There Is Now a Racehorse Named ‘Tebowing’

Just how popular is Tim Tebow? And how powerful is the “Tebowing” trend? Powerful enough to inspire a racehorse to be named after it. No joke.

The folks at Little Red Feather thoroughbred racing explained their decision to name one of its horses “Tebowing”:

We are so mesmerized by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and the latest craze “Tebowing” that we decided to rename our Fusaichi Pegasus filly TEBOWING (the original name “Eye Pity Dafu” was denied by the Jockey Club for being phonetically similar to another horse’s name).

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Racehorses Can Benefit from Jet Lag?

While humans can often become groggy, disoriented, and fatigued after flying from one time zone to another, racehorses apparently can benefit.

A study conducted at the University of Bristol claims that travel releases hormones in horses that improves athletic performance. Their study showed that horses can gallop for an extra 25 seconds after they have been on a long flight before fatigue sets in.

Apparently horses adapt to time zones much better than humans because they rely on lightness and darkness to determine their behavior. Contrarily, humans have established sleep-wake cycles that become upset when they travel across time zones.

This is quite shocking news and it makes us wonder if it will alter the way trainers prepare their horses. Will stables have their animals take unnecessary flights just to get the performance boost? Will this become the equivalent of Tommy John surgery for pitchers who want to throw harder? This is easily the most shocking performance enhancing news since we learned about this and this.

Hoof pound to The Postgame

Race Horse Named After Jimmer Fredette

Former BYU star Jimmer Fredette was the most popular player in college basketball last season and the most popular player in the 2011 NBA draft class. After the Sacramento Kings drafted him, they wasted little time promoting him for the excited fans. We already knew that The Jimmer was larger-than-life figure in Utah and Northern California, but the area where he’s a true hero is his hometown of Glens Falls, New York. There, someone’s even named a horse after him.

The Saratogian explains that a colt named “Jimmer” made the trip from Kentucky to the race track at Saratoga.

Among the youngsters is a colt sure to be popular with local fans: Jimmer. The son of Elusive Quality is named for Glens Falls native and former BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette, a top 10 pick in the NBA draft who is set to begin his career with the Sacramento Kings.

Pat Hammel, wife of Glens Falls basketball coach Tony Hammel, works on the barn staff for Bill Mott, who, along with Pletcher, is one of WinStar Farm’s top trainers. Pat Hammel suggested naming a colt after Fredette to WinStar president/CEO and racing manager Elliott Walden. WinStar liked the idea and chose this particular colt.

Truth be told, you haven’t really arrived until you’ve had a horse named after you. Who needs a statue when you can be immortalized with an equine honor of such high esteem?

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Tom Durkin Steps Down As Triple Crown Announcer Because of Stress

Tom Durkin has called the past 30 Triple Crown races on NBC, but we’ll no longer be hearing his voice on the races because he’s decided to step down. The news was announced Tuesday afternoon and Durkin says he’s stepping down because of stress.

“It’s just the stress got to be too much,” Durkin said. “When you’re walking around with a pit in your stomach for three months a year, just a general bad feeling and nervousness. You look up stress in the dictionary or online, and I’m a classic case of it. Sometimes you have to look out for your professional life; more importantly, you have to look out for your personal life. This is a bad professional decision and a good personal one.”

As someone who’s broadcast on a national level (albeit for a much smaller audience), I can tell you the amount of hate mail and criticism received is tough to bear. I understand where Durkin is coming from and it signifies how bad this was for him to give up such a prestigious position.

If you have no idea where the stress would come from, just watch this video and you’ll understand. Think of broadcasting a major event like the Kentucky Derby as an athlete preparing for the Olympics. You train the whole year for just a two-minute long race and the whole country knows it if you fail. That’s a tough gig no matter how you view it.

Ron Jeremy Is Quite the Horse

Check out these results from the 12th race at Northfield Park in Ohio Tuesday, as pointed out by SI Hot Clicks:

We always knew that Ron Jeremy had good legs and stamina, but who knew he also had this kind of speed? Here’s how it looked:

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Zenyatta Loses Breeders’ Cup to Blame by a Nose (Picture)

Who could have figured that the horse to end Zenyatta’s perfect record would have a name with such a fitting negative connotation?

That was Blame edging out Zenyatta literally by a nose at the Breeders’ Cup. Zenyatta was 19-0 entering the race and was expected to be retired afterwards. Jockey Mike Smith somewhat blamed himself for the loss, saying he allowed Zenyatta to fall too far in the back of the pack and left her with too much to do. Additional factors that bothered Zenyatta was a dirt track and the wall of horses that made it difficult for her to come back from behind.

She’ll go down as one of the great horses (please, spare me the female athlete of the year nonsense), but the one blemish will keep her from reaching truly elite status. It’s just a shame.

Jockeys Calvin Borel and Javier Castellano Fight at Breeders’ Cup (Video)

When jockeys fight, we here at LBS laugh.  We laugh because it never happens.  We laugh because, frankly, it’s hilarious.  With all due respect — and I’m saying with all due respect — seeing two jockeys go at it kind of gives us of what a disagreement between two of Santa’s little helpers might look like.  After all, it is getting close to Christmas.

At the Breeders’ Cup at Churchill Downs on Friday, Calvin Borel was apparently angry at fellow jockey Javier Castellano for cutting into his path during a race.  Castellano was disqualified for the act, but Borel didn’t seem satisfied with the penalty.  The two decided to handle the situation like men on pit road after the race.  That’s what they call it, right?  Here’s the Calvin Borel and Javier Castellano Breeders’ Cup fight video:

In case you were wondering, Borel checks in at 5’5″ and Castellano stands 5’1″.  Both jockeys weigh a whopping 110 pounds.  Enjoy it while you can, folks.  Play it over and over as many times as you need to in order to get your fix, because you could never see something like it again.

Video Credit: YouTube user nickrock23