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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Legal Matters

DNA from bloody nose leads to boxer Martin Tucker’s arrest for 2009 robbery

Boxer Martin Tucker probably thought he had gotten away with a 2009 bank robbery free and clear. He probably would have been if it weren’t for some ingenuity by an FBI investigator. According to The Detroit News, Special Agent Robert Schmitz suspected that 32-year-old Martin Tucker (pictured) of Toledo, Ohio, was the getaway driver in…Read More

Scott Paterno, Jay Paterno still denying the truth about father Joe’s cover-up

The Freeh investigation into the events surrounding Jerry Sandusky’s child sexual abuse concluded that Joe Paterno knew about the 1998 shower incident and that he was instrumental in administering a cover-up of Sandusky’s crimes. The commission’s most incriminating evidence against Joe Paterno comes from information found in two emails. A 1998 email from Tim Curley…Read More

Arianny Celeste not charged for incident with boyfriend Praveen Chandra

UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste received a rash of bad publicity late in May after she and her boyfriend, Praveen Chandra, were arrested on domestic violence charges. Luckily for the two, the charges reportedly have been dropped. “After our review of the case, we found that there was insufficient evidence to move forward,” an assistant…Read More

Matt Sandusky says father Jerry touched his genitals

One of the twists of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse case was when his adopted son, Matt, switched from supporting his father to being one of his accusers. Matt Sandusky, now 33, testified to the grand jury that he was not abused by his adoptive father. But after hearing the testimony of some of the…Read More

Jerry Sandusky wants to be with general population in jail

Convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky has been in isolation and on suicide watch since being found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse. He hasn’t been able to see friends or family, and that has left him antsy, according to his attorney. “He’s anxious to be able to move around,” Sandusky’s attorney Karl Rominger…Read More

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