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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Interview with Rachel Specter, Actress, RGX Bodyspray Starlet

Longtime readers of the site are probably familiar with Rachel Specter. Yes, she’s the hottie from the RGX commercials you see airing constantly on ESPN while you’re watching sports. She’s been working on several movies this summer, and is set to appear in the October issue of Maxim. Luckily for us, I was able to…Read More

Interview with Awful Announcing

Whether it was catching a freeze frame of a pantyless USC Song Girl, or a quote from Matt Vasgersian ripping on the city of St. Louis, Awful Announcing has become a prominent player on the sports blogging scene. It has long been a favorite stop of mine, providing excellent commentary and news in the realm…Read More

Interview with Adam Schefter, NFL Network Reporter

I assume that most of you who are reading this are pretty hard core sports fans just like me. Probably somewhere along the line you had a dream of working in sports, that is, if you couldn’t make it as an athlete. With that in mind, I had a conversation with Adam Schefter who is…Read More

Interview With Ben Maller from and Fox Sports Radio

Ben Maller is the founder of the stellar sports gossip site which can be found on In addition to creating and compiling content for the website, Ben is an accomplished radio host who is nationally syndicated by the Fox Sports Radio Network. Ben took a few minutes to answer some questions about the…Read More

Interview with Sean Forman, Founder

So one of my favorite sites out there is In fact, it’s not unlike my version of internet porn. I find myself on that site several times a day, looking up stats, salaries, transactions, you name it. I’ll mess around with the baseball oracle, figuring out how I can connect Alvaro Espinoza to Atlee…Read More

Interview with The Big Picture

So one of my favorite blogs out there is The Big Picture, and for several reasons. First, it gives me a laugh every time I visit the site. Second, they run a kickass “Would You Do…” feature which is hilarious. And third, they run interesting interviews with some of the more prominent sports bloggers in…Read More

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