cheap shot.

RPI upsets No. 2 Union and a massive brawl breaks out (Video)

Union-RPI-brawlUnion College and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have one of the most underrated rivalries in college hockey. The two New York schools are separated by roughly 15 miles. Union, which is currently ranked 3rd in the country, is a national powerhouse that had won 10-straight games over RPI prior to Sunday. But RPI’s 2-1 upset win isn’t what has the nation buzzing.

An epic brawl broke out between the two teams after the final horn sounded. RPI’s players flooded the ice to celebrate the win after the final face-off, and someone must have said something that lit a fuse. Before the 7,000 fans in attendance realized what had happened, several fights were taking place. Union coach Rick Bennett even tried to square off with RPI coach Seth Appert, but he was held back by players and coaches.

Bennett offered no explanation after the game for why he went after Appert, but both coaches apologized and said they were embarrassed by what happened. Two players from each team were suspended one game for their involvement.

Nobody owes us an apology, that’s for sure. That’s one of the best hockey brawls you’ll ever see.

Videos via Barstool Sports and The Big Lead

Goalie lets in 200-foot game-losing goal while chatting with fans (Video)

Keegan-McHenryUtah State lost a hard-fought game against rival Denver University in club hockey on Friday night. The two teams played into overtime and Denver ended up scoring the game-winner with 15 seconds remaining in the extra period. The goal came from Robert Biedron, but Denver owes its victory to Utah State goalie Keegan McHenry.

For whatever reason, McHenry was not paying attention and did not realize that a face-off was about to happen at the other end of the ice. When Denver won said face-off, McHenry was out of his net and over near the glass chatting with fans. Biedron immediately noticed this and fired the puck 200 feet for a game-winning goal. McHenry took responsibility for his mistake by sending a tweet that he later deleted.

“I am ashamed and disgusted with myself,” the tweet read, according to Puck Daddy. “With what happened and how I acted. I let myself and more importantly, my team down.”

While it was one of the most incredible boneheaded mistakes you will ever see, it’s hard not to feel sorry for McHenry. He should have been paying attention with the game on the line, but that’s a play that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Dallas Stars remind you Justin Bieber is a Maple Leafs fan

Justin Bieber Maple Leafs

The Dallas Stars added insult to victory during Thursday’s win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. Not only did they pound Toronto 7-1, but they also dumped on the Leafs while up 3-1 in the second period by flashing a picture of Justin Bieber on the jumbotron and reminding everyone that the Canadian singer is a Leafs fan.

That’s how bad things are for Biebs now. People are using him as an insult. Ouch.

Photo: Twitter/Dallas Stars

Drunk goalie video? Drunk goalie video.

Drunk-goalieA goalie from an amateur hockey league in the Czech Republic appeared to take the term “beer league” way too literally before a recent game. According to the person who posted these videos on Reddit, the goaltender was drunk while playing. We can’t confirm that, but we can confirm that he had something seriously wrong with him and did not belong in net.

Amazingly enough, the goalie was able to make a save at one point. In fact, the Reddit user even claimed his team ended up winning the game. We find that almost impossible to believe.

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Dongshot: Naked Penguins player appears in postgame interview (Video)

A Tanner Glass postgame interview Saturday night on Root Sports was videbombed by … well, a dongshot.

The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Calgary Flames 2-1 on Saturday, and Glass had an assist in the game. He was interviewed after the contest, but the interviewer chose a poor location nearby what looked like the training room. As Kris Letang opened up the training door while holding a slice of pizza, a naked Penguins player appeared in the background.

naked Penguins player

Either that was a well-placed hand from the naked Penguins player — who our friend DJ Gallo says is Brandon Sutter — or we have another Visante Shiancoe on our hands.

Also see: Pat McAfee accidentally tweets photo of half-naked Andrew Luck

H/T Pensblog
Video via Penstone

Flyers fan gets an ‘F Crosby’ license plate


Most Philadelphia Flyers fans hate the Pittsburgh Penguins. More specifically, they despise their in-state rival’s best player, Sidney Crosby. We have found someone who may hate Sid the Kid just a little more than everyone else.

A Flyers fan who goes by Archibald Meatpants on Twitter recently got a vanity license plate that reads “F Crosby.” The DMV usually tries to filter out all profane and inappropriate license plates, but for all they know this one could belong to a guy with the last name Crosby and a first name that begins with the letter “F.” Too bad they didn’t do their research on Twitter.

We have seen some ironic things written on license plates in the past, but those were pure coincidence. This guy managed to slip one through the cracks at the RMV, which is always worthy of a high-five. He deserves to drive around town with “F Crosby” plastered on his bumper.

Photo via @BKutys
H/T Crossing Broad