Scott Paterno, Jay Paterno still denying the truth about father Joe’s cover-up

The Freeh investigation into the events surrounding Jerry Sandusky’s child sexual abuse concluded that Joe Paterno knew about the 1998 shower incident and that he was instrumental in administering a cover-up of Sandusky’s crimes. The commission’s most incriminating evidence against Joe Paterno comes from information found in two emails.

A 1998 email from Tim Curley to Gary Schultz said Paterno was “anxious to know” where the investigation stood. A 2001 email from Curley to Schultz said Curley no longer wanted to confront Sandusky about the shower incident McQueary witnessed after “talking it over with Joe (Paterno).”

That hard evidence has been lost on Paterno’s sons Scott and Joe.

“I honestly believe that it [sic] a situation where people who thought they were doing the right thing made mistakes,” Scott Paterno told The Patriot-News. “I know my father did not know Jerry was a pedophile and did not suspect he was a pedophile. Everything I saw in the Freeh commission report supports that. He reported what he saw in 2001, and the 1998 case was investigated.”

Scott omits the information from the email that says Curley decided not to address Sandusky’s 2001 anal rape of a child after “talking it over with Joe.”

Meanwhile, Jay Paterno, a former Penn State coach, came off looking even worse during an interview on SportsCenter. He did his best to poke holes in the Freeh report but instead came off looking like a liar and man in denial.

“This is not a legal document in any way,” Jay Paterno said. “This has a much lower bar and burden of proof. It’s really an opinion. There are no new facts in here, just some new interpretations of things.”

Apparently Jay doesn’t consider inside emails to be facts, unless he believes they were fabricated by the commission. But that wasn’t all he offered.

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Freeh investigation concludes Joe Paterno knew about 1998 shower incident, was instrumental in Jerry Sandusky cover-up

The Freeh investigation commissioned by Penn State released its findings on Thursday morning and confirmed the public’s worst fears: Joe Paterno and other Penn State leaders knew in 1998 that Jerry Sandusky was a child sex abuser, and they let him continue his behavior because they wanted to protect the football program’s image.

The first sentence in the “Findings” section of the Freeh report (download PDF here) states the disturbing truth: “The most saddening finding by the Special Investigative Counsel is the total and consistent disregard by the most senior leaders at Penn State for the safety and welfare of Sandusky’s child victims.”

The report concludes that some of Penn State’s most powerful men — including Joe Paterno — knew that Jerry Sandusky was investigated in 1998 for showering with a boy. Their response in 1998, and in 2001 after Mike McQueary told them he saw Sandusky anal raping a young boy, was essentially that Sandusky could continue to do what he wants so long as it weren’t on Penn State property. The report also finds the Penn State Board of Trustees at fault for not holding the highest university administrators accountable and for not investigating matters when they learned Sandusky was being investigated by a grand jury in 2011.

Below is some of the most damning info from the press release:

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Arianny Celeste not charged for incident with boyfriend Praveen Chandra

UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste received a rash of bad publicity late in May after she and her boyfriend, Praveen Chandra, were arrested on domestic violence charges. Luckily for the two, the charges reportedly have been dropped.

“After our review of the case, we found that there was insufficient evidence to move forward,” an assistant to the Las Vegas district attorney told MMA Junkie.

There seemed to be plenty of evidence to move forward with charges based on what we read, but I’m guessing a higher force interceded. Do you really think the city of Las Vegas would press charges against a UFC darling given how important the UFC is to the city? This is the same Sin City where a judge delayed Floyd Mayweather’s jail sentence so he could fight and bring in the dough for the town.

Money quite obviously talked in this one.

Fred Davis representing himself in court for bizarre case with alleged ‘pimpette’

The past few months have been pretty eventful for Fred Davis. The Redskins tight end was suspended for the final four games of last season because of a third failed drug test. Now we’re learning that he’s also been involved in a civil court case with a woman who says she was assaulted and harassed by Davis.

Makini Chaka, 33, is suing Davis for allegedly assaulting, harassing and threatening to kill her. She obtained a restraining order against Davis last January. Her suit stems from an incident at a club where she claims Davis dumped juice on her and busted her lip with a plastic drink container. According to the Washingtonian, she is seeking “damages and injunctive relief as a result of [Davis’s] malicious, willful and intentional assault, injurious falsehood and civil conspiracy.”

The gist of the suit is that Davis met Chaka through other football players. Davis’ bodyguard testified that things soured when Chaka flew out to California for Davis’ birthday party and became upset when Davis didn’t pick her up from the airport. They supposedly got into it during Davis’ surprise birthday party last year at a club after Davis and his friends moved from one are of the club to another where Chaka was.

Davis claims he went to notify Chaka that his party would be nearby, and that he did so in a calm, respectful manner. From here is where the story differs.

Chaka responded to Davis by throwing an alcoholic drink in his face. She claims he came up to her cussing and talking aggressively. He responded by dumping juice on her a few minutes later. She ended up with a cut on her lip, which she says came from a drink container thrown by Davis. Incident footage from inside the club tells another story, according to the Washingtonian.

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Matt Sandusky says father Jerry touched his genitals

One of the twists of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse case was when his adopted son, Matt, switched from supporting his father to being one of his accusers.

Matt Sandusky, now 33, testified to the grand jury that he was not abused by his adoptive father. But after hearing the testimony of some of the victims (specifically victim 4), Matt changed his mind and contacted prosecutors about testifying against Jerry.

Matt Sandusky was worried about possible perjury charges for lying to the grand jury so he didn’t end up testifying, but his testimony threat was enough to keep Jerry from taking the stand.

Matt apparently spoke with the police and detailed the abuse that only recently came to mind.

According to a report from NBC News, Matt Sandusky says that he pretended to be asleep in order to avoid being touched, that Jerry showered with him before he was adopted, and that Jerry touched his genitals.

Audio of Matt Sandusky’s interview with police is below:

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Jerry Sandusky wants to be with general population in jail

Convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky has been in isolation and on suicide watch since being found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse. He hasn’t been able to see friends or family, and that has left him antsy, according to his attorney.

“He’s anxious to be able to move around,” Sandusky’s attorney Karl Rominger told The Patriot-News. “His exact quote to me, ‘I don’t think I’m suicidal. I’m dealing with this, but if I have to sit around in this cell for a few more days, I am going to go nutty.’”

Sandusky is awaiting a psychological evaluation, where I’m guessing they’ll find out he still doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. And as far as I’m concerned, the more uncomfortable he is, the better.

Sandusky’s attorneys have said they plan to appeal the trial, and Sandusky is awaiting sentencing. He’s facing 422 years in prison.

Photo Credit: Mara Ticcino/The Daily Collegian-US PRESSWIRE

Woman suing 13-year-old boy Matthew Migliaccio after being hit by ball

A 45-year-old woman is suing a 13-year-old boy after being hit in the face by the boy’s overthrown ball at a Little League two years ago. Seriously.

The woman, Elizabeth Lloyd of Manchester, New Jersey, was watching her son play a Little League game two years ago and was sitting five feet from the bullpen where Matthew Migliaccio, then 11, was warming up a pitcher. Migliaccio threw a ball that sailed over the pitcher’s head and hit Lloyd in the face. She had to undergo reconstructive surgery and says she now suffers from headaches.

Lloyd has hired an attorney who’s seeking $500,000 in damages, which is the maximum amount the family’s homeowner’s insurance covers.

Migliaccio has been forced to retain counsel, and his attorney calls the suit frivolous. We agree completely.

This is an absurd lawsuit. The woman shouldn’t be granted any money from the boy or his family, and she should be forced to pay for the boy’s attorney. Even though it sucks that she was hit and had to go through the surgery, she should have been aware of where she was sitting. And if there’s anyone she should be suing, it’s the league, and only for the cost of the medical bills.

Lawsuits have become the new form of wealth redistribution in this country and it sucks. It is one of the major flaws in our legal system and this is a prime example of lawsuits at their worst.