Ray Emery Really Likes to Fight

Any given night in the NHL there are several fights.  What might you ask distinguishes one from another in that case?  Well, if it ain’t Happy Gilmore taking off his skate and trying to stab someone, it’s when the goalies get involved. 

Last night, Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery got ejected after participating in a pair of fights.  It all started when Sabres center Chris Drury was hit hard.  After that, all players dropped gloves to fight, including goalies Ray Emery and Martin Biron. 

After Emery took on an outmatched Martin Biron, Buffalo enforcer Andrew Peters came in to tangle with the Ottawa netminder. Drury was helped off the ice with a severe cut across his forehead. Biron, Peters and Emery were all ejected, and 110 penalty minutes were doled out.

Did you catch that, Emery is such a badass that a Buffalo goon had to come over and take him on.  Here’s the video for your enjoyment, but you probably won’t get as much enjoyment from the fight as Ray Emery (make sure you watch until the 2:30 mark to see the coaches go at it!)

Oh yeah, the Sabres won 6-5 in case you care, and they’ll play again on Saturday.

Yay, The NHL and I are Friends!

If you remember on Monday I was pretty irked, rather stunned, that the website had been rejected by the NHL for an affiliate advertising program. It must be noted that I indicated I hadn’t been entirely put off by hockey:

Let it be known that this won’t keep me from attempting to cover hockey on the site. And if you guys are willing to make amends I’ll be waiting with open arms. Thanks

Well, I’m pleased to say that they have stepped up and redeemed themselves. Here’s an email I received early Tuesday morning from an affiliate specialist at GSI Commerce

Hi Larry,

I noticed on your blog that you were rejected from our affiliate program. This was a mistake and you have now been accepted into the program. Please let me know if there is anything else you need. Thanks!

Aww, thanks guys, I’m blushing. I would like to take the time to announce how pleased I am to be working with the NHL in efforts of promoting hockey in a positive manner. And all the elves and unicorns and manatees joined hands to dance around in circles celebrating the thought that all is right in the world.

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Stoned by the NHL!

Regardless of whether or not you’re a regular here at larrybrownsports.com, you will notice that I’ve begun to incorporate a little bit of advertisement on the site.  I figure at the very least I can pull in about $0.12 a day, which breaks down to around a couple pennies per hour I spend on the site (after all, I do it just for you).  In my efforts to raise a couple of dimes a day, I began to solicit a few advertisers through a great program over at linkshare. 

Being that this is primarily a sports site, I decided that going with sports companies was probably the best idea – so I sent feelers out to the NFL store, the NBA store, a golf store, and a couple of sporting goods stores.  While I was perusing my options, I came across a link to the NHL official store.  It was at that point that I thought to myself “Hey, I haven’t done some community service in a while, why don’t I be a good samaritan and through them a bone?”  So I did, and I figured I would just stick the link somewhere at the bottom of the page. 

Well, just yesterday this crept into my inbox, and imagine my surprise to receive this response: 

Dear Larry Brown:

We regret to inform you that GSI Commerce- NHL Interactive has chosen not to accept
you into their affiliate program at this time.  The reason for this decision may be as follows:

* inability to access Web site
* Web site not yet live
* traffic levels too low
* inappropriate material on site

Thanks guys, you sure know how to best market your sport in attempts to recover from the strike that destroyed the game’s popularity.  I feel like my backup date to the prom just told me I wasn’t good enough for her.  Rather, I feel like Cal State Northridge just rejected my college application.  As if holding your All-Star game on a Wednesday on some cable channel (Versus) I have to travel into my 500s to find was bad enough, now you’re rejecting advertisement on a sports site.  Way to go hockey, way to go. 

Let it be known that this won’t keep me from attempting to cover hockey on the site.  And if you guys are willing to make amends I’ll be waiting with open arms.  Thanks

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Patrick Roy still has best Glove Hand in League

Between Peyton actually winning, Reche’s crazy eyes, dudes with mullets winning golf tourneys, the Bob Sanders love affair, and Melo coming back - it was kind of easy to overlook a nice news item from the weekend.  Apparently former 3 time Vezina Trophy winner and 4 time Stanley Cup champion of the Canadiens and Avalanche, goaltender Patrick Roy, still has the best glove hand in the biz.  The Hall of Famer owns and coaches the Quebec City Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey league and is accused of hitting an opposing team’s owner following a junior hockey game.  From the Denver Post, 

“Police say about 50 fans of the Chicoutimi Sagueneens prevented the visiting players from boarding their team bus after a Friday night game.  Roy reportedly then got off the bus and attacked the Sagueneens’ owner.”

Well, I guess things could’ve been worse.  He could’ve made like Albert Belle and tried to run the fans over I guess. 

By the way, if anyone has a clue (without the aid of a search engine) what the **** a Sagueneen is, please let me know. 

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Maple Leafs Outscore Raptors

Boston, how’s that, the defense of the Bruins is giving up more points than the Patriots.  The Bruins gave up 10 goals to the Maple Leafs last night.  That’s pretty pathetic.  Not that they need Andy Moog to man the pipes, but sheesh, 10 goals?  Gotta love coach Dave Lewis getting all Austin Powers on us:

“We have to find our mojo. We lost our mojo.”

I’m not sure exactly what it is you’ve lost since you were last in the division before the debacle, but try and find it back…you’re making the Colts run-defense look good.