113,411 on Hand for The Big Chill at the Big House in Michigan

113,411 were in attendance at the Big House to watch Michigan beat Michigan State 5-0, setting a world record for most people in attendance for an ice hockey game. The weather actually cooperated nicely as temperatures were in the high 30s and there was no precipitation.

Like any great major sporting event, the game between Michigan and Michigan State was billed with a fantastic name: The Big Chill. Michigan is now 10-5-4 with the win while the Spartans fall to 6-9-3 with the loss. The Frozen Four is still several months away, but this was one awesome way to get the season going.

If you weren’t watching Army-Navy on CBS, hopefully you caught a glimpse of The Big Chill on Big Ten Network because it’s something we don’t get treated to too often.

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Photo Credit: Leon Halip/Getty Images

Hilary Duff Sends Naked Pics to Pittsburgh Penguin Mike Comrie

Actress/singer/large-toothed person Hilary Duff admits that she frequently sends naked cell phone snaps to her NHL husband, Pittsburgh Penguin forward Mike Comrie.

“Oh boy I’m going to get in trouble… I send [nude] pictures but never with my face in them,” Duff admits. “Gotta keep it fun, gotta keep it interesting. He knows better than to show his hockey buddies or forward them. We are married you know.”

I hate to burst her bubble, but if she keeps her face out of the picture, then Mike is DEFINITELY going to be showing his teammates because they won’t know it’s her.

Wait, but then they might think he’s cheating—and professional athletes never do that. I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. My bad.


Brett Sutter Had Classic Mug Shot After Punching Cabbie in the Face

Forget retro jerseys or composite sticks—punching cab drivers seems to be the hottest trend amongst the NHL’s young stars. Last summer, we heard about Chicago Blackhawks phenom/Twi-hard Patrick Kane’s infamous freak out when a Buffalo cab driver failed to produce a whopping 20 cents in change.

Now it seems that Calgary Flames forward Brett Sutter—son of Darryl Sutter, the team’s general manager—opened up a can of dorky Canadian whoop ass on an unlucky cabbie outside a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, punching him in the face.

Less than pleased with the prodigal son’s behavior, the Flames (who have the creepiest fans on earth) busted him down to their minor league affiliate, the Abbotsford Heat. But the 23-year-old sniper didn’t languish long in AHL purgatory; on Wednesday, the team did away with him altogether, trading him to the Carolina Hurricanes.

I don’t know which is more offensive–slugging some poor immigrant driving your taxi…or doing it with that creepy “To Catch A Predator” mustache. Chilling.

Justin Bieber Dreamed of Playing Hockey for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Hockey is already the red-headed step child of the sports world, and something tells me that an endorsement from Justin Bieber isn’t going to help.

The Beebs says that if he wasn’t titillating tweens around the world with his barely-tolerable musical stylings, he’d be…playing pro hockey?

“Singing is my first passion, but if things didn’t work out, I would be trying to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs,” Bieber said confidently. “I’m sure I could teach them a thing or two with my mad skills!”

Despite his pee wee league experience (check out his player card), he obviously didn’t get the memo that flatironing your hair isn’t considered a “mad skill” valued by the NHL. Although, picturing Milan Lucic or Matt Cooke dropping the gloves against Justin Bieber makes us absolutely giddy with bloodlust. Better keep JB away from Sean Avery though…they might trade fashion tips.

Wild Fan James Engquist Hiring a Lawyer, Says He Was Assaulted

The NHL got some publicity on Tuesday night and Wednesday, but not the kind it likes. Canucks center Rick Rypien got into two fights with Wild winger Brad Staubitz, and he went off on a fan after getting sent to the locker room following the second one. Rypien’s been suspended by the league indefinitely pending a review. The fan has not wasted any time taking action either.

The fan in question is 28-year-old James Engquist, who told the Star Tribune he is seeking legal representation as recourse. “This is a crazy incident. I’ve seen a lot of hockey in my day, and I’ve never seen someone actually come into the stands and assault a fan.” Engquist added that he is “definitely seeking legal representation. … I was assaulted, that’s just the bottom line.”

Engquist also complained that neither the Wild, NHL, nor Rypien has called to apologize to him. Knowing that he’s planning to sue the crap out of the league and one of its teams, I’m not surprised they’re not eager to reach out to him. Bottom line: this is all on the Rypien for losing his composure. Enduring heckles from fans is part of the job, however much it sucks. Engquist’s front-row seats helps pay a portion of his salary and he should be grateful for that fact. Rypien completely overreacted and will see a hefty suspension. Engquist meanwhile is going to make a lawyer very rich.

Canucks’ Rick Rypien Attacks a Minnesota Wild Fan (Video)

For years, I’ve been trying to convince my friends that the movie Slap Shot is not that far-fetched.  Goons like that exist in real life, don’t they?  Players go after fans, right?  I’ll admit it’s pretty rare, but clearly it happens from time to time.  After he was given a double minor for roughing and a 10-minute game misconduct during Tuesday night’s game against the Minnesota Wild, Vancouver’s Rick Rypien proceeded to the dressing room.  Along the way, a fan was clapping and Rypien didn’t appreciate it, so he decided to shove the fan.  Check out the video of Rick Rypien trying to fight a fan:

Guy’s clearly a goon in every sense of the word.  First, he shoves the ref.  Then he tries to get into it with a fan because the fan’s clapping at him.  It was obviously a heckler’s clap, but that stuff happens all the time.  I’m sure Rypien will come up with some sort of story about how the fan insulted his wife or something when he has a hearing with the NHL, but it’d be a shocker if he wasn’t suspended.

Video Credit: YouTube user mokyboy11

Shane Doan ‘Shocked’ by Suspension for Hit on Dan Sexton

Coyotes winger Shane Doan was the third player to be suspended because of the NHL’s new policy against blindside hits to the head enacted in March. While I’m all for protecting players from blindside hits on the ice, there is a big difference between what Shane Doan did to Ducks winger Dan Sexton and the dirty hit Matt Cooke delivered to Marc Savard that caused the rule.

Doan didn’t seem to be going for Sexton’s head with his hit while Cooke’s was nothing but a cheap shot. Regardless, the NHL is cracking down on anything deemed a dangerous blindside hit to the head. I think the area they need to distinguish between is intent. Was it Doan’s intention to level Sexton, or just to hit him in the middle of the ice? I didn’t think there was any malicious intent by Doan with his hit, but the NHL still docked him three games. Here’s a video of Shane Doan’s hit on Dan Sexton in case you missed it, plus comments from Doan below:

Doan talked about the suspension on Tuesday saying, “I disagree with it. I was pretty shocked that I got suspended, let alone for three games. Everything in the rules says the onus is on the hitter. I deliberately didn’t hit him in the head.” In the rest of the audio provided by FOX Sports Arizona, you can also hear Doan call out Ducks analyst Brian Hayward for exaggerating in his reaction on TV. Doan says Hayward should understand the hit as a former player, and I agree with Doan’s main point: intent is the critical factor the NHL must examine when doling out punishments.