Landlord in Green Bay wonders if he can legally evict Bears fans for lying about being Bears fans

Believe me, I love sports just as much as the next guy. Sports are my livelihood, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find it completely hilarious when a person can’t distinguish the line between fandom and reality. That’s not to say that sports aren’t reality, as we have all been through plenty of ups and downs with our favorite teams to know that they are. What I’m trying to say is…actually, just read this post that a landlord in Green Bay recently wrote on The Landlord Protection Agency website and you’ll probably know what I mean.

I know you guys will laugh and call me a “troll”, but here’s my very real situation.

I own a home in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My job took me down Lake Michigan a ways towards Milwaukee, but I do plan on living back in Green Bay when I retire in a few years, so I am renting the place out as I do not want to sell it. As you can imagine, people are VERY fanatic about the Green Bay Packers there. My new tenants lied to me on my application and are actually Chicago Bears fans! They have made this known by putting out Bears crap all over the front lawn (flags, lawn gnomes, placemats, etc.). This has pissed off my neighbors something fierce as they do not want to live next to such blowhards.

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Basketball prospect Tony Farmer collapses while receiving prison sentence (Video)

Tony Farmer, one of the top high school basketball players in Ohio, collapsed in court on Tuesday while receiving his three-year prison sentence for beating his ex-girlfriend.

Farmer plead guilty in July to kidnapping, robbery, assault, and intimidation of his ex-girlfriend in an incident that took place last April. Farmer listened to the judge sentence him to three years in prison for kidnapping and two years for felonious assault, and thought he was going to jail for five years. Farmer was so shocked he collapsed and had to be helped up by a sheriff. The judge then explained that the sentences would be served concurrently.

Farmer’s lawyer was expecting his client to receive probation after pleading guilty. The sentence will be reviewed after 180 days.

Two teachers spoke at the hearing on Farmer’s behalf. Even his ex-girlfriend said she didn’t want him to go to prison, but that hardly mattered to the judge. After watching video of Farmer abusing his ex-girlfriend, it’s easy to see why.

Parts of the incident were captured on tape by the camera system at the victim’s apartment complex. You can watch it below via Action News 19:

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Dancing With the Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiy reportedly considering legal options against Hope Solo

“Dancing With the Stars” and one if its professional dancers, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, reportedly are considering taking legal action against Hope Solo in response to an allegation she makes in her new book.

In her new book “Solo: A Memoir of Hope,” Solo says Chmerkovskiy, who was her dance partner on the show, once slapped her in the face during a practice session.

Chmerkovskiy hasn’t publicly commented on the story, but he did send a few ambiguous tweets that many believe were a response to Solo:

The Huffington Post reports that neither Chmerkovskiy nor the show has responded because they are considering legal options.

“At the moment, Maks and ABC are not making any public statements, as they are considering legal options,” a source told the Huffington Post. “Not only did Hope not tell the truth in the book, she also signed a contract with the producers of ‘DWTS’ and could be in breach of contract.”

Dancing With the Stars filmed everything that happened during practice sessions, so I think there would be a very easy way to prove whether Solo was lying or telling the truth. Given how honest she’s been in the book about so many embarrassing details, I tend to believe Solo was telling the truth. I say let’s bring in the tape!

Photo via Maksim Chmerkovskiy/Twitter

Cowboys fan Janelle Carrillo suing team after burning butt on bench outside stadium

When you are worth around $2 billion and own one of the most successful franchises (from a business standpoint) in all of sports, being served with lawsuit shouldn’t come as a suprise. However, something tells me even this one could surprise Jerry Jones.

According to CBS in Dallas-Fort Worth, a woman named Jenelle Carrillo has filed a lawsuit against the Cowboys and Jones after she allegedly suffered third-degree burns on her backside by sitting on a hot bench outside Cowboys Stadium.

“She sat down on this black bench, outside an entrance and unfortunately she suffered third-degree burns as a result of it and had subsequent skin grafts,” Carrillo’s attorney Michael Walsh explained. “She knew, while she was there at the stadium, that she had received some burns. But she didn’t realize how serious they were until she received medical attention.”

Walsh said Carrillo spent a week in the hospital receiving treatment for the burns. The incident allegedly occurred in August before the Blue and Silver scrimmage on a day where the temperature rose above 100 degrees. The lawsuit states that the Cowboys Stadium staff failed to alert visitors that sitting on the bench could result in injury.

Maybe we have seen it all.

Former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones: I am not the female Jerry Sandusky

Former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones, who has been accused of having sex with a student while she was a teacher at Dixie Heights High School in Kentucky, is not one of those people who doesn’t care what everyone is saying about her and writing about her on the internet. If she did not care, she wouldn’t have said she only had sex with one man during a recent interview and attempted to repair her image.

Despite the request by prosecutors for a gag order on the case, Jones recently sat down for another interview — this time with ABC News — to defend herself once again.

“I read on a blog that I was the female (Jerry) Sandusky,” she said. “To read those things and not be able to comment, not be able to stick up for myself is not fair. People don’t know the real me. There’s blogs and postings out there that I have slept with numerous people. I married my high school sweetheart. I just asked the general public to maybe hold their judgment a little bit longer until the truth comes out.”

Jones’ high school sweetheart, her ex-husband, is not convinced that nothing happened between her and the student. That being said, calling her the female version of Jerry Sandusky does seem unreasonable. Sandusky ruined the lives several children and families and performed numerous heinous acts. Even if Jones did have sex with the student, calling her the female Sandusky is unfair.

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Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones claims she’s only had sex with one man (Video)

Sarah Jones is the Bengals cheerleader who has been accused of having sex with a student while she was a teacher at Dixie Heights High School in Kentucky. Jones conducted an interview with “Today Show” that aired on Wednesday to proclaim her innocence. One of the most notable revelations from the video is Jones’ claim that she’s only had one sex with one man — her ex-husband.

While Jones maintains her innocence, her ex-husband wasn’t as confident when he was interviewed in May.

Other notable items from the video include Jones saying the rumor about her and the student having sex was started by the alleged victim’s ex-girlfriend. Jones says she tortures herself by reading everything written about her (if you’re reading this, Sarah, hello!), and that she can’t even go to her mailbox because she’s being monitored by an ankle bracelet.

Jones’ lawyer seems confident that his client will get off. He’s claiming that the prosecution “can’t prove anything.” We’ll have to see if that’s the case when the trial rolls around. I just know I don’t believe she’s as innocent as she and her friends are claiming.

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DNA from bloody nose leads to boxer Martin Tucker’s arrest for 2009 robbery

Boxer Martin Tucker probably thought he had gotten away with a 2009 bank robbery free and clear. He probably would have been if it weren’t for some ingenuity by an FBI investigator.

According to The Detroit News, Special Agent Robert Schmitz suspected that 32-year-old Martin Tucker (pictured) of Toledo, Ohio, was the getaway driver in a July 2009 bank robbery. After learning that Tucker had a boxing fight on April 28 in Toledo, Schmitz attended the fight and grabbed a cotton swab that was used to treat Tucker’s bloody nose. The agent took the swab to the lab and tested the DNA. It ended up matching the DNA from one of the robbers, leading to Tucker’s arrest.

And here Tucket thought he was a winner for beating his opponent in the four-round bout to improve to 8-10.

The story behind the robbery is something straight out of “30 Minutes or Less.”

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