CBC Pre-Game Shots of Capitals’ Dressing Room Crosses the Line

You may have read my complaints about in-game player/coach interviews before. To summarize, I can’t stand them because they take away from the real-life dramatic feel of the events and make it seem more like a scripted television production. Sometimes it’s nice to have extra graphics and camera angles, but many times it invades the sanctity of the game. Take for instance what CBC did with the Capitals prior to Game 4 of their second round series against the Penguins. Cameras were allowed inside the dressing room to put together a piece on Alex Ovechkin’s pre-game preparation. While the practice seemed innocent enough and like it would provide great access for the fans, CBC and Versus crossed the line when they went over the Caps’ keys to the game that were written on a board. If they were granted special access for a particular project, then they were breaching their agreement by broadcasting and analyzing something they weren’t supposed to. Like would it be cool for these cameras to send footage of the players dressing/undressing to Playgirl just because they have it? No, that’s not what they’re there for. Same thing with this. It should have been ignored.

DC Sports Bog has the details on all the info scribbled on the board.

Video: Joe Thornton and Ryan Getzlaf Fight to Start Sharks/Ducks Game 6

Well, that’s one way to start a game. The Ducks closed out the Presidents’ Trophy winning Sharks on Monday night, beating them 4-1 to take the series. The victory marked the fifth time since 1968 that the top regular season club in the NHL lost in the first round of the playoffs. Apparently seeking to spark some fire and emotion with his team, Joe Thornton decided to drop gloves early in the game. Ducks’ center Ryan Getzlaf obliged. On the opening draw! Check it out — I’ve never seen anything like it!

Getzlaf explained how it all went down:

“Joe kind of came in and said, ‘Do you want to go tonight?”’ Getzlaf said. “I had every intention of asking him, so it was a situation that carried over from last game. We kind of knew what we were doing. … (In Game 5) I didn’t want give them any spark. Tonight, I felt, was the opportunity to redeem myself.”

I don’t know what the Sharks’ deal is considering how good they’ve been the past four seasons and how disappointing they’ve been in the playoffs. The only bright side is if you’re anti-Red Wings, the Ducks may just be hot enough and physical enough to knock them out. Otherwise Detroit’s going to the Cup, passing go, and collecting 200 octopuses.

Video: Alexander Ovechkin Goal Against Rangers, Carves up Entire Defense

I was actually watching this game live when the goal happened. Unfortunately I had my attention diverted as I was prepping for my Friday overnight show so I really missed how fantastic the goal was until I saw it on replays. Damn, I know it’s nothing new for Alexander Ovechkin, but that guy just amazes me with his incredible goals. Check this one out that made the score 3-0 in favor of the Caps against the Rangers in Game 5 of their series:

Unfortunately we may only be getting one more game from Ovechkin since his team is still facing elimination. Looks like yanking Theodore and going with rookie Simeon Varlamov was the right move — certainly paid off with Friday night’s shutout.

Those Canucks Are Good S*** Talkers

I guess when you’re up 2-0 in a series and on the verge of taking a 3-0 lead in a best of seven, you’re going to find yourself being pretty loose. Jump ahead to the 25 second mark of the video to see how the Canucks talked ish to the Blues in the middle of a skirmish. Let’s role the tape:

Video via Deadspin. Yes, that was two Canucks players telling a Blues player, David Backes, to say hit to his wife for them. Like I said, I guess when you’re winning you have a more casual and free attitude. By the way, the Canucks were my sleeper team in the West. I know Detroit and Anaheim look good, but with Luongo in net and the Sedin’s showing up, Vancouver looks pretty strong too.

Boston University Hockey: One of the Best Comebacks Ever

Ordinarily the Frozen Four wouldn’t register too highly on the sports radar for the average fan. It’s hard enough to get people interested in the NHL as is, and the pros play at such a higher level than the collegians that it’s not even like watching the same sport. That aside, the 2009 Championship Game between Miami (Ohio) and Boston University will go down as a legendary one. After scoring with about four minutes left in the game, Miami of Ohio made it 3-1. They were only four effing minutes away from winning the national title. As you’ll find out through this highlight video, they came to blow the lead. The comeback was amazing:

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Mike Ribeiro Goes Between the Legs with Shootout Goal

It’s the goal that you’ve all been waiting for … Mike Ribeiro of the Stars goes between his legs at the last moment to beat Peter Budaj of the Avalanche in a shootout. Must see TV:

We’ve had some really good goals this year — the Richard Zednik airborne goal was one of them — and this was every bit as good. The Alexander Ovechkin goal from a few years ago still is up there on my list of favorites. Wonder if Ribeiro’s starting a new trend here and why nobody made as big of a deal when he did it last year.

Sean Avery Should be Suspended Again for Lack of Sportsmanship

Normally I try to avoid stories about Rangers defenseman Sean Avery because the guy is such a tool. In general, I prefer not to a-holes like that publicity, regardless of what they’re doing (unless it’s about Elisha Cuthbert). That being said, after I saw the following video on Ballhype I felt no choice to post this so people could see exactly how much of a jerk Avery is. The Bruins beat the Rangers Sunday 1-0 to clinch the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Goalie Tim Thomas was on his game despite being smacked by Avery for no good reason. Let’s roll the tape:

It’s pretty clear that Avery did that intentionally. This is the same jackass that ruined the spirit of the game with his classless, annoying moves against Martin Brodeur in the playoffs last year. The NHL luckily was quick to respond in creating the “Sean Avery rule” to prevent those antics from ruining any more games. All they need to do is take one look at this tape to realize he should be suspended. There’s a difference between being a pest and a jerk. This certainly falls under the “jerk” umbrella.