Darryl Boyce Nose Picture Is Savage

Below is Maple Leafs center Darryl Boyce. He was going for a check against the Hurricanes Thursday night but missed and ran into the glass. The result was a nasty injury to his nose and eyes they call “facial lacerations.” I’d say so.

This is the censored version of the pic, but if you think you can handle the real thing, continue below.

The rookie center tweeted that pic after exiting the game. It’s pretty similar to this nasty MMA injury where a fighter had his ear torn off (see pics here and here).

Missed checks 1, stitches eight, time in training room 12 hours. Increasing your twitter followers by 2,000? Priceless.

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Rick DiPietro and Brent Johnson in Classic Goalie Fight

Goalie fights are so rare in hockey, we would be doing ourselves and the entire community at LBS a disservice if we did not share this video. The Penguins were beating the Islanders 3-0 late in the third period when the teams got into it. The goalies decided they didn’t want to be left out, so they chose to go. Brent Johnson skated across the ice to meet Rick DiPietro and absolutely decked him like he was one-punch Terry Conklin. Check the video:

This fight doesn’t come close to my favorite goalie fight — Patrick Roy vs. Mike Vernon — because it lacks in length. But it does prove to us that the versatile Rick DiPietro in fact sucks at two things.

Matt Duchene Too Much Vodka Video Shows Why He Lost Skater Competition

Matt Duchene, a center from the Colorado Avalanche who just turned 20 a couple weeks ago, couldn’t take home first place in the fastest skater competition on Saturday night. Had he not been hungover, he probably would have had a better shot at winning. No, I’m not making any type of assumption about his underage drinking habits. Have a look at the Matt Duchene vodka video and see for yourself:

Once he realized the mics had picked up on his hilarious comment, Duchene took to his Twitter account to try to clear the air. “Heard I was pretty candid tonight,” he wrote. “Had no clue it’d be live like that! Oh and btw, the vodka thing wasn’t a personal thing, it was a joke amongst our group! Don’t take it how I said it.”

Phew.  Thanks for clearing that up, Matt.  So to summarize, Duchene doesn’t drink and he wasn’t hungover.  He and his buddies just like to joke and pretend like they drank last night.  It’s an inside joke — we wouldn’t understand. Thanks to Barstool Boston for the video.

Bryan McCabe Wins Tough Guy Award: Played Game with Broken Jaw

LBS Top Commenter SpinMax always likes to say that hockey players are the toughest athletes around. After reading about what happened to Panthers defenseman Bryan McCabe, I might have to agree.

McCabe took the ice against the Devils Saturday with a broken pinkie, and then a puck hit him in the face during the first period. He missed one shift to be examined, then returned for the rest of the period. At the first intermission, X-rays revealed he had a fracture in his jaw, but the team captain continued to play despite the injury. That’s some serious balls.

McCabe played the rest of the game with a mask that covered his face, logging 21 shifts and over 16 minutes of ice time. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, which brought my attention to the story, points out how much respect McCabe gained for his courageous act. “He is our captain, our general. It speaks volume about not only his pain tolerance but his competitive desire,” goalie Scott Clemmensen said.

The good news is McCabe’s efforts were worth the trouble; the Panthers won in overtime 3-2. Florida isn’t anywhere near a Stanley Cup contender, but you wouldn’t know it by McCabe’s play. That type of heart and desire must be commended, especially after learning he’ll miss two weeks after undergoing surgery Sunday. Now that’s toughness.

Penguins-Caps Winter Classic Kills it With Monster Ratings

It’s pretty safe to say that the Winter Classic NHL games on New Year’s Day are here to stay. Four of the five most-watched NHL regular season games since 1975 are Winter Classic games, with this year’s Penguins-Caps game at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh checking in at number one.

The New Year’s Day game won by the Caps 3-1 over the Penguins had 4.5 million viewers on TV in addition to the more than 60,000 fans in attendance. The 4.5 million viewers figure translates to a 2.3 national rating using the funky gorilla math they employ. And get this, in Pittsburgh, the game received a 32 rating — much higher than the 7.6 rating in Washington, D.C.

The strong ratings for the Winter Classic are in conjunction with the TV numbers from NBC and Versus in the playoffs last year, proving that the interest in the NHL is rebuilding. One has to figure the four-part series on HBO only helped boost fan interest and awareness in the game, resulting in the higher ratings. If the NHL is wise, they will follow the same formula to lead up to the game each year.

If you recall, the ratings for the Christmas day NBA games also did extremely strong numbers, and the ratings for the college football bowl games were also up compared to last year through the first few weeks. It appears as if people are just watching more TV, watching more sports, or both.

Photo Credit: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Scott Gomez Funny Interview with Elliotte Friedman, Calls Him the Grinch (Video)

Scott Gomez is a center for the Montreal Canadiens and he used to be a lot cooler until he was traded to the Habs. Now he’s just another punk who wears the blue and red, but I digress. The man has been known to be a jokester during interviews (see here and here), and he was up to his usual tricks on Thursday night. Interviewed by Elliotte Friedman of NHL Network prior to the Habs-Bruins game, Gomez was his typical wacky self. Check out this funny interview::

Gomez turned around with a smile after the interview, so it was clear he was just joking around like usual. Imagine that, he asked Santa for a better shot. By that logic, maybe I should ask for a 95 mile per hour fastball huh? Gomez actually had two assists in Montreal’s win over Boston and the only thing that eased the pain of a defeat to the hated Habs was this interview. At least he has that going for him.

1,100 Quebec Fans Will Travel 550 Miles to Show NHL They Want a Team

There are currently NHL teams in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal and Ottawa.  Quebec is feeling a little left out, and they’re not afraid to show it.  According to the NY Times, roughly 1,100 die-hard Canadians from Quebec have chartered 22 buses to Long Island for Saturday Night’s New York Islanders-Atlanta Thrashers game.  Are they hockey fans?  Absolutely.  But this is more of a business trip.

The Islanders and Thrashers are having serious attendance problems, and the Canadian fans are making an attempt to show NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman that they could do better.  Simply put, they want their own team.

Photo Credit: Jacques Boissinot/Canadian Press

Vincent Cauchon, a radio sports show host and the organizer of the trip, said he chose the Nassau Coliseum because he and his crew noticed there was no one at the games when they watched the Islanders on TV.  However, the goal is not to convince the NHL to move the Islanders.  They respect the Islanders as one of the NHL’s most storied franchises and would rather the Thrashers be moved to Quebec.

“We have a lot of respect for the New York Islanders and what they accomplished in the past — the N.H.L. needs the Islanders,” Cauchon said. “But it would be great, awesome, if the Thrashers moved. Atlanta is a great sports city, but it’s not a hockey town. We’re not going to New York to tell the N.H.L. they didn’t do a good job going to Atlanta. We’re going there to tell them in Quebec it would work.”

Whether or not the movement works remains to be seen, but you have to respect the commitment.  Not to mention, it’s probably not a bad idea.  People in Canada love their hockey and the Thrashers are 28th in the NHL despite a winning record.  Something’s got to give.