Report: Nerlens Noel demands DNA test after paying three months of child support

Nerlens-NoelNerlens Noel just turned 20 in April, but the former Kentucky star is already reportedly learning what a child support battle is all about. According to TMZ, a woman has filed a lawsuit against Noel in an attempt to get him to cough up some hefty child support payments.

The woman, who is named Jamie, claims Noel signed an affidavit in May 2013 admitting he is the father of her child the week after he was born. Legal documents obtained by TMZ say Noel agreed to pay Jamie $10,000 per month in child support and only did so for three months. He is now demanding a DNA test.

For whatever reason, Noel suddenly decided to respond with legal documents of his own claiming he is not convinced he is the child’s father. The Philadelphia 76ers center says he signed the affidavit “without first fully reading and understanding” its content.

“[He] does not have sufficient knowledge of information to know whether [Jamie] engaged in sexual relations with other men during the times pertinent to this case,” Noel’s lawyer wrote in his legal filing.

TMZ featured a photo of Noel next to the child, and they look pretty similar. If he did in fact agree to pay Jamie $10,000 per month and a DNA test determines he is the father, Noel is going to owe her quite a bit of money.

Josh Brent already out of jail after killing teammate in car crash

Josh BrentJosh Brent was released from jail Sunday, a month earlier than expected following his January conviction for intoxicated manslaughter.

Brent killed his former Dallas Cowboys teammate Jerry Brown when the two were involved in a Dec. 2012 car crash. Brent was drunk driving and his blood-alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit.

The AP says it’s unclear whether Brent will have to serve the remainder of his six-month sentence in a rehab facility.

I don’t know how you feel, but I feel like people who have been busted for DUIs got it pretty bad and that’s without killing someone. Only six months for getting into a drunken crash that resulted in a person’s death? And he didn’t even have to serve the whole thing? Seems like he got off pretty easily.

Phil Mickelson likely not guilty of insider trading

Phil-Mickelson-Claret-JugA bombshell report that was published by the New York Post and other media outlets recently indicated that Phil Mickelson was at the center of an ongoing FBI investigation into a possible insider trading scheme. The New York Times, which also ran the original Mickelson story, admitted on Wednesday night that Mickelson’s role in the investigation has been “overstated.”

Mickelson was originally believed to be tied to the investigation through his alleged relationship with Las Vegas sports gambling guru Billy Walters. Initial speculation was that billionaire investor Carl Icahn may have tipped off Walters when he made a $10 billion offer to buy Clorox Inc. in 2011, causing the company’s stock to skyrocket. Mickelson would have then gotten the information from Walters.

However, the Times now claims Mickelson did not trade in his shares of Clorox at the time Icahn was preparing his massive bid. The government is reportedly seeking information from Mickelson regarding Walters, but he has been informed that there are no plans to criminally charge him.

The new details, provided in the interviews with the people briefed on the matter, indicate that Mr. Mickelson’s ties to the investigation are weaker than previously reported. The details may also raise questions about the government’s decision to deploy what appear to be unusually aggressive tactics in the investigation, particularly when the F.B.I. agents publicly approached Mr. Mickelson even though he is known to have a lawyer and a sports agent.

Mickelson, who has maintained that he has done nothing wrong, was approached by FBI agents after he finished a round at The Memorial Tournament in Ohio late last month. Several former federal prosecutors who spoke with the Times speculated that the government officials may have been aiming to embarrass Mickelson so he would be more inclined to cooperate against Walters.

While it appears Mickelson will not be charged with anything in relation to the Clorox trading situation, he may not be completely out of the woods. Investigators are still reportedly looking at separate trades he and Walters made in Dean Foods in 2012.

Mickelson is attempting to complete a career Grand Slam by winning the US Open this weekend. He has finished second in the event six times during his career.

DeSean Jackson accuses Drew Rosenhaus of bribing him with Louis Vuitton bag of cash

DeSean JacksonDeSean Jackson and Drew Rosenhaus are engaged in a legal dispute over money the wide receiver allegedly owes his former agent, and Jackson has gotten dirty to avoid paying the money.

Jackson was ordered in April to pay Rosenhaus over $500,000 to settle a debt based on money he borrowed from the agent around the time of the NFL lockout and earlier. The two parted ways in 2013, with Jackson hiring Joel Segal as a replacement. Rosenhaus sued him to get his money back.

Rather than pay up as an arbitrator ordered, Jackson has brought out all the stops and is now accusing Rosenhaus of illegal behavior in order to avoid paying him the money.

According to TMZ Sports, Jackson filed paperwork accusing Rosenhaus of breaking NFLPA rules by giving him tons of cash and a Louis Vuitton bag in order to convince the wide receiver to sign with his agency in 2009 (some of the cash was delivered in the bag, Jackson says). Apparently the NFLPA punishment would mean Jackson would not have to repay (pay back?) Rosenhaus the money.

Rosenhaus has a roster full of clients that include some of the best athletes in professional sports. You really think he stocks up like that playing by the rules? If you read all the confessions of Josh Luchs, then you already know it’s just part of the business. Things apparently are no different for Rosenhaus.

Dan Marino withdraws concussion lawsuit over backlash?

Dan MarinoLess than 24 hours after it was reported that Dan Marino joined 14 other former NFL players in suing the league over concussions, the former Miami Dolphins quarterback announced that he was withdrawing his name from the suit. But it gets even better than that: Marino’s lawyers are saying they will investigate to figure out how their client’s name was included in the suit in the first place!

“It was never Marino’s intention to initiate litigation in this case, but to ensure that in the event he had adverse health consequences down the road, he would be covered with health benefits. They are working to correct the error,” a source said to the Sun-Sentinel.

If you’re a regular reader of LBS, then there’s no way you’re buying that excuse, because you can surely see the B.S. dripping from that statement. The real likely explanation for him doing the about-face is that he was surprised to receive so much backlash and is caving under public pressure.

The Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero says Marino was not expecting the backlash and the questions he received regarding the timing of the suit; Marino recently was let go by CBS’ NFL coverage and is looking for a job with the Dolphins. He is hoping the suit wouldn’t cloud his future with the team.

Now that all makes much more sense. When we first learned about the lawsuit, our initial reaction was to think that there was some convenient timing behind the suit since he’s no longer with CBS. It seems like that was the case.

But if you believe the statement from the lawyers, then you need to understand that the settlement being negotiated with the league is for all people who file a claim against the league. Marino reported two concussions during his career and would want to be medically covered for the future.

Ex-lover/employee Maiko Maya King suing Donald Sterling

Maiko Maya King

Maiko Maya King, an ex-employee and lover/girlfriend of Donald Sterling, is suing her former boss claiming that he fired her after she rejected his racist and sexist taunts.

Despite being married with two children when she met Sterling in 2005, King supposedly was in a romantic relationship with the longtime Clippers owner from 2005-2011. Sterling supported her financially as she worked for his foundation. Two years after they broke up, she began working for Sterling as a personal assistant before she says she was fired.

King alleges that Sterling made multiple racist comments to her, which led her to end their relationship. Here’s a sampling of those alleged remarks:

- “How could you be married to a black man?”

- “Why would you bring black people into the world?”

- “I want to take you out of the black world and put you into the white world”; when they would fight he told her to “move back to the ghetto with a black man.”

- “Black people do not take care of their children. All they do is sit at home and smoke dope.”

- “Mexicans just do drive-by shootings.”

Even though King broke off their relationship in 2011, she kept in contact with Sterling and reached out to him after her father died in 2013. She says they met in person and Sterling offered her a job working in marketing for the Clippers. He later changed the job offer in Dec. 2013 and offered King a position as his personal caretaker/assistant. He told her she would be paid $10,000 a month, given a car and home, and receive a $100,000 bonus if she showed loyalty to him.

Of course, if an offer like that sounds like it has strings attached, this certainly did.

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Dan Marino sues NFL over concussions

Dan MarinoDan Marino is the latest former NFL player to sue the league over concussions.

The LA Times reported Monday that Marino and 14 others sued the league last week in District Court in Philadelphia.

The process of former players suing the league has been going on for quite some — and somewhat quietly — but there are around 5,000 former players who have joined suits against the league, including over 40 Hall of Famers.

This specific suit is very similar to the others in that the players are accusing the NFL of concealing information about football-related brain injuries and misled players.

The NFL proposed a $765-million settlement, but a judge rejected it feeling that amount was not great enough.

Marino is one of the biggest names to join the lawsuit. It’s also surprising to see him be a part of it for a few reasons. He has been a broadcaster for CBS for several years and even acted in movies and commercials and never seemed to exhibit signs of head trauma unlike some other ex-QBs, and you probably wouldn’t have thought Marino would feel the need to go this avenue for money. But if he feels like the NFL did him wrong, then that’s enough reason to join the suit.